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Here I am back again to bore u all but this time with an os on the occasion of Valentine’s day..Hope u all like this..


Now let’s go to the os guys…


SANSKAR MAHESWARI:26yrs old Handsome Business tycoon..Girls drool over him but he does not pay any attention towards them..Arrogant for outside world but most loving and caring person for his family.He loves his family a lot and can do anything for them…Does not believe in love,marriage kinda stuffs..

SWARA GADODIA:24yrs cute girl..Fashion designer by profession..Loves her parents a lot and is craving to get their love..Dreams abt her Prince charming..

RP:Father of Sanskar..Loves him a lot..Business man..

SUJATHA:Mother of Sanskar..Loves him a lot..Searching for her daughter in law..

SEKHAR GADODIA:Father of swara but thinks her as a burden..Business man by profession…Can do anything for money..

SHARMISTHA GADODIA:Mother of swara..Thinks in the same way like her husband..Does not love swara….

These r the characters guys..Now let’s proceed to the story guys..

A room is shown which is beautifully decorated with roses and scented candles creating romantic atmosphere..A girl is seen sitting in the middle of the bed in bridal attire..She seems to be nervous and is waiting for the arrival of her husband..Her heart started heading fastly whe she heard his footsteps..Finally he entered the room and locked the door..Then he came towards her and stood infront of her and started to speak.

Sanskar:Look swara I don’t want to waste time so I am directly coming to the point..I am neither interested you nor in this marriage..this marriage happened jst because ur father kept the condition to marry u for giving me the contract which I want..so it is jst a mere business deal for me..Only for the outside world u will be my wife but in this room we r jst strangers to each other..U don’t interfere in ur life and I won’t interfere in urs

Saying this he went towards washroom to change without even giving a chance for swara to speak…Here in room swara is shattered listening him..Tears started flowing from her beautiful eyes..She is thinking how she craved for her parents love but never got that love from them and now her dreams of getting the love she missed frm her Prince also broken..She is crying silently.She is tired after sometime and slept in sitting position..

Sanskar came out and saw her sleeping in sitting position..He felt bad for her and went towards her..He made her lye properly on bed and covered her with comforter..Then he went towards couch and slept..

Next Morning

Our heavenly couple r sleeping peacefully in their respective places..swara on bed and sanskar on couch..sun rays fall on our swara disturbing her sleep..she slowly opened her eyes and surprised finding herself in bed in perfect position..She saw towards couch and saw sanskar sleeping there and remembered his words and tears formed in her eyes..But she composed herself and went towards washroom..She came out in beautiful red saree and stood infront of the mirror and started getting ready..Sanskar woke up at that time and is mesmerised seeing her..He is continuously staring her..He came to senses heading her bangles sound..He got up and took his clothes and went towards washroom…Swara went down after getting ready..

MM Hall

Swara came down and went towards Sujatha&RP and took their blessings..Then she did aarthi and gave prashad to ev1…Then Sujatha spoke..

Sujatha:Swara today u have to prepare some sweet as it is ur pehli rasoi..

Swara:Ok aunty

Sujatha(fake anger):Swara don’t call me aunty..I am not any aunty..call me mom

Swara got tears in her eyes listening her and immediately hugged her and spoke:Ok mom..

Soon swara went to kitchen and prepared kheer with the help of servant..Then she prepared bf for ev1..Sujatha tried to protest but swara didn’t listen to her..Then they set the table and called ev1 for bf

All r appreciating swara’s cooking skills and gave her gifts but she is waiting for sanskar’s reaction but he is eating silently without any expressions…Finally sujatha spoke

Sujatha:Sanskar atleast give some compliment to her..she made all ur favorite dishes today.

Sanskar:Its nice swara…thank u

Saying this he stood up frm chair and went to office..Swara felt bad seeing him gng..Rp&Suji also felt bad seeing swara sad..They both tried to divert her mind and got succeeded even..Swara is happy that she got love of parents frm her in-laws…

Days r passing like this…Swara resumed her work..Suji&Rp are showering all their affection upon our swara..They r treating her like a princess..Swara is also happy with them..There is some improvement in swasan’s relationship..He started talking to swara and even in room they r friendly with each other..Swara started loving him but is afraid to confess to him as she knows he doesn’t believe in love kinda stuffs…Sanskar also started liking  and is enjoying her company…

After 1 month

It is a beautiful mrng for our couple who r sleeping peacefully..Their sleep is disturbed by a knock on the door..Swara woke up and went towards the door…She opened the door and found Sujatha standing there..Swara asked her

Swara:Mom what happened u here at this time..you want anything

Sujatha:Nahi swara woh I came to inform that me and ur papa r leaving to our village now..

Swara:Mom why so sudden…you didn’t inform me yesterday..

Sujatha:Swara woh before some time only we got call asking us to come as maa I mean sanskar’s dadi is not well

Swara:Mom then we will also come with u

Sujatha:No need swara we both will go..if there is any necessary then i will call u

Swara:ji mom..

Sujatha:Ok swara we will leave now you take care of u and sanskar

Swara:Ha mom u don’t wry I will take care..

