“Annika “- Shivaay Singh Oberoi stopped his wife at the exit of Oberoi mansion,”where are you going?”
Annika stopped as he walked to hold hand and brought her to the centre of the living room.
“Shivaay”- She objected weakly.
Media and press insulted her .. pointed finger at her character.. blamed her for Tia leaving Oberoi Mansion …

His blood boiled at the thought of his Annika being insulted…his life going away from him as she began to leave with out any further drama if it is possible to create more…
“Annika is my wife”- Shivaay finally accepted the truth,”we are married”.
“I filled her maang with red vermilion…tied the sacred thread of “Mangal sutra” around her neck…we took pheres around the fire and promised each other for the seven vows”- Annika looked at her husband amazed even at her crying state…
When did businessman Shivaay Singh Oberoi learned and remembered all the rituals performed in a wedding….!!!!

“I am married to Annika…”- He felt proud to be the husband of a middle class girl who have no surname…,”She is not only Annika… She is Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi”.
“My wife…”-the word send a smile to the dry and shivering lips of Omkara… Rudra and Dadi.
“You all have to print the news and name of my Annika bhabhi in front page”- Rudra insulted media in a funny and serious way ,” I am sitting here opening the TV..to see the telecast of this breaking news with in ten minutes”.
“Just leave them in peace”- Tej Singh Oberoi ordered,” and don’t forget the words Rudra said”.
“I have your sister’s secret with me”- Daksh threatened…
Slurpt!!!!….Ranveer slapped him on his cheek,” not a word against Priyanka”.
“Khanna”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi called his most trusted employee,” bring the details in”.
A man with a golden hair.. Bluetooth attached in his ear..with a very tall and well build body ran and stood in front of his boss.
” Shivaay Sir”- He handed over a file containing the medical details of a psycho Daskh Khurana…and the need of electric shock treatment for him…

“Some people from Ranchi is coming to take him for treatment”-Shivaay told.
Rudra managed to suppress his giggle looking at the condition of Daksh’s cheek.
Daksh was taken in to mental hospital far away from Mumbai.
“Annika…”- Shivaay hold her by shoulder and kept her near to to his heart.
“I promised you right this morning that I will not let you lose”- The husband Shivaay was angry as his wife broke their Pinky Promise,” how dare you leave me alone”.
“I saw the message he send to blackmail you”- Annika is a self less girl to choose her own happiness above her best friend and sister-in-law Priyanka… her marriage and the unborn child.

“It does not matter how he blackmails me..”-Shivaay said,”It can’t change the fact and truth of our relation and marriage”.
“Bhaiyya!!!I am sorry”-Priyanka was sad for the insult her family faced only for her mistake.
“Take rest now Prinku”- Annika took her to room. It is not good for a pregnant girl to take tension.

“No… I will sit here on the couch”- Priyanka was in tension already.. taking rest alone will do more exercise of her brain about all the thought.
Ranveer left all alone after the departure of his fake mother and uncle…
Priyanka remembered the night when she was driving and hit her car to a girl… then looked at Omkara…

“I hided an important matter from you Shivaay”- the truth speaking long haired creature Omkara also joined the new group of accepting mistake.
“I tried to act happy for Priyanka when I knew from beginning that ACP Ranveer was after our sister for taking revenge”.
“That day you was also with Prinku and hided this matter of accident from us”- Rudra knew the secret,”I may be getting slap on the back of my head from my brothers daily… but I am not that much duffer”.
“You are very smart cry baby…”- Soumya praised,”except for the weakness in mathematics”.
“Thank you my Sumo”- Rudra for the first time thanked his wife in front of the whole family.

“I will make you eat parathas.. aloo ke ..gobi ke”- Soumya make fun at the expense of her husband’s fear to get fat…
“Karela ke bhi banakar dena iss khotiya ko”- Dadi joined hands with her younger grand daughter in law.
“I will make her drink my protein shake daily”-Rudra is also an Oberoi…
“She can drink protein shake”- Shivaay joined Soumya’s side,” make sure to stay away from his fruit punch”.
“Bhaiyya…”- Priyanka hugged Shivaay,”I lied.. I am not pregnant”.
“Chalo every one is present here lets click a family photo”-Rudra gave the amazing idea.
Papa… chotey papa.. choti maa.. mom.. O.. sumo..Billu billi all come and gave amazing pose”.
“Every one stay close to your partner”- Rudy adviced to click a perfect family photo,”Billuji… aapne Billi ke kandhe pe haath rakho”.
He set the timer on his camera and stood next to Soumya like an innocent boy.
“Chulbul…”-Omkara shouted,” come here..”.
Gouri Kumari Sharma entered with her male get up ..a cap on her head hiding the long and silky hairs.
Rudra shared a knowing look with Shivaay… Om is attracted to a boy according to his brilliant brain.

“You are my best buddy”- Om asked Chulbul chirota to join with him for his complete family photo. Gouri chirraiya felt happy and joined slightly adjusting her already perfect cap.
” Shivaay its beautiful …”- Annika touched the picture,”Our family photo”.
“Its not our family photo”- He came to his romantic mood,”our complete family will be completed after their arrival”.
“They will be guest Shivaay not our family”- She looked confident.
“How can Ansh and Shivika be our guest Annika”- He teased,” Tumhara ‘An’.. mera ‘Sh’….mera ‘Shiv’.. tumhara ‘ika’.
Annika felt very shy at her own act of Kalavathi….

“You didn’t thank me properly for the amazing acting I did that day”- She hope for a film fare award from her husband.
“You threw Gobar at me that was missed”-He remember.
“I was acting as an amnesia patient not playing cricket”-She demanded now for a praise…
“Will this do for now”- Shivaay placed his hand around her waist,” Or I have to give some more prize”.
She became speechless at his daring mode.
“Give a complain to me about my fault Annika”- He advised,”when you feel that you deserve more”.

He rubbed his trimmed beard to her satin soft cheeks or “this one “- he managed to place few kisses on her hand and face.. wherever his lip reached.
“This is not a prize Shivaay”- She released her breath,”its feel like a punishment”.
“its the sweetest punishment I can give you.. more sweet then the actual prize you deserve”- He went very close to her lips..
The star bracelet in her hand jingled as she shuddered at the punishment she got..rhe sound of night felt like a romantic music to both their ear… heavy breaths and racing heart beat..all a pleasurable punishment…

A pillow fell down from the king sized bed… followed by two more…
“This is odd number”-Shivaay manages to say in between and threw one more on the floor.
“I will throw you into the pool tomorrow morning and then I will join you.. that is also an even number.. we two”-He told to stop his wife from giggling..
“What punishment did you want to give Daksh for his cheap work”-Shivaay asked Annika..”I just send him with out asking you”.
“Its easy Shivaay”- Annika answered,” I simply wanted to cut his hairs.. and that coconut plant on his head”.
“But its OK..”- She consoled herself,” You could have shouted as Khanna!!! scissor then”.

“why did you get engaged to him then at the first place”-,He inquired.
“I fell in love with an engaged Bhagad Billa … an emotionally challenged one..who denied to show his feelings to me by his words”-Annika made crying face.
“Annika… don’t cry”-Shivaay hugged her,” Because your husband SSO believes in action”.

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