Its high time (episode 4)

Hii …guys i know i m too late to post this but due to academic pressure i have to deal this ……
so , sooo sooo sorry for this ….without wasting time coming to story ….

Arjun make radhike sit with him only …..and the radhika’s friends or say train friends start telling their truth …. leader of the group say ,”Radhika we are really sorry because we all lied to u that we students and going clg back …but truth is that yes we all are robber who robbery people who come to us or sometime goes to them Yes we try to harm this girl(pointing towards sam) but just to scare her to get money that’s it we are really sorry of that too, and in ur case also we thought to robbed u too but
u and uncle’s love and trust make us to be good with u … and after knowing in such a short time we are
to attached to u that for u only we all confirming our crime first time in our life … and u know what
this feeling is great .We all never do these staffs with our own wish because we all have to live and
for that we all want money and through this we get money .

Last thing Radhika u are such a sweetheart
due to which we all get to know our fault . Thank you very much …if they send us jail to …we all
go there happily because we get to meet person like u. That’s it guys!!!!!”. As leader finish his line and
suddenly feel hot sensation on his cheek and see who dared to slap him is our radhika with tears in her
beautiful eye and again suddenly she hug him and say u are full idiot ….all are seeing them with tear
in their eyes excepts our hero Arjun but he go and departure radhika with leader and say pointing finger
towards ,” just stay away from radhika … got that and yes u are going ur sausural only means jail in next
station itself police come and take u .” his angry is on his peak but why he himself not knowing .

he forcefully taking radhika with him but Neil hold his hand and say ,”hey man what are u doing ??? what ever happen in that radhika have no guilty when why u are taking her with u ???”. Sams says,” yes Arjun first time this idiot is right . leave her yr “. Arjun just remove neil’s hand and take radhika with him to their cabin and lock it and turn towards radhika. Outside neil and sam come and found the cabin lock they got worried for radhika and neil start to noking cabin and say from outside ,”Arjun please leave her yr listen to us yr please”. Finally Arjun say ,” Don’t worry yr i m not going to eat ur friend its just
i want to talk to her personally in private and i know u come in our talk so that’s why i take her with
me here u guys go to her cabin and take rest Good night guys u both can go “. Now neil and sam have to
leave so their go towards radhika’s cabin but both mind are only on radhika . they come to their cabin and after saying good night goes top sleep but their sleep is far far away from them .Both are thinking who this girl change their life completely …

in Arjun’s cabin arjun move towards radhika and radhika take step back and say,” hey u what u think of urself … i don’t want to talk to u so just leave me and let me go ……wh..why u are coming towards me hai …i said na stay away from me “. these talks are not effecting Arjun he finally reach to radhika and here she get hit from the cabin wall …now there is no way to go and she fully attached to wall and arjun hold her waist and take her towards his in such a way that their body collides with each other and arjun say,” so u have some magic that u make that robber good person in such a short time period .while i think u love to hug people to lets hug ….”. And take radhika in his embasses and she is struggling .

that’s it guys … i hope u like it plz comments so that i get some motivated to write ff more. Thanku

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. ?

  2. Jessie

    Anki…it’s nice…hav a request..pls give a small recap dear…wud help when you post aftr long gap…just a suggestion..!! U stopped at rii8 moment…not fair..!! Pls post next one soon…TC

    1. Anki

      thank u for ur suggestion ….surely I will
      keep it in my mind in my other post ??

  3. arti viswanathan

    Nice episode dear….

  4. nice episode….waiting for next..

  5. Jewel

    Nice one anki…. Post next soon

  6. Arjun pagal ho gaya hai kya???lol…ROFL…love to hug…nice dear…update next soon

  7. Aasthu

    nyc…………plz give me the links to prev episodes……..

  8. Make em kissss?

    1. Anki

      Hahaha…. U are too excited for a kiss dear
      But is next we never know ????

  9. awesome………

  10. Lovely episode but can give longer updates. . Humble request..take care anki..

  11. Roma

    Awesome episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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