Hidden Hate (episode 9)

After some time every one come down… Ram was all in serious mood today checking some files… Laksh just finishes his breakfast & was above to leave but that time Ram stopped him ” laksh”
Laksh got a lil bit irked ” yeah, chachi” he answered
” What’s this..” ram got up from his seat
” What..” laksh couldn’t complete his word when ram asked him in clam tone ” we lost this tender also… if u work like this then our company will definitely get kicked out from top 5 list”
” Chachi I’m trying my best to bring it on place” laksh tried defending him
” Why trying… When Sanskar was handled this was the top company of India” ram finally lost his temper
Same time Sanskar came downstairs… He was busy in wearing his watch not bothering to look what was happening.. he grabbed an apple & was about to leave
No sooner had Ram saw him he stopped him also
” Sanskar”
Sanskar turned ” yes Mr. Maheshwari”

It pinched Ram’s heart.. Thinking how much his own son hate him
” Sanskar he is ur father” sujata tried to scold him
” