A Hidden Love – Episode 1


Hi?friends, Its me Roli aka Shona,

The story begins with a cute girl (Pragya Ram Kapoor,MD and CEO of Kapoor Organizer) sitting calmly, nearby a window seat in the plane. She was traveling from Pune to Mumbai, after getting a contract successfully for her company. Pragya has covered her face with dupatta. Only her eyes is visible.. She was going through some files. (Note: Pragya didn’t wear her specs.in this FF she will be in both mogambo and fuggi. When she is in home, she will be in fuggi avatar.When she is in office and in outside world, she is mogambo)

After few seconds, a guy (Abhishek Pratheek Mehra, MD and CEO of Mehra Planner) enters into the flight with a smile on his face. He was searching for his seat. Suddenly, he stopped on seeing a girl (Pragya), who covered her face. Pragya senses someone is standing nearby her seat. She looks up to see who it is. Abhi, standstill on seeing her eyes. Pragya too looks at Abhi. They had an eye lock as

Yengeyo paartha mayakkam
eppotho vaazhntha nerukkam
devathai intha saalai oram
varuvathuenna maayam maayam
kan thiranthu ival paarkkum pothu
kadavulai nambum manathu

Innum kangal thirakkaatha sirppam
oru kodi poo pookkum vetkam
aan manathai azhikka vantha saabam
arivai mayakkum maaya thaagam
ivalai partha inbam pothum
vaazhnthu paarkka nenjam yengum..
song plays.

An air hostess comes and asks abhi, may I help you sir?? Abhigya comes to sense.
Abhi says, yes, I was searching for my seat. Air hostess gets ticket from him and looks into it. She then points nearby Pragya’s seat and says, sir, it is your seat. Abhi gets happy and says, thank you to air hostess.

Abhi then sits, nearby by pragya and looks at her. Pragya thinks, why this guy is looking at me like this?? Don’t know why, I am getting angry on seeing him. Abhi thinks, who is this girl?? What will be her name?? I feel like, I have lived her for years. Abhi takes a deep breath.

Pragya was going through some files sincerely, suddenly some papers fell down. Both Abhi and Pragya, bends down to take the paper. Their heads got hit. Pragya gets angry. She is staring at him and thinks, guys are always behind girls to create problems. Abhi thinks, while staring also her eyes are looking so cute.. Her eyes are so powerful, which is making curious to know about her. He tells Pragya, I am sorry. Pragya didn’t give a notice to him. She again gets busy with her work.

Abhi was searching for a chance to speak with her.
Air hostess comes to Abhi and asks, sir do you want something? Abhi says, yes, I need water. She gives water to him. He gets it but water has been spilled on Pragya. Pragya gets pissed off but, didn’t show it. Air hostess says sorry mam, sorry sir. Abhi says, no..no.. Its my mistake. I should be sorry.

Pragya is in hyper. She thinks, this is not the place to show my anger, as in this flight there are lots of high profile people. So, I have to maintain peace. Abhi thinks, Cha.. this water should have spilled on her face. If it has happened, then I would have seen her face. See, How patience she is. Will I get a chance to see her face?? I want to speak to her something but,what to speak?? How to start the conversation?? Come on abhi, you are a boy. Have some courage to speak with her. One minute. Am I flirting with a girl?? Whatever.. I want to talk with her that’s it.

While abhi was thinking like this, he heard an announcement saying, the flight is about to land in few minutes. Abhi thinks, if the flight gets landed, don’t know whether I can see her again or not. If I see also, I can’t identify her since, still now I didn’t see her face. So, before the flight gets landed, I have to talk to her.

Abhi tries to speak with her, he looks at Pragya and opens his mouth to say hello.. but, the flight gets landed at that time. He was unsuccessful in speaking with her. Abhi thinks, Its easy to get a business proposal but, its highly difficult to speak with a girl.

Abhi leaves way for Pragya to go. He then sits there for few seconds. He sees her specs in her seat. He takes it and thinks, is it hers?? He says, it was in her place, so it should be hers only. He then goes out of the plane in search of her.

Pragya is in the other side of the Airport, received by Yashoda Tiwari, her manager. Pragya then removes her dupatta from her face. Yashoda asks her, Mam.. How was your trip?? Has the contract been finalized?? Pragya says, traveling was hectic, and ya,the contract has been finalized to our company. She says, okay lets leave now. Yashoda, nods her head.

Pragya was about to get into her car but stops as someone calls her as Baby Doll.. Pragya turns to see who it is. She sees a smart, stylish and a handsome guy standing Infront of her. Its Yuvraj Luthra. Yuvi says, Hi..? Pragya wonders. She says, yuviii !!! What a pleasant surprise.

Abhi couldn’t see pragya anywhere. He gets disappointed.. Suddenly, he sees yuvi, he thinks is it yuvi?? If so, with whom he is talking?? He comes nearer to yuvi. He can see Pragya, only from her behind.

Yuvi tells Pragya, its because my Baby Doll is busy round the clock, so I can’t see her often. I am blessed to see you only in a hurry burry situation. what to do??