Soon Swara but them bye and went to her room to freshen up…After freshen up she came down and prepared bf for sanskar and herself..Meanwhile sanskar came down and saw swara setting the table..He went to her and asked her about his parents

Sanskar:Swara woh where r mom and dad???

Swara:Sanskar they both went to village

Sanskar:Whatt…But why so suddenly

Swara told him everything abt their sudden prgm due to dadi’s health..Sanskar jst nodded his head and started eating his bf..After sometime he looked at her and told..

Sanskar(hesitating):Swara tonight u get ready we shall go for dinner..

Swara felt happy listening him and nodded her head..Then both of them went to their respective works..

Same day


Swara is seen getting ready to go for a dinner with her hubby…She is looking beautiful in her pink colour saree..She went down after getting ready where sanskar is already waiting for her..Sanskar is awestruck seeing her and is staring her without blinking his eyes..swara blushed slightly feeling his gaze…She went towards him and shaked him to bring him to senses..Soon both went out for their first outing together after marriage…

They had their dinner happily at swara’s favorite restaurant…Swara is on cloud nine thinking that sanskar is slowly changing…After dinner they were walking on road enjoying the cool breeze…Suddenly it started raining.swara started enjoying the rain..our sanskar tried to move from there but swara is too stubborn to come..Both r drenched completely..Sanskar is lost in her and is moving towards her slowly..He held her hand and turned her towards himself and cupped her face..Swara is shivering due to his close proximity..Their lips r jst an inch apart and r staying each other lovingly..Sanskar can see the love for him in her eyes clearly..They were abt to kiss each other but their moments for disturbed by phone call on sanskar’s mobile..Sanskar left her and attended the call..Swara is blushing remenscisimg their sweet momets while sanskar is embrassed..They went home silently.They changed their dress and slept..

Next Day

It is again a beautiful mrng for our couple..Swara woke up and found sanskar sleeping..She went to washroom and freshed up..After that she prepared bf and went towards her room…Sandler is still sleeping there..She smiled seeing him sleeping cutely..But she realized something and got worried

Swara(Worried):Oh God sanskar told that he has meeting today and he is still sleeping..I shld wake him now..

Saying this she moved towards him and called him twice but he didn’t wake up…finally swara hesitantly kept her hand on his hand to wake him up..But swara is shocked feeling his hot body and understood that he has fever..She immediately called doctor..Meanwhile she placed wet cloth on his forehead..After sometime doctor came and checked sanskar and spoke to swara

Doctor:Don’t worry Mrs.Maheswari he is fine..I gave him injection..He will gain senses after some time..After that make him eat something and give these medicines..Now I will take leave..

Swara:Thank you doctor..

After doctor left swara Sat beside sanskar and started caressing his hairs and tears formed in her eyes

Swara(to herself):I am sry sanskar because of me only you r in this condition today..yesterday you got drenched in rain becoz of me and now u got fever..I am sry sanskar..I am not good wife..

While swara was talking all these to herself sanskar gained conscious and heard her talks..He immediately sat on bed and cupped her face and spoke

Sanskar:Swara don’t blame urself..it is not ur mistake swara..u didn’t tell me to get drenched in rain na (swara nodded)so leave it now and give me something to eat..I am so hungry..

Swara:Sry sanskar..wait i will get ur food in 5mins..

Saying this she literally ran out of the room..Sanskar smiled seeing her cute antics…After 5 mins swara came inside the room with a tray in her hands..She came near sanskar and kept the tray on bed..Sanskar is shocked seeing the food..

Sanskar(shocked):swara don’t tell me I am gonna eat this..

Swara:Ha..U r gng to eat this only Mr.Maheswari..so eat silently

Sanskar:Swara seriously yaar how can i eat this tasteless food

Swara(sternly):Sanskar u r not well so u r gonna eat this only..so stop talking useless things and eat fast..

Sanskar:But.. (interrupted as swara kept a bite in his mouth)

After eating swara have his medicines and made him sleep..She took leave frm office and is taking care of him…After some time she also slept in sleeping position…

Next Day

Sanskar woke up and found swara sleeping on bed in sitting position..He is staring her contiuously..He leaned towards her and pecked her forehead..Then he made her sleep properly on bed..He got down frm bed and went towards washroom for freshen up..Swara woke up and searched for sanskar in the room..She understood that he is in wash room hearing shower sound..Soon he came out dressed in his formals.Seeing that swara asked him

Swara:Sanskar where r u gng

Sanskar:Swara where will i go..of course I am gng to office yaar

Swara:But sanskar u r not well..I am not going to let u go

Sanskar:But swara now I am perfectly fine swara…let me go I have an important meeting today..

Swara:But sanskar u r still weak

Sanskar:Acha don’t worry I will take care of myself and I promise after meeting is over I will come back..

