His dreamgirl (raglak short story) part 2

I got out of the train and the cold breeze of Dehradun touched my face I looked sidewise to check whether my best friend has reached the railway station or not.A sudden thought made me rooted to the spot whay if she forgot I am comming today then what will I do would I have to stay my entire day here I regreted for throwing my sim card away.Then I heard the sound of my best friend I looked in the direction and saw her back she was fighting with the panipuri vendor hoo my god this girl will never change!!!
Swara I called out and she turned towards me with a monthfull of panipuri.
he looked the same how she looked 4 years ago when we last met only difference was that her hair has grown.
Ragini she screamed with happiness as she hugged me as if I was her long lost lover.no we were not lover’s but something more than that.

She looked at me and said finally we are back together  she than looked at the panipuri vendor and said bhai ek plate or
She fed me and I fed her god only I know how much I missed her this 4months

I missed you swara I said
While she looked at me for a second and said as if I didn’t.
swara opened the door and we got into the house there was lots of photograph of her family on the walls I gazed into it

My eyes welled up and I wished I was back in my room hugging my teddy and this was all a dream.But no I can’t turned back I have made up my Mind I have to achieve my goal.
I thought of my father he must have by know come to know that I have eloped.He must be fustrated and even broken something by know.  

   I hope Sanskar is save I don’t want to put him in risk because of me!
I was startled by swara who shaked me what are u thinking ragini.mmm nothing much I said.
U live alone I asked seeing no one in the house.
No mom and pop and Nani have gone to attend a relatives marriage they would be backafter to days she said and took me towards her room.
I was shocked to see a room much more worser than my room I have always thought that my room was the dirtiest room but no there is someone to compete with me.

Swara cought me looking at her room and said actually it’s due to mom’s absence she said.
Come let me show you your room she had cleaned it before going. she opened the door of the room next to her room.

It’s amazing swara I said her hugging her out of excitement.
But… I said
But what are u scared to sleep alone she asked amazed
No i am scared whether I could keep it as it is.
Don’t worry ragini mom is there na my mom is Ur mom and Ur mom my mom isn’t it.
Yes I said as I hugged her.
Hoo god thanks for giving me someone like her in my messed up life.

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