Abhi is nearing Yuvi

Yuvi continues saying, okay I have to leave now. since, it’s getting late to my flight. Pragya smiles and says, see now who is busy?? Its you man. Yuvi smiles and says, no one can win you in argument as you are the No.1 business woman in Mumbai. Pragya smiles.

Abhi was 3 steps nearer to yuvi.

Pragya says, okay, if I talk with you like this then you will definitely miss your flight. So we will meet on a better circumstances bye. Yuvi too bids bye. She leaves from there. Just then abhi comes to Yuvi.

Yuvi with a broad smile says, My God!! abhi, I didn’t expect that I will see you today.They hugs each other. Abhi asks yuvi, I saw you speaking with a girl. Who is she?? Is she your girlfriend?? Yuvi, smiles and says, she is my Baby Doll. Abhi says, wow!! you are blushing man. oh no.. I was unable to see her. Yuvi says, that’s okay. I will introduce her to you, one day. Abhi smiles.

Yuvi sees abhi is having specs in his hand. He asks about it to abhi. Abhi says, awh…its a girl’s specs. Yuvi asks him, what you are doing with a girl’s specs?? What’s going on abhi?? Is she is a special one?? Abhi has a hidden smile in his face. He says, nothing like that.. I saw her in flight, she has covered her face with a something. She has left her specs there itself. So, I thought to return it back to her.

Yuvi laughs and says, so abhi, you are searching for an unknown girl. Do you know her name, at least?? Abhi nods his head as no.. and then says, yes.. Sweety..Yuvi again laughs, he asks abhi, Do you like her?? Abhi was stunned by this question ?? By stammering, he says I..I didn’t even.. see her face, then.. How will I like her??

Yuvi says, why I asked so, is because, without knowing her name and seeing the girl’s face, you are searching for her. If you want to give this specs to her means, you could’ve given it Air hostess, she will do something to reach this specs to that girl.. But, you didn’t do it, why?? Abhi looks on.. Yuvi continues saying, just one second is enough to like a girl. Just then, yuvi hears his flight announcement. He says, think about my words abhi. Its time for me to leave. Bye meet you later. Abhi bids bye to yuvi and both leaves from there.

Pragya reaches Kapoor Mansion(KM). Her dad (Ram Kapoor) welcomes her. Pragya hugs her dad and says, Pappa, I really missed you.. Ram says, I too missed my sweetheart very much..

In Mehra Mansion, Akshaya Pratheek Mehra (Abhi’s Mom) welcomes him.. He hugs her. She asks him, how was the journey??
Abhi says, wonderful journey maa, I really loved it. I won’t forget it, till my last breath..

In KM, Ram asks Pragya, how was your journey?? Pragya says, it was Irritating with a guy. Ram says, guy!! Pragya says, yes pappa.. a guy. He was Irritating me throughout the journey. I really hate him.. Other than that, everything was good. Even the contract was in favour to our company. Ram gets happy by hearing this.

In MM, Akshaya asks about the contract to abhi. He says, its our favor maa.. She gets happy and says, your dad too will get happy, if he hears it. Abhi gets angry, in a high tone, he says, I don’t bother whether he gets happy or not. He continues, maa. you have spoiled my mood by taking dad’s name. He goes in hyper to his room.

In KM, Ram says, I know about my sweetheart that she will definitely be successful in everything. Pragya says, pappa. its all because of you. its you, who thought business to me. so, all the credit goes to you. They both smiles.

Pragya stands Infront of her mom (Gauri Ram Kapoor) pic and says, maa, today I have finalized one another deal. I am so happy about it. You know one thing, our company is in No. 1 position in Mumbai. It all happened because of your blessings. Always be with me maa. I am missing you like anything. She gets emotional. Ram keeps his hand on her shoulder and says, Gauri, is always with you. I can’t see my sweetheart in a cried face. He continues, if you going to be sad, then I will also be sad. Pragya says, no pappa.. see I am smiling. She hugs him.

Abhi is hyper in his room. He throws his pillow away. Abhi is sitting in one corner of the room in dark. Akshaya comes to his room. She switched ON the light and sees all the things are scattered. She then sees abhi sitting in the corner. She goes nearer to him and keeps her hand on him. He says, maa.. if you are here to speak about dad, please go from here. I am not ready to hear anything. The screen freezes on abhi’s angry face..

Note: Only pragya has seen abhi and still now Abhi didn’t see pragya.
Sorry guys,i typed in another mobile, its not allowing me to type more than this. From tomorrow I will type in my mobile and give you all a lengthy episode than this.

Thank you all for your huge response to the teaser..
Guys, shall I continue this story?? do u like it?? Pls suggest guys..

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  1. Superb Start! Keep Rocking Shobana Di! Waiting for the next part!

    1. Roli

      Thank you riya, keep reading continuously
      I want to know about you..
      Will you say???

