HIS MISTAKE (episode 5)


Recap: Manik asks Nandini to work as his maid and Nandini agrees finally . nandu gets permission from chachi to go out for that day .
Nandini is walking through the road thinking abt what tortures Manik would give her .
She reaches MALHOTRA mansion . Just then she gets a message from Manik to come to his farmhouse which is near . He sends the location and She reaches his farmhouse . She rings the door bell and no one opens . She tries to open the door and it opens .
She goes inside . Suddenly the door closes from behind . Nandini gets scared and turns around . Fab5 is there .
M: nandu u came at sharp 4 . I’m impressed .
Al: Manik, u didn’t tell us why u brought her here .
Mu: u said we’ll have a party and if she’s there then how ?
C: guys wait wait .give him a minute to speak .
M: u guys wait here I’ll just come now . Nandini follow me .
Fab4 is left surprised by what Manik said . Nandini follows him . Manik takes her to a room . It’s so dark there . Manik switches on the light. The room is full of spider web and dust?
M: so this is ur job . Clean it .
N: it looks like no on entered this room for years .
M: indeed yes , no one entered for a very longs time .
N: why ? I mean u have so many servants here.
M: don’t have to ask questions. Get ? So start . Just an hour tym only . After that come to my bedroom , It’s that one there .
N: Ik ur bedroom .
M: oh yea btw u r right. So start … And all the best , look out for spiders .?
He leaves ?. Nandini is scared . She starts cleaning the room .
Manik goes downstairs where fab4 was waiting .
M: yeah so guys…
Mu: first tell us about Nandini .
M: what abt Nandini?
Al: what is she doing here ?
M: well just come with me to the room first and then I’ll tell . Ok?
C: acha fyn , let’s go .
They go to the room .they pop the champagne .
M: ok so , as u all know … Or should I say if u all did not know , Nandini has to pay me Rs45,00,000 .
Mu: yeah we know .
M: well , Ik very well she can’t pay that much . So I gave her an offer . If she works for me just for 100 days , then she is out of this trouble . So now she is my servant . U can make her do anything u want. That’s why I asked her to clean another room so that…
C: … V can dirty this room and make her clean .
M : absolutely right . So….
Al: …lets enjoyyy now !!
They all drink and dirty the room . Just then Nandini comes there . She gets shocked seeing the room .
M: come in nandu , we were waiting for you.
She comes in . Manik goes next to her .
M: so uk ur job right ?
Nandini nods .
M: well guys we will stay here only right ?
They all agree . They sit on the bed while she cleans the other places . Poor Nandini was so damn tired after cleaning the other room . Then she cleans the bed while fab5 sits on the couch and haves popcorn .
ALYA purposely drops the glass containing alcohol next to the table .
Al: oops ! It fell down . Sorry ….
N: it’s ok .
Al: what ? I meant to say sorry….Manik , I broke one of ur precious piece here.
M: it’s ok baby . U r my life . Don’t be sorry , indeed u r my precious piece. .
M: And u , clean it fast( to Nandini)
Nandini clears the bed and then cleans the alcohol. She feels disgusted as she doesn’t like alcohol smell . Just then someone comes in . It’s mr.malhotra .
They all get up
K: what is she doing here ? And where r our servants?
M: dad they had gone on leave so …
K: so what was the need to come here ? Or u could have just asked someone from our house to clean it . And that too why a girl ? She doesn’t look like a maid.
Nandini smiles . Manik gets angry inside .
M: I’m sorry dad .
K: it’s ok . Girl what’s ur name ?
N: sir , Nandini
K: here rs1000 for today’s work . Now don’t have to come and clean here . Ok ?
N: yes sir (she is so happy)
Kuber is a person who respects women a lot . He doesn’t know abt nyonika’ S affairs with others .
Manik and fab5 get angry . Kuber asks them to go to their mansion . They leave . While going Nandini smiles at Manik and fab5 gives her an angry look .
Fab5 comes back to MALHOTRA mansion . They go to manik’s room .
C: yaar u said uncle was on his business trip .
M: yes he was but don’t know how he came so fast .
Mu: that Nandini escaped this tym also .


Nandini is talking on phone to Navya .she tells what happened in the farmhouse.
Na: Whatttt!?? ?
N: why Navya ? U sound like u r sad about it
Na: no not that . Abhi is on his way to MALHOTRA mansion to tell his dad about it .
N: what ? Who asked him to ?
Na: well… Nandu , thinking u’ll be in danger , I only asked him ?
N: navyyyaa , now don’t know what fab5 will do with him .
Na: I’ll try calling him .
Navya tries calling but his phone is switched off .
Abhi reaches MALHOTRA Mansion . He goes inside . Fab 5 was coming downstairs when he entered .
Mu: it’s that boy right ALYA ?
Abhi: hi , u remember me ?
M: what r u doing here ?
Mu: Uk him ?
M: he is Nandini’s friend .
Mu: Ohhh . Manik , u r having so many guests today , right ?
M: yes , lucky me . So what brought u here ?
Kuber was coming downstairs talking on phone . Abhi sees him and goes to him . Fab5 stops him but he pushes them and goes.
Abhi: sir pls can I talk to u
K: yes , well who r u ?
Abhi: sir , not here pls . Can v just go to that corner .
Kuber gies with him .
Abhi : sir , my friend Nandini is in trouble . She came here with her brother as her parcel had got exchanged with the one which came fur Manik . Manik and his friends were bullying her . Her brother was left alone and he got shock , he always gets that and he ruins everything if he isn’t consoled by Nandini . So he ruined the hall here . Manik asked her to work as a maid for 100 days and then he will let her go . sir , I beg u pls let her free.
K: well , Nandini …. Yes that girl came and left sometime ago . I asked her not to come again .
Ab: really sir ? That’s so kind of u . Actually u r totally opposite of Manik .
K: what’s wrong with him ? He’s just like me . He’s so kind tot everyone.
Ab: no sir , fab5 as a whole team rags students in space academy . Even Nandini was a victim of it . Sir , how come u don’t know about it ?
K: wait , come with me .
Kuber goes to fab5 and questions Manik abt it .
M: vo dad….
K: I’m asking u is it true or not ?
Manik didn’t want to lie to his dad but he didn’t want to tell it also as his dad would be highly disappointed.

Precap:Abhi is going towards the door and collides with nyonika . Abhi gets shocked seeing her .

So guys what do u think will Manik tell ? What would be kuber’s reaction .
Why do u think Abhi got shocked seeing nyonika ?pls do comment . I’m really happy with all my readers who commented . I really got happy that I left my work and sat and wrote this . So I would be glad if u all comment .. And pls comment if u want me to update the other ff tmrw .
Thank u all . Love u all loads . Tc …Bye

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