Hilarious Fake Marriage (SwaSan One Shot) by Marsuu

Hello guys!! Well this is my 40th story?? It means till now I had written on 40 different concepts which include os, ts, fs,ff,ss. And this is my 16th one shot.
I had never thought in my dreams also that I will write this much.Now it’s 5 months since I’m on tu. My few words can’t thank you all enough for your immense support. I’m very proud that my all stories are on SwaSan bcoz they are heavenly and I’m very loyal towards them and can’t even think of anyone else that you all know??? at the end I come on SwaSan only????
So let’s see for how much time more I’m here??
Sorry for speaking opps writing alot but was not able to control my emotions.
Let’s begin with os.

So this one shot is based on fake marriage tract. On wattpad many have asked to give funny story on this track. So I had tried to make it little humorous one hope so you all will like it.
I had made little changes like there is no awkwardness between swasan they are very good friends and frank with each other. They enjoy their life to the fullest.
They did fake marriage to take out ragini’s truth but here swara’s plan is different. Ragini is as in serial negative and will try her best to prove that SwaSan marriage is fake.
Plzz don’t say why ragini is negative and all she was in serial also.

Hilarious Fake Marriage
(SwaSan One Shot):

Swasan and raglak has come to maheshwari house. Dp has accepted swara as his dil.Swara just came to prove her innocence not to unite shomi and shekar as shomi said she don’t want to go back to that man who discriminate between swara and ragini.

Swasan room(Night)
This is the first night of swasan after fake marriage. SwaSan are sitting on the bed facing each other.
” are you sure swara this plan will work???” Sanskar was not that convinced with her plan.
” of course sanskar” she tried to make him believe.
” but why ragini will be affected if we will live like happily married couple??” he was hell confuse with what she has planned.
” You are dumbo sanskar” she hit his forehead with her hand.
” then you only explain miss smarty” he said crossing his arms at chest.
” see when we will be happy and you will love me so much i mean act like loving me then she will get irritated bcoz laksh will not even look at her. And being annoyed she will blurt out the truth” Swara seems to be so much excited for this plan.

” hmm not that bad infact good one” he said narrowing his eyes.
” thank you” she lifted her imaginary collar.
Swara heard foot steps so she ran to door and peeped out. She saw ragini coming towards their room.
” behave as if we are doing that” swara said quickly coming close to sanskar.
” like what???” He was in dilemma that what she is doing.
” idiot what husband wife do on first night” she pointed towards their decorated room. Their room is also decorated as according to family they are really married.
” swara!!!!” sanskar place hand on his heart as if getting mini heart attack.
Swara get to know that ragini is standing outside the room as she heard her bangles voice.
” ouch sanskar slowly” she mourned standing away from sanskar.
Sanskar widen his eyes at her stupid acting. Sanskar gulp looking at her expressions. The way she is mourning he thought as if he is really doing something.
“Shut up” he scolded his mind for such asanskari thoughts
Ragini knock at the door.
” easy sanskar” swara huskily said leaning at the door.
Sanskar was shocked that what this girl is upto.

” what they are doing??” Ragini was astonished listening to swara’s fake mourn.
” swara plz open the door” ragini called so politely. But swasan didn’t reacted.
After Waiting for sometimes, ragini left as they didn’t opened the door.
Swara checked and found ragini is not there. She closed the door and came back to bed.
” what was that???” Sanskar asked coming out of the shock.
” acting and you also have to do same from tomorrow” swara set pillow and lie on it while sanskar was just staring her. He signed and lie on couch. Soon both slept.

Next morning:
Swara is wearing blue saree with open hairs. She started wearing other accessories while Sanskar was stealing glances of her sitting on couch.
” let’s go and all the best” swara checked herself last time in mirror and went to sanskar.
” All the best you too” sanskar said following her till door.

SwaSan are going from corridor when ragini came from front.
” start acting” swara whisper to sanskar before ragini came near.
” hmm” sanskar give his fake smile.
” Good Morning Ragini Ji” Swara wished her cheerfully and pretended like nothing happened.
” Why are you calling me ragini Ji” she was confused at Swara’s behaviour.
” Giving respect I know you are younger to me but your deeds are much more bigger then mine or specifically wrong deeds” swara taunt her. Ragini avoided eye contact.
” yesterday night why didn’t you open the door I came” ragini tried to divert the topic.
” we were busy” swara said sternly.
” what you both were doing??” Ragini wanted to know as she was confused why Swara is so normal.
” ragini how can I tell that. I feeling shy. Sanskar you only tell” swara place her palms on cheeks blushing profusely

” how can I tell our private moments swara I’m also feeling shy” Sanskar also blushes.
Ragini was getting angry bcoz she somewhat got what they both mean.
” what you mean??” Ragini again asked
” now if you are so much stubborn to know ragini Ji then I will tell. Yesterday was our first night so I and Sanskar were you know what he came close..” Swara said slowly.
” I have some work so I’m going” ragini ran from there before swara can complete as she know what was coming next.
As she ran away, swara started laughing.
” you are too much Swara” sanskar saw her laughing.
” thank you thank you” she bow her head in front of him.
” let’s go” Sanskar signed and they both left.
They went downstairs.

