His Possession (Introduction)

Sanskar Maheshwari left home as soon as he could and never went back. He was off to basic right after graduation. He dedicated his life to the Army and in 9 years he had served a good portion of that overseas.

He volunteered for deployments and his leadership qualities shone through as he was promoted to Sergeant First Class shortly before his latest deployment, which he didn’t know could possibly be his last.
Part way in they were ambushed and he was lucky to make it out with a couple gunshot wounds while some of his men never made it out.

Now on medical leave while he recovers he’s irritable, frustrated, angry and not wanting to admit he was suffering from PTSD. He needed to let off some steam and that’s where Swara Roy comes in, his psychologist.

He didn’t want some fake experience because he really didn’t care so when he tells her to speak her mind she becomes the most infuriating and sarcastic woman he’s ever met, putting him in his place on many occasions much to his amusement.

For once in his life he feels a fierce protectiveness for someone other than for the men he served with but she wants nothing to do with that, to her he’s a client and nothing else.


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  1. interesting

  2. Ishanvi

    Seems interesting!! Looking forward to read it!! ,?

  3. Phoniex

    Extremely interesting I read only a few stories where sanskar has been an army man. Love to read it

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  6. interesting

  7. Waiting fr next

  8. hmm the concept is really different and i would love to see how swasan story unfolds, well are you new here? are you a swasan fan? so friends right?

    1. Anika-A-Bookworm

      Thank you
      Yes I’m new here and am a SwaSan fan. Friends ?

  9. Parulkashyap

    interesting concept liked it

  10. Sria

    Nice! Looking forward to see how the story unfolds.

  11. Good…interesting…

  12. Aarushi_99

    Interesting concept! Would love to read it! Continue soon!! :-*

  13. IQRA222

    ani di it is simply awesome concept and introduction too
    and you know its first time i am reading an ff where sanskar is army man and shona is psychologist
    can’t wait for the episodes so post soon

    1. Anika-A-Bookworm

      Thank you
      will sure post ?

  14. Kakali

    Too good.! Would love to read more.! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

  15. interesting..continue soon..

  16. Mahisha

    continue soon

  17. Pramudi

    This is really interesting dear.
    Plz continue. ?

  18. IME

    Awesome!! Loved it!!
    continue soon

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