History repeated Itself . Kanchi ff Part 6


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Recap:  Sanchi is telling them everything about Kabir and her past…Flaahback: Sanchi was pregnant and wanted to tell Kabir about it but didn’t get the time…and Kabir told her to come to xyz hotel …..meanwhile Riya had planned something evil.

Flashback continues:
Let’s start
Sanchi gets ready to meet Kabir at xyz hotel
Sanchi =” Today I will tell Kabir that I am pregnant…he will be really happy and anyway our marriage is in a week so it’s not a problem….oh it’s 8 o’clock…i should leave”..
She went happily to the hotel…
Sanchi to the manager= ” Hello I am miss Sanchi? Could you tell me where is Dr. Kabir Kapoor?
Manager :”  Oh yes…you are our special guest..he is room 218
Sanchi: thank you sir
She happily left

Sanchi: room 215,216,217, 218..finally.. Kabir i am her…..and is shocked to see Kabir sleeping with Riya..his buttons are all opened…she is hell shocked…and runs from there..
Riya opened her eyes to see Sanchi has gone…
Riya ” haha she believed so easily..actually kabir loves you so much that he didn’t even touch me..but I will make him believe he did touch me ?? what can I do darling…i love you so much..
Flashback :
Riya came to Kabir’s cabin and purposely threw  coffee on Kabir’s cloth..
Riya = i am so sorry Kabir sir …
Kabir = What kind of behavior is this Dr. Riya?

Riya = I am so sorry sir…there is the bathroom go and wash yourself
Kabir = I know you don’t need to tell me..
He went to the bathroom to change…
Riya quickly took Kabir’s phone and messged Sanchi to come to xyz hotel..because she knew Kabir would go there..because he had an important meeting with some U.S. clients….
And then she deleted the message from kabir’s    phone and left….
Kabir went to the hotel to meet US clients…after the meeting…Riya through the waiter told him to give Water to Kabir but mixed a drug in it…which makes you unconscious…..kabir drank it and he became unconscious and Riya took him to room and when she saw Sanchi coming she immediately went to Kabir and laid down beside him……

Scene changes to Sanchi
She is continuously crying ….
Why did you do this to me Kabir why….i thoùght you loved me but no i  was wrong…
She went to the hotel and entered her room..
Isha and Pragya saw her..
Ishgya = how was your date..did you tell him you are pregnant…how did be react…
Sanchi started crying
Isha = Sanchi why are you crying
Sanchi = everything is over now guys….and started crying again….
Pragya = What do you mean…plz say everything clearly…

Sanchi tells them everything…
Isha : No, Sanchi you must have a misunderstanding…its not possible…go and ask him tomorrow…but if it’s real I am not going to spare him..
Sanchi = No, Isha I saw it with my own  eyes.
Pragya = Do you really think he did it…do you trust him?
Sanchi : I trusted him….but why do I feel he is innocent….i am going to get all my answers Tomorrow and ask him why he did that..
And they all slept but not peacefully…His betrayal was still coming in front of her eyes…
Meanwhile in xyz hotel..

Kabir woke up…his head was still feeling really heavy..and he was shocked to see Riya sleeping with him
He quickly woke up
Riya = Kabir..
Kabir: Where am I? And why are you on my bed
..and why am I feeling diezy…
Riya : Actually Kabir sir…yesterday when you had finished your meeting with the clients…i had come here to party with my friends…but I don’t know when you saw me you took me to a room and you did which is done between a couple.

Kabir : what nonsense are you saying? I can never do that…you have a habit of lying…so please spit out the truth.
Riya started shedding crocodile tears…= no Sir..i am not lying…i am saying the truth..you yourself can realize it..

Kabir saw on his chest some lipstick marks…..he quickly went to the bathroom ..

Precap : A major fight between kanchi and Riya  telling every one she is pregnant with Kabir’s child..

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  1. Abhilasha

    What a big twist you have brought.. .. This riya……. But yr episode was darwazatod… Damdar……… Maze aa gye… Loved it!!!
    Post next soon!!

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    Omg Tania……..u just nailed it dear……..& the precap is so so amazing….can’t just wait for the nxt one…luv u loads……

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      Thank you so much Riya dear…love you too dear

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  4. This episode is Awesome.eagarly waiting for next part……. thanks a lot

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    It was awesome and stupendous sweetie …waiting for the next episode ..really fantastic

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      Thank you so much Neha…a comment from an amazing writer that means a lot….love you dear

  6. Amazing yr

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  7. Palak.Sharma

    Nailed it Tania… really hate Riya!! Eagerly waiting for the next update

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  8. Omg this is amaz tania and the ria chudail uhhhh…… U nailed it tania what a twist and post nxt dear m curious to know thr riya’s child truth they r not kabir child dear….post nxt asap sweetie

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      Thank you so much Niyaa dear…you will know soon dear…love you dear and thanks for commenting

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    wow tanu superbb dear amazing

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    Oh my god l’ll kill this Riya if I could ??? anyway awesome epi dear ??? loved it

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  11. Khamoshi

    Tania dear.. what a twist.. hope u unite Saanchi soon …love ur article for sure ?

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