Hidden Hate Open Love ( prologue )

hii frndzz I am not new here.. I am silent reader and on some fiction I comment.. so this is my second fiction so enjoy its prologue.

A man is pointing a gun towards a 13 year old boy and in his eyes the anger is shown clearly.. by seeing his face anyone can say that at any moment he can shot bullet in the head of that little boy.. The boy is very scared and he is continuously crying..

At the other side some goons are holding a girl who is continuously shouting and crying and freeing herself from the grip of goons..

Girl- plzz king leave my little brother. plzz.. Plzz I beg u. U take my life but spare my brother don’t kill him.. plzz

The man who is pointing gun towards the boy comes to that girl and laughs evilly and with a smirk says
Man – oh u call me king no baby this is not fair.. (he touches her cheeks senseously)plzz call me by my real name.
Girl feel disgusted from his touch and he says no I will never ever call u by that name …
Man-ok u call me king only i have no objection and one thing i clear u that I don’t want ur life… but I want u..
Girl- (shouts angrily) I hate u sanskar…
Man- And I love u swara..

Frndzz comment plzz this is small prologue and plzz support me guys becoz from ur comments only I will get courage to write..so plzz comment if the comments were more then only I will continue and tell me that I should continue it or not..

Credit to: pari


  1. Niharika

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue its an awesome prologue . Plz update 1st part today itself only.

  2. Tulina

    Nice prologue…….update the next part soon………waiting eagerly to see a devil sanskar………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.