High school love ch-3

Sorry…Was busy in practicals and school..
And now not without much delay..Here’s the 3rd part..Hope u like it

Dev Looked for his class …it was on the third floor…he stepped In and was happy to see a familiar face,yes it was none other than rittik..the same boy he met in the bus….he went towards him nd was looking for a seat just then rittik asked him to sit with him and patted on a seat beside him… Dev settled down and in no time a group of boys gathered around them…. They were looking at him with curious eyes…
D- what? Why r u guys staring at me I m just a new admission not a new species whom u r gawking at..
B1 – of course u r a new species….

Dev gave him a-what-did-i-do kind of look…and then rittik explained…. R- hey dude just chill…they r talking about that sonakshi’s incident……
D- sonakshi??who’s she…I just know one sonakshi…sonakshi sinha and I have never met her….dev replied innocently
B2(looking here and there)shhh..speak softly…u don’t know sonakshi!!… The girl u collided with….she is no less than a hurricane…just beware of her..she would be fuming right now…u might be the first person who clean bowled her….it was awesome “get out of my way”.. The boy mimicked dev’s words and the gang bursted in a peal of laughter….

Sonakshi was standing outside the classroom and had listened to their conversation and the fire of revenge was fueled even more in her….she stormed into the classroom and all the guys went silent seeing her red eyes…

She came towards dev and asked him to meet her during the recess in the playground….
At that moment teacher entered thier classroom and all the students went back to their seats…. rittik managed to wish an ‘all the best’ to Dev.

Dev ignored it and concentrated on what the teacher was teaching….

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  1. Alka

    ???? why will be sonakshi’s revenge ???? … Loved the epi …
    Post soon??

  2. Alka

    ???? what will be sonakshi’s revenge ???? … Loved the epi …
    Post soon??

  3. Angel20

    It was awesome!!

  4. Asmita...

    Waiting for next part… BTW… it too good as always…

  5. Awesome episode dear post soon

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    Nyc part waitingggg for next part so post soon….

  8. Aarti32

    Awesome episode dear..

  9. Urmika

    Thank u guys…Will post ASAP..Just wait n watch

  10. Awesome one……

  11. Niki645

    Super one!!! What will be Sona’s revenge?????

  12. Priya12

    Awesomeeee di, I can’t cmt becoz I was out of station …sry …post soon dr

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