Swara:Ok..but take driver with u

Sanskar:Ok My highness(sanskar chuckled)

Soon sanskar had his bf and went for office…Swara got involved in her works

It’s been 2 weeks after sanskar got sick..That incident brought a grt change in their relationship to a grt level..Sanskar completely fell for her but unable to recognise his  feelings for her (*Huhh Duffer*) but there is one person who understood his feelings that is his mom sujatha..She is happy that her son finally changed..

One fine evening after 2 weeks sanskar came home fully tired and upset..He directly came towards his room and sat on the bed..Swara came into the room and came towards him…She saw him upset and went towards him..She called him

Swara:Sanskar what happened..Why r u looking upset??

Sanskar:Swara please go frm here..leave me alone..

Swara:No I am not gng anywhere..I am ur wife and I have the rights to know abt u

Sanskar(Hell angry and frustated..):Swara For God sake leave me alone..I already told u that u r not my wife and I don’t want you to interfere in my life…then why the hell r u irritating me…jst leave me and go swara..

Saying this he turned to otherside..Here tears started flowing frm swara’s eyes..unable to control her tears she literally ran out of the room..

That is when sanskar realised what he did few minutes ago and cursed himself for hurting her..He went out in search of her and found that she is in guest room…He went to see her and found her crying and Sujatha is consoling her..She saw him and went frm there leaving the couple alone..

Sanskar went towards swara and sat infront of her..He cupped her face and told

Sanskar:I am sry swara..I was angry due to some project and i showed that anger on u..swara pls forgive me..

Swara:Sanskar pls go frm here..leave me alone for sometime

Sanskar:Swara plsss forgi..

Swara:Sanskar pls go frm here..I want to be alone

Sanskar left the room and swara closed the door..She is crying remembering his words and slept being tired..

Here sanskar came in his room and is thinking abt swara..He is also having tears in his eyes..At that time he felt a hand on his shoulder..He turned and saw his mom standing there..he immediately hugged her and spoke

Sanskar:Mom I didn’t do that intentionally mom..I don’t know how I lost my control and yelled upon her…Ask her to forgive me mom.. (unknowingly)I can’t live without her mom..I love her so much mom.. (Sujatha smiled hearing him..while he realized what he told and looked towards her and spoke)Mom woh..

Sujatha:Sanskar no need to tell anything and I am so happy for u..swara is very nice girl and she loves u immensely..so pls don’t hurt her..Now think something to pacify her and confess ur love to her..She beared a lot since childhood and is craving for love..Now pls make her forget her past with ur love…

Sanskar(smiled widely):u don’t worry mom..now see what ur son will do to get his love and I will also take care of her..

Sujatha smiled and went frm there..Here Sanskar thought something and smiled widely…

Next Day

Swara woke up with pale face and went to her room..There she saw sanskar sleeping..She went to her wadrobe and took her clothes and went back to guest room..She got ready and went for work  without having bf..Sanskar also woke up and for ready..He went down after freshen up and met his mom..He took her blessings and asked her

Sanskar:Mom where is swara

Sujatha:Sanskar she went to office…She didn’t even had her bf..I am worried for her sanskar

Sanskar:Mom don’t wry I am there na..I will make everything fine..

Sujatha nodded and blessed her son..Sanskar went out smilingly..

Same Day


Swara came frm work and saw that house is locked..She opened it with duplicate key and went in..She directly went towards her room and is shocked seeing the room..it is decorated with flowers and scented candles..Swasan pictures were placed in the whole room..She is busy in admiring the whole room..She came to senses when she heard sanskar calling her..She turned towards him but didn’t find him..She looked down and find sanskar sitting on his knees

Sanskar(Kneeling infront of her):Swara i don’t know say cheesy lines swara but I want to tell u that the person who once used to hate love is now madly in love..Yes swara I LOVE U..I LOVE U SO MUCH SWARA..I DON’T WHEN AND HOW DID IT HAPPEN BUT I KNOW ONE THING THAT NOW I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT U SWARA..WILL U ACCEPT ME AS UR LIFE PARTNER AND BECOME MINE FOREVER..

swara has tears in her eyes listening his proposal..She jst nodded her hand..Sanskar smiled and took out a ring from his pocket..he showed it to swara and asked

Sanskar:Swara may I

Swara jst forwarded her hand towards him and he slid the ring in her finger..Then swara made him stand and hugged him tight..


Sanskar:I love u too swara..

Sanskar(still in the hug):I am sry for yesterday swara..I didn’t do it intentionally

Swara:it’s ok sanskar…forget it now..

Sanskar:Ok My princess..

Swara smiled hearing the word princess from his mouth..they broke the hug after some time..Sanskar kissed her forehead..Swara closed her eyes feeling his kiss..Then he kissed her eyes and then her cheeks..His eyes went towards her lips and he saw towards swara for permission..Swara closed her eyes giving him signal..Within no time sanskar placed his lips over hers..they kissed each other with full of love and passion..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath..Swara unable to face him hugged him tightly…Sanskar smiled and hugged her back..

They lived happily ever after…

The End..


Finally completed my first OS..Hope U all like it..

Let me know ur views abt this os through ur votes and comments….Posetive or negative comments accepted..

Take care:-)
Keep smiling

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