Swara, ragini and pari are making breakfast.
” so how was your night swara ragini??” Pari tease them.
” it was beyond awesome” swara blushes.
Ragini didn’t said anything as laksh even didn’t talked to her. The thing which was making her angry was how can be swara happy??
Pari went out as ap called her.
” I know swara you are doing drama” ragini turn to face her.
” which drama ragini Ji?” swara blinked her eyes innocently.
” don’t act smart do you think I’m fool not to understand” ragini was hell annoyed.
” but I’m not understanding say clearly plz” swara said with extra sweetness.
” how can you and sanskar love each other. You just met few days back” ragini asked furiously.
” ohh you want to know my and sanskar’s love story let me tell. We saw each other when I was in hospital don’t know some has thrown me in the river” swara made sad face while ragini avoid eye contact.
“Then our eyes met he came close to me and my heart started running marathon. It was love at first sight for both of us but we didn’t confessed as I was going to marry laksh but when I came back I got to know my would be husband became my jijuuu I was soo happy as I love sanskar. After that we confessed and married” swara very smartly cooked her own story.

Ragini was in dilemma whether she is saying right or wrong.
” our love story is sweet and short” swara smile.
” I don’t believe all this” ragini said loudly.
” that’s your problem” swara was like I don’t care.
Sanskar enter in the kitchen and went near swara.
” what my shona baby is doing??” He back hugged her and asked softly.
“I’m making breakfast for my hubby” Swara said smilingly.
Ragini was looking at them with corner of her eyes. She never expected something like this.
” aww so sweet” Sanskar slightly kiss her cheek.
” someone is seeing us Sanskar” Swara said looking at ragini.
” then the person should close the eyes but I don’t care” sanskar said sarcastically.
Ragini got embarrassed and left from there.
Sanskar broke the hug and came in front.
” ohhoo I think you also started acting” swara raise her eyebrow.
” yeah how can I be left behind”sanskar wink and went out.
Swara smiles.

Swasan room:
Swasan are sitting and discussing about the plan.
“Do you think the plan is working??” Sanskar asked swara
” yupppp she is hell irritated that we are happy with each other” swara jumped on bed in excitement.
” that’s better then we should continue it” Sanskar said
” of course” swara smiles.
” swara may I ask you something?” Sanskar asked being hesitant.
” no need of permission sanskar we are friends” swara said
” hmm do you still love laksh” Sanskar look everywhere but swara.
” no in fact I never loved him” swara got serious with his question.
” then why you were marrying him?” He asked
” it was just ragini who forced me to accept this relation I mean she was saying we are perfect for each other and all that. It was just attraction bcoz if it would be a true love then I must be hurt or missing him but nothing like that so forget it” swara explained.
” so what you are going after leaving this house” sanskar asked
” don’t know ” she smile and lie on her side.
Sanskar got up to move towards couch when swara stopped him
” u can sleep on bed I trust you”
Sanskar smile and nodded. He felt so happy when swara said she trust him.
Soon both slept.

After a week:
Swara is in her room setting clothes.
Ragini enter inside without knocking.
” why are you betraying laksh Ji swara” ragini stood near her.
” what are u saying, it has gone above my head” swara replied making faces.
” how can you be happy with sanskar ignoring laksh” ragini again open her mouth to say something stupid.
” first of all ragini Ji you yourself don’t know what you want” swara signed pitifully at her??
” sit here”Swara tap at the bed beside her. But ragini didn’t sit.
” aree sit na sister” swara pull her arm and make her sit.
” you wanted laksh he is your husband. You wanted that I should be out from laksh’s life and that I’m.Now I’m happy with Sanskar then what’s your problem” swara said getting annoyed.
“But if you dare to look at my sanskar I won’t mind snatching your eyes” swara warned her.
Ragini was fuming she was just trying to take out one point from which she can believe that they are acting but swasan are very smart they didn’t leave any proof??.
” let me show you my new sarees and jewelry” swara bought her things and place in front of ragini.
” why are you showing me?” Ragini stand up.
” you are sister whom else I will show”
She said showing him sarees diamond necklace.
” from where you shopped all this?” Ragini asked getting mesmerized at the things. After all she is also Lady only??

” Sanskar bought all this for me he said my beautiful wife should wear beautiful dresses” swara blushes.
Ragini again came back to her angry mode.
” she always make me feel special with his gift I’m thankful to you ragini bcoz of you I got my Sanskar” swara said smilingly.
” hmm” no word was ready to come out from ragini’s mouth.
Then only sanskar enter inside.
” shona baby I want to talk to you alone” Sanskar said standing close to swara.
” ragini plzz can you leave we need little privacy” swara said innocently.
Ragini leave but she was at door only when sanskar said little loudly
” baby we are going to club tonight”
“Club but….” Swara was confused but Sanskar gesture her through his eyes.
” wow we will enjoy a lot” swara exclaimed
” we will go at late night so that no one get to know” sanskar said.
” okay” swara smiles.
Ragini who listen this smirk and left from there.

