“I want to take Annika back home”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi told the yellow top and blue jeans wearing girl,”Call her”.
“Tell him that Annika is not here”- Annika replied with a loud tone,”I came here for the second time in this month”.
“Annika he is trying to have a conversation with you”- Chanda explained,”let him talk once”.
“Stop taking his side”- Annika scold her friend,”You don’t know what that Bhagad Billa did this time”.
“What did I do this time?”- Shivaay asked acting like a good and Innocent boy,”for that Khanna you are fighting with me!!”
“Exactly!!you did nothing is my problem”- Annika fumed,” You can fall in love and get married but is not trying to find the girl Khannaji loves”.
“Lets go home meri Maa”- Shivaay picked her in his strong arm,”I will try to help that Khanna”.
“Not that Khanna ..Its your Security head and Kingpin Khannaji”- Annika make drama on their way back home.
“Jiju..I want a help from you”- Chanda called Shivaay the other day,”I want to free my ‘K’ from the dungeon of that egoistic boss of him. That mad man is troubling him all day and night”.
“What can I do for you Chanda??”- Shivaay remembered the shelter the girl gave to his wife three times and once protected him during Gayathri murder case.
“Please give my ‘K’ any work in your office.. his boss is really arrogant”- Chanda scold the person her lover works for,” I want to bash black and blue out of that egoistic boss”.
“I will talk with the Boss and release your Potassium lover from him”- Shivaay assured,”I will give him some work in my company”.
“Thank you Jiju”- Chanda cut the call and then again called after two minutes,”Jiju..do it soon for me. The kookaburra mom of his boss is shouting at my ‘K’ as I heard that lady shouting at him now only via mobile “.
“Arre wah!! Chanda these flowers are very beautiful”- Annika went to meet her friend one day to see few beautiful flowers on the balcony of Chanda’s house ,” where did you find the plant??”.
“He gave me these flowers..”- Chanda smiled in a shy way,”Kingcup and knapweed flowering plant”.
“What about the him??”- Annika felt sorry for the king fisher lover of her friend “Call Shivaay now and ask about the next step in his plan to release ‘K’ from that evil Boss of him”.
“Annika..Not jiju..”- Chanda took a wrong route,”I am calling him now to introduce with you ..Later we will call jiju here too”.
“Give me your mobile “- Chanda snatched from Annika’s hands,”I have no balance on my mobile”.
“Khannanu”- Chanda said in very lovely tone,”come to my home soon . My friend is here so you have to meet her now”.
“Khanna didn’t get head or tail of the words,”Annika bhabhi is with his ‘C’…oh bete ki!!. Did Shivaay sir came to know about his love story and sent Annika bhabhi there??”
“Annika call me now Khanna”- Shivaay finished his call and said,”We have to pick her from her friends place”.
“Er.. I will go no where with you”- Khanna’s voice died on his throat by the angry glare he got and some Kinetic energy from his body starts to push him forward.
“Thank you Godji”- Chanda felt good when she saw both Khanna and Her jiju coming together to her house,”Annika jiju brought him here with him. My problem is solved I think”.
Annika remembered all the praise Chanda did in favour of her ‘K’ and the scolding for his khadoos Boss. She wanted to shout loud that problem is not solved..its initiation only..looking at Khannaji and then her Billuji.
“So this is the matter behind my back”- Shivaay ran his fingers on his hairs as his signature step,”Khanna, Chanda you both scold me only”.
“Stop showing your tadi here”- Annika come to the aid of her friends,”Your hairs are boring black and you are doing too much of style..Khannaji have golden hairs ..he must show more style then you”.
“Now when will we conduct marriage for them?”- Annika asked her husband,”or I will use all the Kung-fu I learned on you and break your all bones”.
“Soon very soon”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi ran away being afraid of his wife,”I will send them to Uganda on their Honeymoon”.
“Kowtow to your love story Khannaji”- Annika praised.
“Hold this flower correctly Shivaay “- Annika scold her husband,”you and your height is not helping me in my work”.
Shivaay gave Annika the work of arranging marriage as a wedding planner for Khanna’s marriage and she instead asked Shivaay to decorate a room for the fourth night of Khanna and Chanda.
“Khannaji is the person always protecting your Kremlin of Oberoi Mansion in Mumbai”- Annika smiled,”he is a real knight with the heart of a kind kingfisher”.
“I will kidnap that Khanna and punish him for all the raita he spread in my life”- Shivaay took a vow…a false one.
———————————————— “Shivaay is not the breakfast ready till now”- Annika shouted from the dining table,”Khannaji is waiting from last one hour . he have to stand on the gate of Oberoi Mansion . He need energy”.
“I am leaving my work,home and business and joining as a chef in any Hotel”- Shivaay muttered under his breath.
“Don’t add that much spices and chillies on the food”- Annika knew her Billu must be ready to kill Khanna with his bare hands and his ears must be red like chillies now.
“Khanna your ticket to Uganda for honey moon as I promised earlier”- Shivaay gave the tickets to Khanna after returning from office that same day,”just leave me in peace for some time”.
“Excuse me!!”- Annika show another two tickets ,”Khannaji is going to Coorg for his Honeymoon. Rudra booked the train ticket today morning only. I am not ready to send Chanda away to some weird country like Uganda and I know that you can do nothing by your own with out taking help from Khannaji”.
“Clash!!!”- A new mobile get killed by Shivaay Singh Oberoi at that particular time when the level of his frustration reached its peak and his plan of taking revenge from Khanna failed miserably.

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  1. Pooja26

    bachara shivvay !!!!!! biwi ka maara….
    ab toh khaana jii ne bhi nhi choda 😉 😉
    haha 😉
    amazing yr……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha ha…Pooja.
      Bechara Shivaay Bhaiyya!!

