A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 5)


A hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (epi-5)
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The episode starts with raunak goes to akshay’s home.
He wakes up Akshay.
Raunak: Akshay. Get up. It’s getting late.
Akshay : Aaj Sunday hai bhai. Leave me.
Raunak : Akshay Get up. V have important work.
Akshay : what?
Raunak: First come with me I’ll say.
Akshay gets ready and have breakfast.
Akshay and Raunak are in the car.
Raunak is driving
Akshay :Atleast now say me where r v going.
Raunak : After few minutes u will understand.
Akshay sees Kajal and kaira in scooty and understands.
Akshay:Oh!!! Bhabhiji.
Raunak blushes.
Kaira is driving scooty and kaja is sitting back.
Kaira: Kajal di dikhiyae this car follows us from longtime. I need to teach them a lesson
Kajal:Leave them.V have many works today so leave them.
Kaira: Aise kaisa choduthu. I will surely teach them a lesson. Kaira drives the scooty fast.
Raunak chases her. A car comes between them and Kaira goes fast and They disappears.
Kajal: Thank god they went.
Kaira: What di. I made them fool. Credit to god. It’s not fair di.
Some men in bike tease Kajal and Kaira.
Kaira and Kajal get afraid.

The men follow and speak badly.
They blocks their way. Kaira and Kajal gets down .A man catches Kaira’s hand and pulls her. A man drags Kajal and behaves badly with her. Kaira bites his hands but another boy hits her head. She becomes unconsciousness. A man taers Kajal’s dress and drags her duppata.
Kajal cries and shouts for help.
Our heroes reaches there and beats the men. The men gets more close to Kajal. Raunak beats him in head and he becomes unconsciousness .Kajal runs and hugs Raunak and cries.
Raunak: Calm down Kajal.
She hugs tightly and cries. Raunak removes his coat and wears it to Kajal.
Akshay: Kaira Kaira wakeup Kaira.
Kajal: Kaira get up.
Akshay: Let’s take her to hospital.

In hospital
Raunak calls and informs to Kajal’s father.
Doctor: She is in unconsciousness we can wait for eight hours if she wakes up she is alright otherwise we need to do operation.
Everyone gets shocked.
Doctor: Get these medicines.
Akshay goes to get medicines.
Kajal: It’s all becoz of me I should have controlled her. And she cries.
Raunak: It’s not ur mistake Kajal. Don’t hurt urself.
Suddenly Kajal hugs Raunak and cries.
Kajal’s father reaches and asks what happen. Kajal tells everything.
Kajal’s father cries and sees Kaira through glass.
Kajal’s father requests Raunak and Akshay to leave.
Raunak: Kajal take care if u have any problem plss call me. Ok.
Kajal says s and they leave.

In raunak’s house
Akshay cries seeing her photo and says: I love u Kaira. Pls come back to me”
Raunak sees that and says that it was my mistake if I didn’t follow them now they will be safe.
Akshay: No Raunak it is not ur mistake. Don’t feel bad for this.
Raunak: Sorry Akshay.
Akshay hugs him and says u r my only friend plzz don’t speak like this.

It’s night
Kaira gets consciousness. So Raunak and Akshay comes there.
Doctor : She is alright. Anyone should stay here to take care of her.
Suddenly kajal’s father get a call .
Kajal’s father: JI boliye what happen.
Kajal’s father: what?
Kajal asks what happen papa.
Kajal’s father: Ur dadi is in serious condition. I should go.
Kajl: Papa aap jayaea I’ll take care.Kajal’s father: How will u mange alone..Can I cal vinay.
Kajl: no papa he went for internship. Don’t disturb him .I’ll manage her.
Akshay. : Kajal I can stay her and take care of kaira.
Kajal: no Akshay I’ll manage.
Raunak: Kajal ,Akshay is right Aaj itna kuch ho gaye. U go and take rest.
Everyone insist Kajal so Kajal says ok.
Raunak: I’ll drop u two in house Akshay will manage here.
Kajal, Raunak and kajal’s father leaves.

Precap: Both the couples spend sweet moments.

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