Its high time (episode 3)


Hey …..everyone sorry for begin late …..without wasting time come to directly on the story…..and
here it is………………

POV of arjun “yes she is beautiful….but it don’t mean she can say me anything ….she look like a doll
from outside but as she open her mouth its just a shit how can she talk to me like this ……but i am not
getting what connection these people with her who never can about any one just few seconds before the are
ready to kill my friend but here they are ready to be killed …”arjun is in his thoughts about just than
Neil mummer in his ear -“STOP staring her arjun u are making her uncomfortable with ur look” which make arjun
come to reality yesss he is staring her continued for 15 mins and he didn’t notices that who she is uncomfortable
with this .He stop himself and turn to the group of boys and says with confidences while sitting on birth -“ok are
u ready for my condition” They look at him and then on radhika how is standing and trying to get what’s going on
then say in all unity “YES we are ready but plz just say our condition we all agreed for this but plz put
radhika outside of this …she didn’t know anything about us” As they are talking to arjun here Radhika

POV -“Mr. arrogant …what he think of himself ….he just need a lesson of manner from school ………
such a shameless person see continued looking at me like i m joker …..if its not about my friends i have teach him a
proper lesson” Arjun -“ok so listen me … i want u guys tell about urself including our friend radhika and each and every
info should be right and how u guys meet and what u all are doing with her and last thing i want this birth to complete
my remaining journey with radhika” As he complete his sentence Radhika-“WHAT THE HELL is this .i m not going to travel
with u should get it u dhor”. Arjun-“DHOR what type of word is this …..and i m not dhor u little girl and small girls
must not used these type of words u get this .And don’t think that i want to travel with u ….and u are not my type
just look at u..” before he can complete his sentence Radhika-“no actually u r not my type u arrogant person
and thank god if i m not like that as u want….” Arjun -“ok u wanna fright with me . then fine ur so called friends will face
what that is because of u only.. Get ready” radhika -“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. ok fine i m not going to fright with u”

POV-“arrogant , dhor
dog” Arjun’s POV-“heheh its going to be fun .and u i will see u later MISS gussele” and while these act are going on NEil goes to his compartment
Sam-“u idiot ….where were u both …i m alone waiting for u guys and where is arjun” Neil-“chill sammy , we are just meet with some friends
and arjun is with them and so i come to u thinking u are all alone” small smile spread on neil face and sam is all shy …..sam -“neil i also want to
meet his friends are plz we should go there” neil -“sammy plz yr we should spend sometime together alone like other couple . but no u always want
to be with arjun only . ok fine come with me” sam -“neil its not like that…but” neil -“but what sammy now leave it and come with me ”
In radhika’s compartment all are setting down radhika set on window seat and as leader of the boys are going to set with radhika . Arjun stop him and
set with radhika which make radhika fame in anger just then neil and sam enter the compartment and neil -“where is my seat yr” just then radhika stand and
said -“you can set here and join in this chat ” neil -“and where u r going to set then ” radhika give a look to arjun the -“actually i m not interested in this chat
so u all continued till i m outside and call my parents to chat with them ” arjun is dumb to see radhika talking so politely with neil and here sam feel some
jealous with this .Radhika is ready to go outside just then arjun grip her hand force her to sit down -“if u want to chat with ur parents then chat with them
will sitting inside on our seat only we are not going to be too loud” Now its time of neil and sam to be dumb because Arjun there insensitive arjun is talking like that
here arjun POV -“what just i said ….. why i don’t want to leave her why just want her to be with me ??? what is happening here OH GOd !!!!! this girl ”

thank you guys for ur support ….if u guys feel something wrong in it then u can just share it with me so that I can improve myself…

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  1. Brin

    Awesome Arjun is in love with Radhika, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

  2. Awesome anki…but too short. ..u know honeyyy. ..we got very bad habit of reading looooooong episodes….n if we read lil one then we don’t feel satisfied. …so can u please load lil longer episode. ..I’ll love that…n also…use coma n periods in separating the sentences, to make it clear for us to understand better n enjoy it….just a simple suggestions from me to improve it…your story is very interesting. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  3. Jessie

    Nice one anki.. waiting 4 nxt one.. I second Roma’s suggestions..dhor n gussele its gonna be fun..TC

  4. Sweetie

    Good one Anki.. 🙂

  5. awesome………

  6. Rossy

    Very nice anki …awesome

  7. Gauri

    good one anki 🙂

  8. Nice one

  9. _Ritu

    Nice one dear…waiting for nxt.. 🙂

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