  2. Nithu

    nice dr…………..khanna bhayya ki yeh pehli O.S hein………….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Nithu..
      the first ever OS where justice with Khanna and Injustice with Shivaay Singh Oberoi happened by his own Shield Sister Astha ..

  3. Aastha ur status being unpredictable….. bt i mst say tat u r becoming so predictable nowadays atleast to me……while randomly surfing through d list of ffs n os this “HIS KINDRED KHANNA” came n i was vry much sure tat this is aastha only…..n i immediately scrolled down to see yes its u…….after tat i strted reading d os haha…
    Finally khannaji also got his lady love 😀 …… khannaji hs got golden hairs lol
    Khannaji honeymoon to Uganda no way…..gd annika save khanna frm his evil arrogant boss….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shree..Still I am unpredictable dear..but all are identifying me easily now-a-days..tum kaise nahi kar paati..after all you are my best friend from SBSA …
      who will think that I will torture my own brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi one day in my story!!!
      Still the stupid unemotional and weird title is a significant mark of Astha for you.
      Love you…..

  4. Surbhi Sharma

    Ha Ha di . Bechara shivu .
    Finally di , aapne khanu ji ke liye ff likha . Khanu and chandu . Mast hai . ??
    Liji di , toh ekdum khush ho gai hogi .
    First ff on khanu ji …???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bechara Shivu kehne ki jarurat nahi hai..Any time I can make My brother the most powerful man on earth with all the power of Iron man, spiderman, shakthi man,power ranger, and all the super power of all the super hero in the world…along with some power from Aliens..So no pity on my bro..ha ha…
      Thnx. Surbhi Sister…

  5. Wow!!!! Os on khannaji…… It was tooooooooooooooo funny di…. Today u add che. 4 our khannaji… Poor shivaay!!!!!!! Hahaha….. Luv it…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny…Its purpose is fun..
      As that day every one here asked me for the Ishqbaazi of Khannaji..I did it yesterday.
      Thnx. yaar

  6. ???????????????????????????????????????Oh God asthababy….
    What you have done……ISHQBAAZI OF KHAANU??????
    I am laughing like mad. Chanda and khaanu CHAKHNU???? awwwww

    Soooo sweet. ..bechareSSso, tum unki Sis ho ke bhi unki gangaram kardi…ooooo.
    Keep writting like this..
    Love you soooooo much.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita Darling …I too can’t believe that actually I made fun of Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!
      Aww…What all the raita I spread on his life…

  7. Finally an os just for my khannaji.. thanku astha diiiii!!!
    In the words of khannaji itself…’BY GOD KI KASAM’ ek dum mast os thi..loved it!!
    Nd astha dii..what about ‘alien feelings’?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Alien feeling is postponed for some time..but surely will start soon..Wait a little longer..Thnx.

  8. Ooooo god I knew it dat it’s u my Astha sis as only u can add comedy to this high level
    O but I just loved it yaar

  9. Niriha

    O my god….Awesome one dear I really really loved it…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Niriha..
      Hey did every one missed all the adjective I gave for Khanna with “K”..In the story..Try yo find it yaar..it is fun.

  10. Chavi

    Superb os dear astha…?HIS KINDRED KHANNA…dedication to khannaji…
    I can’t control my smile while reading through d whole os ah…?
    Keep writing meri Jaan…love u..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Always keep smiling like this meri Jhansi ki Raani.

  11. Awesome….
    Bechara Shivaay ka tai tai fis ho gaya….hilarious…
    Khanna also became Ishqbaaz after living with his boss…
    Loved it…. 🙂

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Shivika #Khanna Ki Ishqbaazi..

  12. Superb dr and Khanna and Chanda superb and ur story super as always

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Arthi
      Chanda and Khanna….Channa

  13. Navz

    ????aastha…what position did u give to ur tadibaaz bhaiyya..a chef for his most trusted employee..very cute..lovely and the most funniest os i have ever read..
    Ur laughing therapy is going on without any brake.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya.. its his passion yaar not profession

  14. Nice one…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Zaveesha

  15. astha di this ff is really unique
    its khidkithod??
    bechare shivaay bhaiyya he’s baali ka bakra as nakul himself had told in an interview
    aapka writing skills toh?? me kya batau mujhe shabd hi nahi milta
    chanda and golu khannaji?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maggi… thank you

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    Hahahahah poor Shivaay and the story is Awesome

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      True poor Bhaiyya!!
      Thnank you

      1. AMkideewani

        Haan mera pyaara Bhaiya???

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      Thank you Nikku dear

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    I m laughing like a mad di. Thank god I m not sitting infront of my mom. Seeing like this me she conforms me as a mad.
    This is really u di…. U tortures ur bhaiya this much. Bechara Shivaay! Honeymoon trip in Uganda…ur bhaiya is in full revenge form…..hahaha!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I too never thought them as a couple!!
      Thank you Gayathri.
      Keep laughing like mad always..hope Agra hum dono ke liye door nahi hai…

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      ha ha ha!! Chanda and Khanna as a pair!! Not that bad !dea.

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      Thank you Alekhika

  21. Ahsana98

    While seeing the title of this os I know that its you. So finally you fulfills your promise. You coming with khanna’s ishqbaazi. Anyone can’t think that chanda become khanna ‘s lady love. When chanda inform about her lover to shivay I know that its khanna. You are an amazing writer Di. Shivay bangai khanna’s wedding planner. Ha Ha your os make me laugh. Shivay ‘s revenge on khanna ,send him and Chanda in Uganda was failed by anika. Your os is super duper hit.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ahsana…Thank you
      Ha ha ha…

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