A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 1)

A hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (epi-1)
Hi guys this santhiya plss support me by commenting. I forget to introduce a character.
Kaira –Kajal’s aunt’s daughter. She also lives with them.She is a painter. She lost her parents in a accident.(Kaira in pyaar ka dard hai)
The episode starts with morning. A big house is shown which is surrounded by garden with beautiful flowers. Inside the house all the workers are cleaning the house. A mandir is shown a beautiful girl sings om jai jagadheeswari song and takes the aarti and goes upwards. She sees a lady walking toward a room by closing her eyes. She is wearing a red saree. She goes near the room and knocks the door.
The lady says beta open the door.
The scene shifts to a small home but clean .In the whole house a buddha painting attracts near the painting a door is wide open .Inside a girl is sitting she sees the clock and closes her books and ties her hair and says vinu get up it’s already late go and wake up papa we should go to college today is our exam.

Vinay: What di u have disturbed my dream. Neeti was in the bridal dress. I’m sitting in mandab. The pandit gives me the mangalsuthra . U woke up me. What di.
The girl turns and says vinu u always dreaming about ur marriage. What about ur career.
Vinu: don’t worry di I’ll do hardwork and will get a good job.
The scene shifts to the same big house the lady knocks the door and says beta open the door.
The lady says “I think mera beta so gaya. I’ll go inside. She opens the door. A grand room is seen one side of wall is full of photos of the lady and his son.
The lady says”beta where r u? .
A room is shown is full of books a young stylish man is seen sittig near the window with laptop. He is preparing a project he ends the presentation by saying (and also typing) “BY JANKI TIWARI”.
He comes out carrying the laptop and says ma aap sorry ma I was busy with presentation so I can’t hear u.

The lady: it’s ok beta and she opens the eyes.
The beautiful girl brings the aarti and gives to both of them .the lady says neeti thank u beta.
Neeti : bhaiya ma always cares about u and see after waking up she comes and sees u not me. Everyone says me as lakshmi but for ma u r the lucky son.
The lady says u know neeti. My day begins with seeing my son’s face. He is my world. If I didn’t see my son’s face it is my dead day. The lady is Janki Tiwari.
The man closes her mouth and says this is ur last warning u shouldn’t speak like this hear afterwards. He hugs Janki and says u should be with me till my last breath. Neeti too join them.
Janki :go beta get ready today u have many works in office and she leaves.
Neeti : u come fast bro I will make food for u.
He goes and pours the water in his face and wipes the face with white towel.
In vinu’s home

Somebody grabs the towel a beautiful attracting girl’s face is seen .She says vinu I need the towel Plss give it to me.
Vinay: No di It’s getting late I should get ready fast otherwise papa will scold me .
A man calls “ Kajal beta get me some tea”
The beautiful girl goes and makes tea and gives it to vinu’s father .
Vinu’s father : Kaira Beta What is vinay doing? Where is Kajal?
Kaira: mamaji. Di went to temple. we have exam today so she went to pray for us.
In janki’s house
A man walks inside and gets blessings from janki and walks upwards.
Neeti : Akshay bro wait there .
Akshay : What happen .Get the Prasad. He gets and walks upwards.
He is likely to knock the door.
But the door opens
akshay : (with excitement) Raunak and hugs him.
The stylish man is none other than Raunak

Raunak also hugs him.
Raunak : Where did u go? Do u know how much I worried?
Akshay : Relax.I went to Goa for a project.
Raunak : Well. What about this dress?
Akshay : Good.
Raunak: No. Yesterday also I wore white color. Today I should try another thing .
He shows many dresses and asked akshay to choose but he himself rejected it.
Akshay: Thank god after one hour u have decided one dress.
Raunak is wearing a black suit .(His dressing sense is like how he wears in nowdays episodes)
Raunak and Akshay come down and they have breakfast and get in the car to go to office
Raunak and Akshay r travelling in car
Akshay: Raunak Wher r u going? This is not the way to office.

Raunak: I know v r going to temple.
Akshay : What?
Raunak: s today kajal have exam so she will surely come to temple I can see her there.
Akshay : Oh ! so u took more time to dress. The reason behind ur smile is Kajal.
He teases.
Raunak blushes

Precap: Raunak saves kajal from slipping down.

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