Hitler Didi 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 10th May 2013 Written Update

-Indira goes somewhere in an auto. Rishi, Munna follow her on bike leaving Inder at home as he was taking too much time to get on the bike, and also there was not enough space.
-However, Inder still follows them in an auto. On the bike, Munna and Rishi are very happy. Rishi says if this is true and if new child coming to our house, then everything will be fine like before.
-Indira goes in somewhere. Rishi and Munna were about to go in thinking it’s a clinic, but a lady stops them saying that place is women sanchanalaya.
-Munna tells Rishi that they were getting excited for no reason.. Indira just doesn’t care. He asks him to join him for drink, but Rishi says no.
-Inder was following Rishi,but then he sees a drunk girl, Neha, with her friend. Her friend goes to get car.

is unconscious and Inder takes advantage. Rishi sees it and asks him what he is doing, doesn’t he have any shame. Inder feels bad and agrees he made a mistake. He leaves.
-Rishi tries to get consciousness back in Neha by slapping her. He says I also have a daughter, and if she becomes like this when she becomes of your age, then I won’t spare her and teach a good lesson.
-Neha opens her eyes and sees Rishi’s face, but still can’t hear anything properly. She then notices someone took advantage of her and thinks it’s Rishi as no one else is there.
-In the sanchanalaya, Vidya, one of Indira’s clients I think, tells her that she will get report tomorrow. and says main reason she called Indira there because they want some leader for women’s development program. The main leader comes and tells Indira that she will also get paid for this job. They give her a cheque and Indira is happy to work with them.
-Rishi is waiting for Indira. Indira comes and as he can’t ask her directly, he asks her if any good news through sms message.
-Indira also replies him through sms message, and says, yes. Rishi gets happy and he confirms again, but this time Indira says, yes it’s good news.. water tap got fixed outside. Rishi is all disappointed, and Indira laughs secretly. She says in her mind that she wants to give him surprise when she gets reports.
-In the morning, Indira is sleeping. Bheem takes Indu to her and says, when the baby born, the baby is closest to whoever talks most with the baby before the baby born.
-Indu goes and talks with the baby. Indira is awake but pretends as if she is sleeping. Indu says she will be elder sister and the baby will have to listen to her and follow her rules, but she will also love the baby a lot. She also says, for her younger brother or sister, she can do anything and can patch up with Indira.
-After Indu leaves, Bheem kisses Indira saying Indu forgot so I did it. Indira hugs him and says in her mind, if everyone is this happy just by the news, then what will happen when baby actually born and come in this house.
-Neha’s family comes with Neha to Hitler Ki Adaalat and tell Indira how someone took advantage of her. Indira asks who is that person? Inder is hiding his face. Neha points at Rishi. Indira asks her if she is sure. Neha shows Rishi and Indira’s wedding photo and says, I found that while I was running away.. and this is what took me here. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Neha is about to give punishment to Rishi by beating him with the belt. But Indira says that he needs a tougher punishment. She takes the belt and starts beating herself. Right then Indu comes with the report, and asks Rishi to stop her saying she is pregnant.

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