high points 12 th feb sadda haq

Hey guys as sadda haq WU arent posted since 12 th i am giving some high points about the update sory if i miss any points , u can add points or crct me.
Thank u☺
12 th feb 2016
☀ At ISRC morning time , everyone training at the gym
☀ training finishes early being first day
☀at canteen team orders are not taken bcoz of nirman’s order, but Sanyu’s order is taken but she refuses, kritika taunts hr ,all food stuff from their rooms also go,missing
☀everyone starve, arjun orders from outside but order is sent back
☀randhir tries to escape from window to get food , but fails bcoz of the guard
☀new guy tries to bribe canteen staff and the staff guy asks 60,000 rs
☀randhir bring biscuit for sanaya and give her away from othes , arjun interfears, and ran and arjun fight
☀fight is intrupptd but start again when arjun comes on mum
r bangs him on a table and he holds a knife and aims on r
☀ r takes knife and aim at a and dnt listn to any1 but sanyu interupts and fight stop ♥
hope this helpd

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  1. Ops i wrote new guy i meant joy 😛

  2. Thanks for the update. ?

  3. Hey richa dear thanks a lot for the hight points of SH epi…it means a lot to me coz i dont understand hindi so if i only see the video of the epi it doesnt really helps me much…thanks again..

    1. my pleasure dr u can anytime ask help, i would surely if possible and wenever i see your comment and for any other queries u can ask me
      LOL 🙂

    2. Aww thats so sweet of u dear…thank u…means a lot 🙂

  4. Thanks fr the update..:-)
    i ws eagrly waitin

  5. Hey Ariana.. 😊
    u are so hot. and so handsome 😍.just I love u 😘😘😘

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