High doze of Romance- TO WOO MY HUSBAND (arshi ipkknd-ss) short story!


Hey all i write many ffs and tu has postd my prev writings here complete family drama do read! And this one is full romance zoned. Do enjoy :-*

here it goes! Arshi! The perfect couple. The marriage, perfect rabbaves! It was morning already! Already in sense more than 4! Omg! Our kushi kumari gupta singh raizada hasn’t got up still! The sun rays and 3 rings on her mobile woke her up! She hesitatingly got up catched it slowly moving from arnav’s arms! Just saw her perfect husband cuddling like a baby! Dropped a kiss on forehead smilingly not disturbing him! Slowly tiptoeing she had a bath! closed the windows not allowing sunrays disturbing her laadgoverner’s sleep! Catching her dupatta making it straight she again saw vibrating beep on phone! Smiled and lukd! Omg, 6 o’ clock? And di’s 3 missd calls? She shouted making arnav coming to senses irritatingly. Kushi? What the? She just hit her head for disturbing his sleep and said what? U m8 b dreaming i didn’t said anything. Arnav said what? Kushi just went nearer the bed tucking him back to sleep making him believe on imagination. She said to herself laadgovernor u dnt allow me to sleep all night and now u scold me for disturbing u. How mean? Arnav just said that its my right! Kushi was in shock :O u listened and wasn’t sleeping and myself was damn worried how come? Arnav just catched her pushing her in the front and capturing between hands saying it was her wethair which disturbed his sleep, smirked and bent on asking her for a morning kiss :-* slowly moving her wet hair, trying to remove her dupatta. Bdw and ur scream tøo why u screamed disturbing my sleep! Kushi was tensd nw remembering the tym now pushing arnav on to bed getting up and saying iam late fr puja. Coz of u. Hey devimaiyya i wud get sme taunts today pakka! Iam late fr puja nowadays daily arnavji! What wud they think on us! Kushi, chill tell them that … Arnavji tel them that ki? Ki… U watchd salman movie late n8 and i couldn’t sleep so.., so? Arnavji u started romancing early at morning? Yeah! He smirked :O arnavji? She was open mouthed. Laad governer! :-/ anjali now knockd door disturbing starting f8! Kushi setted her dupatta ran out of room received anjali asking arnav to get ready fr office! Anjali said kushiji take prasad and give it to choteh. Amm… Di puja finished? Yeah kushi just now. Take aarti and u might give everyone. Yeah di ofcourze. She said walking down on stepz when maami askd kushi to get up early and nk, anjali said that they woke up early maybe forgot not to get up. All laughed making kushi blush., moving forward nani gave breakfast to give it to arnav as a part of daily routine. Arnav now haves breakfast in room with kushi. She said yes and was to leave when dadi said to go to their house coz her buaji called payal and her as they are guests. She nodded and then said what about arnavji? Nk said what on nannav? Amm nkji woh anjali said u dnt undrstand it nk only after marriage u wil undrstand. And smirkd cmpleting how couple cant live even fr a second. Just then arnav askd breakfast makng evry1 laugh and kushi blush. She while getting upstairz thought how to ask him? Her Possesive husband! That too living away fr 2days. Hey devimaiyya! :O he wud never give a permission

precap: kushi trying to ask him!

So guyz i just wrote it. Its short story. Hope u lyk it! Do arnav change? What on his possesiveness? Do cmnt”

Credit to: sindhu

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