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        I am My Shonaaaaa ‘s Sister Riya.
        U know what When she comes to know that U forgot her Sis… She gonna blast like a Volcano. So be careful Mydenaa. Love U and Byeee. This would probably be my last and final comment.
        Shobana Di love u loads

      2. Roli

        What last comment eh ???
        Which means???
        Herethen You won’t be coming to telly updates ??
        I won’t forget my sweet sisy and friend..
        Please riya… Come back..

  2. B.k.maha

    No ya we are loved this ff…… We are missing u in this days…… Today episode was awrsomeeeeee………… I loved it….. Waiting for next episode……. Lots of hugs and kisses to u….. See u soon…..

    1. Roli

      Thank you so much maha for your love and support. Keep reading continuously??

  3. OMG u r back…i miss u so much…and coming to the HIDDEN LOVE its purva jenmam bandham pola iruku….cute…of course u can continue yaar…waiting for it

    1. Roli

      Thank you varsha, yup I will continue?

  4. Wow di you should definitely continue it..??I loved it a lot ❤️❤️Waiting for next episode?Love you ??

    1. Roli

      Thank you suhani. Keep reading continuously

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      Thank you sonika . Keep reading continuously

  6. Finally u r back with a bang??? Love it SHONA dear!!!❤
    Awesome story line???
    Waiting for the next epi???

    1. Roli

      Hi Manu, I am glad that you liked it??

  7. Sandy

    ? Dude , Am happy that you are back with a good ff . Please continue
    How is ur hands??
    Can you please

    1. Roli

      Hi Sandy, I’m fine and my fingers are good till now. Since I am typing in another mobile. But, today I am going to type in my mobile, lets see what is going to happen.
      How are you???
      Can you tell about you?? Its ur wish to say, if u don’t want no problem…

      Thank you dude. Keep reading continuously

      1. Sandy

        Don’t worry dude nothing will happen to ur fingers. ??. I read ur ff early morning 5:30 itself. Thanks for uploading so early ?.
        About me: I don’t know what to say am doing my P.G. , am a chennaian, love food, shabir, all abhigya fans

      2. Roli

        Thank you sandy for sharing about you, I was shocked to know that you are from chennai. Which means, u knew tamil..right…

  8. Sandy

    Abhigya fan’s
    ######??? one help??? #####
    In 15 sep Thursday’s before the below scenes there was a bgm, By any chance you guys know what songs is that ?? If yes plzz leave a comment
    Pretty plzzzzzz
    “Pragya thinks I can bear any torture for the happiness which you have given me.”

    1. Roli

      Sandy, I don’t know much about Hindi songs ???so sorry?

  9. welcome back dear always u rock it yaaaaaaaa

    conti at least 4 3 day in a week

    1. Roli

      Thank you Di..
      I’m also thinking about that only.. I too thought to give 3 epic a week, but let’s see how things fall…
      I will surely try to update 3 epic.
      Keep reading continuously.,..

  10. ImRagela

    Hi akka !!..I commented today specially to appreciate your ff !!..Superb start !..OK today i cant give lengthy comment !!.After my exams i will give a very lengthy comment OK ??..Bye ???

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    Such a cute epi

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      Thank you Akshaya. Keep reading continuously..

  12. Superb start! Waiting for the next episode!

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      Thank you abhigya. Keep reading continuously?

  13. Superb as usual ,really I love ur way of writing it is very detailed which gives a clear view of the story.loved it to the core.And the plot is very very interesting n also different.iam little sad as u said that u will update in week ends only but as u have a situation which makes u do this so I can understand.but I’ll pray to god that ur fingers should get well trained to type more episodes without paining and also ur mom should allow u to write stories so that we can enjoy ur stories everyday,I don’t know whether iam being selfish but I will be more than happy if this happens.update nxt part soon dr.take care!!

    1. Roli

      Thank you so much rosy for your prayers.. and I am happy that, you are reading it regularly.. and you are not selfish..in fact you are doing good for me too… Thank you for your love and support. Keep reading continuously… ???

  14. Welcome back Roli sissy hw s ur pain?? such a cute and rocking start intersesting story as some new characters invloved nice song keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update ????❤❤??

    1. Roli

      Its quite good mokshi… as I am not typing regularly??.
      Thank you.. keep reading continuously…?

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    1. Roli

      Thank you Divya, I am 23 yrs old??. You can call me as Shobana or Roli or Shona.. whatever.. no probs.
      Thank you for your support. Keep reading continuously

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    Superb lovely n awesome epi di loved so much pls update next part soon di

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      Sure princess, I will update soon. Thank you. Keep reading continuously?

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      Thank you Reshma?
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    1. Roli

      Sure ani, if my fingers are not paining, I will update daily. Thank you. Keep reading continuously??


    Actually sorry for late comment… actually I have commented on it… but it’s not been shown.. roli now you come back with a bang…. it’s really new storyline with new background.. new pragya who will get irritation with abhi… I feel a change in your style of writing too… may be its my view… keep going dear

    1. Roli

      Don’t be sorry haritha.. since, the storyline has changed, my writing style.. might have changed…???.
      Thank you for your love and support. Keep reading continuously??

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