” what is this new plan” swara asked narrowing her eyes.
Sanskar explained her and she jumped in excitement.
“Sanskar don’t call me baby give some other Nick name” swara said little irked.
” why?” He got confused.
” listening to baby I feel I’m lying in the cradle” she roll her eyes.
” aww will not say” sanskar laugh at her expressions.

At night, swasan came out in modern dresses slowly. They saw ragini standing in the corner and keeping eye on them. They smirk and went out.
After few mins swasan came back and checked that ragini is not there so they went to their room.
After about half an hour, swasan heard some noise from downstairs. They making innocent faces went down.
” are you sure ragini?” dp asked furiously.
” yes papa Ji they both went to club. I just told you all as it will harm your respect” ragini as always make an innocent face.
” this is really bad you should punish them” laksh supported ragini.
” what happened?” Sanskar said from back. They yawn and rub their eyes as if just wake up from sleep.
” how you both are here?” Ragini got shocked as she can see her plan back firing.
” this is only our house so we will be here only” swara said blinking her eyes and Sanskar nodded in her support.
” ragini how can you blame them wrongly” dp said furiously.
” I’m sorry papa Ji I thought they went to club” she said looking down.
“Haww club and we no way bade papa we have your Sanskar how can we go there and my tho name is also sanskar” he said making puppy face.
” next time be carful ragini” dp warned and all left from there.
Swasan were going to leave when swara show thumbs down to ragini and stuck her tongue at ragini.
Before ragini could react swara ran to her room.

After 3 months:
Its been three months since swasan are together. Both feel for each other but don’t want to confess. They both had irritated ragini to hell. She is fully annoyed firstly sweetness of swasan then ignorance of laksh. What she thought and what came out. (Popat ho gaya??)

Swasan are sitting in the park enjoying the weather. It’s like soon it will rain. They are talking casually just loving each other’s presence near.
Swara looked at the sky which was cloudy. A drop of rain fell on her face.
” swara let’s go inside” as it has started raining.
” be here it feel so nice” she dragged him in centre.
Raglak are also standing near window they saw swasan and got angry but was not able to ignore them so they stood there.
Sanskar smile at swara moving close to her. Her eyes are closed and face is in upward direction.she is feeling rain falling on her. Her face is glowing in dim light. Sanskar’s sight caught her lips. Only one song was ringing in his ears
” Bheegay honth tere , pyasa dil mera”
(??? he is so sanskari?)
He stood hell close to her. Swara slightly open her eyes as his fingers touch her wet lips. They shared a beautiful and intense eyelock. He just want to capture those petals but something stopped him what??
His Sanskar??
He look in her eyes for permission. Even same song is ringing in her ear so she closed her eyes in anticipation and the next moment his lips was placed on her. He suck water drops from them. Swara’s hand reach her wet hairs pulling him more closer. Their eyes are closed and rain is showering on them blessing them. He pressed her lips and she opened them welcoming him. They shared their first passionate kiss.
Laksh has already left but ragini was there. The little hope she is having that they are acting also vanished.
She angrily left to her room.
Swasan broke the kiss when they felt the need of oxygen.
Their lips parted but still they were close. Swara’s cheeks has turn to darkest shade of pink. She ran inside shyly making sanskar smile.

After few days:
Swasan were not that frank now after that kiss. May be they are shy or what but there was something which was stopping them.
They came in hall where laksh was leaving the house.
” plzz don’t leave laksh Ji” ragini requested.
” ragini I’m freeing you from this unwanted relation I know we married just bcoz of swara” laksh said
” no I want you bcoz I love you madly I did so much to get you now you can’t leave me” ragini shouted.
” what you did??” Laksh asked confused while all others are curious to know.
Even gododia family is present as they came bcoz laksh is leaving ragini.
Swasan are Standing aside and seeing the drama.
Ragini told everything what all she did with Swara. All were shocked to know that the girl who is looking so innocent is actually vamp. She tried to kill her own sister.
Laksh slapped ragini for her deeds.
Dp asked her to leave their house.
Dadi took ragini out while laksh also left to abroad as he want change in life.
All asked sorry from swara.

” bade papa I want to confess that my and swara’s marriage is fake we did to take out ragini’s truth” Sanskar said.
” yes but I really want to spend my life with Sanskar and want to convert this fake marriage to real and unbreakable one bcoz I love Sanskar” swara confessed in front of everyone.
Sanskar got shocked with her words.
” what you want sanskar?” sujata asked.
” swara I want you to leave this house” sanskar said turning to her.
Swara’s eyes got wet that he don’t love her.
” why are you crying??” He asked as tears fell from her beautiful eyes.
Swara didn’t said anything as her throat is dry.
” I said you to leave so that I can bring you in his house with respect after marrying you and making Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” he smile looking at her.
All signed in relief after knowing what he mean.
” I love you too” sanskar whisper in her ear making her blush.

Later they both got married with all rituals and lived happily.

The End

I hope it was worth reading.
I’m thankful to all those who read my stories.
Try to leave your comments.
No bashing
My ffs will also be posted soon.
Thank you
Take care

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