Dedicated to my friend Anu as she is the one who always wanted Shivaay to apologise Annika….
“Annika”-Shivaay Singh Oberoi whispered,”jyada tadi mat maro”.
Annika looked at her packed bag and her limping brother. She have to leave Oberoi mansion. She was never a choice of Shivaay Singh Oberoi … his hypothesis and phenomenon of Name-Blood- Lineage… She have no money.
He was always the Tadibaaz SSO for her till they both along with OmRu joined hands to expose Tia Kapoor.
“It does matter Annika”- He never was easy at explaining emotions,”It does matter a lot to you”.

“Mujhe koi fark nahi padta Shivaay”-Annika replied back suddenly.
He lost the last round of their personal and Private romantic war of fark padta hai..and he could not accept that easily.

He just picked her packed suitcase and ran to his… no their room.
“Shivaay mera bag wapas dijiye”-Annika told her voice more cold then ice..
Annika followed to snatch her bag to live her life independently once again like she was doing till she meet the Kanji eyed Bhagad Billa who changed her life…made fun of a sacred bond like marriage by asking for a divorce on the very next day of marriage… introduced an other married women as his wife before the press and media…
Dadi smiled at the usual fight of her children . Her Billu and his Billi and same time felt proud for the amazing job they did by exposing Tia Kapoor..
OmRu were very happy and satisfied as they know that Shivaay Singh Oberoi their super hero can make every thing alright when he is willing to …
“Finally some sense come in his business brain that money is not every thing”-Shakti gave free gyaan..

“That it is Annika he can not live with out”- Omkara added,”his money could not buy him any support like Annika did “.
“Lets go and lock the door of their room”- Rudra’s duffer bain gave a good idea,”they will fight.. and then make it up for each other but could not ignore each other”.
Priyanka and Rudra locked the glass door as soon as Annika entered inside of the room.
“Clicked!!!”-Shivaay felt proud for the support his family gave him.
“Annika … you should not go any where”-He started the topic that was interrupted down stair in living room”You will be left alone with out any family support”.
“I was an orphan Shivaay”- Annika is always truthful,”before and after my marriage”.
“I want to resume my normal life”- She is some times at very daring mode,”It was never my dream to trap a rich man and enjoy his wealth like you accused me of being a gold digger”.
“It was me Annika”- Shivaay accepted,”Who was addicted to your presence Annika… its me who was obsessed with you”.
“I am not attached to anyone Shivaay except Saahil”- Annika said,”I can never be”.
“I was sad for this reason. I wanted to be attached with you right from the first time I saw you”- SSO let his emotions in open.
“You wanted to get attached to a girl who has not even a surname”- Annika tried best to shut his mouth.

“She have a surname and a very big family now”-Shivaay accepted her in his family.
“and a husband who have a big and fat ego”-Annika had preparers well to win this argument from Bhagad Billa at any cost.
Shivaay had no other way to stop him rather then using his charm now. He came very close to her and hold her hand gently.
“I am asking for the last time Annika”-He was dangerously close to her now,”tumhe sach mein koi fark nahi padta!!”.

How can she deny his this close ness as it always does some mich michi feeling to her and rang a ghanti in her heart.
“Bilkul nahi padta hai fark”- She managed to lie.
“Why did you tried to save me from the evil clutch of Kapoor’s then??”- Shivaay threw a long question at his wife,”why did you trust me over the DNA report??”.
” I am an optimist Shivaay”-Annika gave the wrong answer as he noticed her eyes was down,”I never judge people by trusting other’s words when I know about the character of that person very well”.
“Tum bhi mujhe Tadti thi that too before marriage”- Shivaay was determined to hear the truth,”like I was doing the same to you”.
“I was just being with truth”- by now her heart was doing Summersault.
“At a point when I was losing trust over my self confidence and control”- He encouraged her to speak her heart out.

“I always told you about Tia being married before but you was just blind by a damn deal to see the truth”- She accused him.
“That was the huge mistake I did Annika”- Shivaay regretted of not trusting her .
She is the selfless girl saved him and his family from all troubles without expecting anything in return at the cost of her self respect and dignity some times.
“Tumhe fark padta hai Annika for every situation I fell with”- He looked at her eyes,”bahut fark like the same fark mujhe bhi padta hai”.
“Tumhari har baat se.. every happiness tears smile fight”- He was madly in love with her.
“A special ghanti bajta hai … in my heart like it does to you… by your nearness”- He tried to impress her.
“Your habbit of throwing things at me and my habit of breaking things are interconnected like our two heart.

“Where is your business mind Shivaay”-Annika threw his principle at him,”brain on front seat and heart on back seat”.
He smiled once she will finish talking her heart out … it will be fine.
“My heart was on winter hibernation until the time I met you”- He confessed,” you were hell bend to spread a special raita in my life but now I love the raita just way I love you”.
“This is love Shivaay”-Annika wondered”- Annika have a doubt on all the lovely and romantic confession she saw in Hindi movies.

“This is love Annika ..”- Shivaay agreed,”our love is unusual”.
“Aap to bade chantumai nikle”-Annika praised,” love with an attitude… full tadibaaz”.
“I want to be a real Ishqbaaz now Annika only for you”- Shivaay wanted to follow the foot step of his late Dadaji…
“I am like this only… you have to manage with my Tadi your whole life”- He for the first time thought marriage as a matter of heart… a deal from Dil.
“I am sorry … hit me ..fight with me… throw water on me… but don’t leave me Annika”- He desired for her presence in his life..,”I will not be able to live with out you”.
“Like air..water…oxygen!!”-,She asked.

“more then that … coz all these are support system for life and you are my life itself'”- A romantic Oberoi is hard to resist.
Annika hugged him with a right .. like she is his wife.
“You are my wife”-He gave her the right,”I am expecting some more hugs like this in near future from you”.
“I too felt the same for you”- Annika whispered,”I was afraid to tell you as you are a person who even asks enemies about their NKK”.
“I was a fool to hurt you”- Shivaay also accepted.

“You are SSO”- she can’t see his emotional side… a
watching a vulnerable Shivaay hurt her.
“Call me Billuji some times Annika”- He invited,”I felt near and attached to you”.
“I will call you Bhagad Billa”-She threat,”one day I front of your client’s in a business meeting”.
Shivaay smiled in a genuine way… Yes she is now not leaving him alone.
“Leave me.. I want to go now”- She ordered.
He stared at his wife in a disbelieve way.
“I want to go down stair to meet Saahil”- She learned to tease her husband.
“Go by pool side door”- He suggested,”OmRu had locked the front door”.
This revelation turned her in to a beautiful shade of pink.
“Annika you are blushing!!!”- Shivaay shouted from behind….

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