Its high time (episode 6)

Hello friends I know I am too late but what to do life is full of unaccepted condition and rules . well all that and just jump on the story directly without delay .
Recap – Radhika and arjun hug each other and get pov of arjun.
Arjun feel someone is trying to wake him up and its no one else either than radhika . he open his eye which land on radhika who is setting beside him and pass smile to him . Radhika-“Good morning , arjun wake up train almost reach delhi , so go and freshen up ” Arjun-“good morning love, sure I need to freshen up but before that I want something sweet from you” Radhika look confuse and said –“but I don’t have any sweet with me right now” Arjun-“ love, only you have that sweet please give this to me” arjun’s eye land on radhkia’s lips and start moving towards her .Now radhika know what type of sweet arjun is talking about and she smile and close her eyes in agreement. Their lips and just have inch apart but suddenly arjun feel the punch on his face and open his eye to see sam and coole watching him like he and alien and in place of radhika neil is setting and looking him in disgusting way. Arjun-“what the hell is happening why you guys are looking me like I am alien and why you come here and interpret me and radhu most importantly where is radhu ” Neil jack him and stand behind sam and still looking him again arjun -“who punch me and stop me from kissing my radhu” sam-“stop it man , we never know you are interested in neil . But why are you calling him radhu ? by the way where is radhu ” Arjun shockingly look towards them stand up and say –“you guys too don’t know where she is ?” Neil says while making faces-“yes after reaching delhi we come here to wake you up and take luggage and here only you are sleeping radhika is nowhere to be seen” Arjun-“oh!!!! No where she went without telling me . neil lets check for her dude ” neil-“yeah !! lets go but only for radhika . now I don’t trust you for my dignity ” Arjun-“ohk fine ” . As they are going toward the gate sam get a text from unknown number after ready text she said-“Stop you two . radhika message me that she called by her didi and jiju so she has to leave without meets US .and she is happy to meet me , neil ……………….. and arjun too ” neil-“who can she message you” Sam-“I totally forget that I have exchange phone no with her but unable to save her number but seems like she did . its great ” Arjun-“Sammie you have radhu …. I mean radhika’s number . please give na I want to call and ask is she alright” Sam-“no, dude I am not gonna give this to you because she didn’t give her number to you so you cann’t have it from me ” she say all that with a smile on her face . neil is smiling to look at his one of bestfriend who is verge of crying i.e arjun and other bestfriend is laughing like insane he can’t ignore the smile come to his face and all reason of their laughing ,smiling and fun make is due to radhika only . After 5 year he is able to see true smile of arjun from heart and he is trying to like his older type and reason is RADHIKA only. This girl have something inside her . she is something really special specially for them .
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