Hitler Didi 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 10th January 2013 Written Update

Zara is very disturbs and sad and is in her room,looking at her marriage certificate with some flashbacks of when Rishi proposed her for the marriage.She thinks of Rishi saying to Indu he never married Zara.she looks herself in the mirror and thinks what a bad destiny she has got.
Indira/LW is coming downstairs and Kutumbh thinks that she’s Zara and goes to talk with her.She sprinkles cold water on Kutumbh which irks her.Rishi feeds Indira/LW food.
Zara thinks that Rishi is shared between her and Indira/LW.
Kutumbh asks Zara why she brought Indira /LW back Zara tells her to shut up as she’s the biological of Indira and Kutumbh tells her about her problems that she needs to feed everyone and there’s no one to work in the house so she’s ready to sacrifice Indira/LW for it.Zara tells her she’s the most selfish mom on this earth who’s using her selfishness to clarify herself.
Kutumbh asks her if she’s married to Rishi on seeing Rishi coming she keeps quiet and Kutumbh tells her to think about herself.

Rishi tells Zara to think about Indu when Zara tells him not to talk with her until he explains everything to Indu.He tells her to try to understand Indu and he’s waiting for Indu to get well.Zara leaves.
Munna is excited on seeing his photo with the comissioner in the newspaper and he calls Savita saying he looks dashing.He asks Savita to bring some hot water for him and Savita thinks she’s tired of all these.Savita puts Indira/Lw hand in the hot water to check the water temp.Seher sees her and calls Rishi.savita lies saying Indira/LW herself puts her hand in the hot water.Savita is angry on Seher.and says she falls down because LW.
Savita also breaks the head of LW doll.Indu tells Savita to stop her dramas.
Munna brings an invitation card of Savita brother who’s getting married in Mumbai and Savita feels ecstactic and dances.Rishi asks her if she’s feeling better and leaves.

Indu Seher and LW are outside SN and Indu is trying to apply some ointsment on her burn hand and she’s not letting indu.Indu shows her a toys vendor and LW choose a barbie doll dress as a bride.
Kutumbh also is ready to go to Mumbai in the wedding.Munna asks savita how come his poor brother is getting married and Savita tells her that the Deshmukh family did all the arrangements.
Indu sees Savita dancing and she tells Savita to stop her dramas and Savita also tells Indu to stop threatening her as Zara will be the owner of the house the day she marries Rishi.
Zara is leaving and Rishi sees her he tries to stop her,but in vain as Zara says enough is enough .
Zara tells him she’s going to Mumbai and tells not to stop her.
Zara sees LW with a bride dupatta and both Zara and Rishi are surprise.Rishi asks Indu about it she ties the knot of LW and Rishi and says as her mom is no more Rishi wife she’ll make their wedding and she’ll adorn her mom like a bride everyone will keep on looking.

Savita shows Kutumbh Rishi and Zara marriage certificate saying how can Rishi marries Lw now.Kutumbh is extremely happy.Indu tells Zara to leave as she may lose her flight or train.Rishi tries to stop Zara but to no avail.Kutumbh also tries to stop her but she leaves, and LW says bye to her.

PRECAP:Kutumbh is in Mumbain in Zara house she tells Zara she’s the only one who’s fit to be Rishi wife.Zara asks Kutumbh how will she stop all what is happening.She tells Zara to come with her in the wedding of Savita bro then she’ll show Zara…

Update Credit to: KajAnj

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