The hidden mystery ~ twinj os √by adeeba (especially for samu di)

Dekho kon aaya h??? apke cutie aayi h???? han bhai main cute hun samjhe sab log???.
Now samu di yaad aaya apse promise kiya tha ki exams baad ek os post karungi???? it’s for u di..
Enjoy my di..

Nd happy bday anaayali nd ishu
Sorry peeps i m late to wish u both…
Happy bday dearies ?????


“Finally finally!!!!! Today i will tell my feelings to kunj sir..nd i know he will surely accept me” A girl about her mid twenties speaks..n she is non other than our twinkle..
She got ready in a purple top nd peach colour jeans looking amazing gorgeous..
After getting perfectly ready she..took a taxi nd left for sarna office.. the richest tycoon of India kunj sarna’s office..

On her way she was only thinking for kunj nd his sweet talks with her??..
She reached the office nd somewhat feeling nervous but at anyhow she has to tell her feelings to kunj..
She made her way to kunj’s office but at her sudden reaction it seems that she had seen something very worst..
Kunj was hugging a girl nd than kissed her forehead.. the girl is revealed to be mahi
Than kunj sees twinkle.. nd speaks..
Kunj- twinkle come meet her my would be wife.
Twinkle was totally broken but she can’t show.
Twinkle- oh that’s good sir..i m coming in 2 mins..saying this she gone to washroom nd cried very much..the dream of becoming mrs sarna was vanished.. but a idea came to her mind but a evil one..
Twinkle- what if mahi i kill mahi..kunj will be mine forever saying this she laughs evily..

Nxt seen..

It was evening twinkle gone to kunj’s cabin..
He was working in his lappy..she somehow took his phone nd messaged mahi to come at xyz place sharp at 9pm..
It was 9pm mahi reached their waiting for it was a dark place she was scared too..but suddenly she heard the sound of someonn’s foot..she was hell scared
But frm her back twinkle comes nd with the use of hankie she pressed mahi’s neck..she was shouting.. But no one was there to save her..after 10min she stopped her breath nd was DEAD..
Twinkle laughs evilly..
Twinkle- mahi what u thought u will marry my love..before that I killed u..
Nd twinkle left..
The next day kunj got to know about this..he was heartbroken.. Twinkle consoles him..saying she is always with him..
That same night..
After coming frm mahi’s antim shanskar..she was hell tied..
She relaxed in her room..(note she lives in a flat)
She heard a sound of breaking of glass..frm the kitchen..she got scared..
“Maybe there was a cat” she speaks..nd suddenly the light went off..nd the wind blows..
“Uff y I m soo scared it’s just a common thing..” She says to herself..
It was all around dark..she gone to kitchen nd saw that there was something written on the wall..with red blood..
She can’t believe what was written.. The wind blows more..and suddenly the lights r on..but the red letters were no more in the wall..
” I will today I m hell tied I need a peaceful sleep ” saying this twinkle went to sleep..
But it wasn’t a peaceful sleep the whole night she can’t sleep..negative thoughts were reminding in her mind.
After 1 week..
Kunj was now normal but he didn’t talk much with any one else..but twinkle wasn’t normal..her scary dreams always disturbs her in whole day..
She gone to kunj’s cabin nd saw him crying.. She tried to console him..but it was impossible coz he was missing his mahi..
So twinkle kissed lips he too reciprocated both were kissing eo with equal passion….
Lack of oxygen they have to broke this .both looked at eo shocked.. Kunj was hell angry..but twinkle was happy.. Frm a corner of the room..someone were seeing them..but suddenly she got vanished..
Nxt seen.

It was 10pm at night.. Twinkle was driving her car nd thinking about the kiss..
But she felt someone’s presence.. She looked at back seat nd was shocked plus hell shocked.. It was mahi..
Twinkle tries to stop the car but it didn’t..
Tw- mahi u??
Mahi- yes mee..u killed me right?? U must me thinking how I m here..I came here to take my revenge not me but my spirit.
Tw- what..
But suddenly mahi got vanished nd than came sat beside twinkle..
Tw- Me..
Her voice choked..
Mahi- not so easily.. First I will kill u revenge will be completed.. Nd than..bumm!!!!!!!!!!..the car hit the tree..nd twinkle was dead…
Mahi’s spirit got peace..
All believes that twinkle had a accident but kunj doesn’t feels so .he lost the one whom he loved nd one who loves him..yes kunj saw a note in twinkle’s house written she loves kunj..
The End

Hey guys how was the story..
It’s dedicated to all of u as my comeback now i will be active in TU..
Nd sorry for not commenting..
Preshu ur mending of broken heart is amazing.
Simiyy..ur punar vivah was a bless to read
Cheenacp..ur hamdard is fab..
Samu di ur kaatil nd kuch toh hua grt..???
Purvi ur all ffs r mindblowing ur Fs..
Aamu jaan..grt work on BHL nd post junnoon wala ishq of ur health is fine..
Sohi..missing ur comment..
Nd this idea is of my butterscotch survi..but it’s little bit different..

Now guys chalo biee..
Jab se skul se aayi fresh nai hui.
My all exams was nice bit plzz dua karo ki mera result acha ho.
Nd ham supu di..ur os’s r fantastic.. nd congratulations of ur engagement.
Zoya tysm for. Ur eid wishes????????????

Chalo ab pakka wala bie..
Lods of love..
Keep loving me.???
Nd i wi keep loving my virat???

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  1. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Fabulous

  2. Nishuu

    Adu baby it was awesome

  3. Sohi

    Very thrilling and scary os
    And addu I’m too missing u
    But now it’s my time to be irregular on TU
    So meet u soon

  4. Presha

    Loved it…
    Ff jaldi post kr

  5. Sameera

    Aagayiiiiiii ….. Finally waps as I was missing u likeeeeeee hell yaar …..

    Well well OMG ……so scary os ??????????????….
    Different ideas loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much…aww dono chale gayi bechara kunj ?????????????….
    It was amazinggggg ..sooooooooooooooo scary sachiii ???Twinkle killed her horror ?????…
    Loveddddddd it ..
    Love you ????????

  6. Ayesha51

    aur main ???
    mujhe bhul gayi ???


    ok the episode was amazing
    and a bit scary too

    love u……♡

  7. Supriya18d

    oh god….Mar gai bechari…..?????…. osm OS Adeeba ?????

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…adeeba so intense….amazing….

  9. amazing os adeeba??.

  10. Simiyy

    welcome back Adeeba
    It was amazing
    Post Soon
    Loads of Love

  11. SidMin23

    Both die and hahaha kunj left alone and welcome back i am expecting more from u and viraat belong to anusha in real hahahaha

  12. Nice

  13. Ramya

    Awesome aduu amazing Super
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Cheena2001Cp

    WOw!!!! An unique peice????…..It was amazing and a bit hilarious at the end…Mahi ki aatma?……???

  15. Baby

    addyyy loved it ♥
    lods of love ♥
    well jasiee karni vasiiee bharni ♥
    liked it scary uhh….hehe ♥

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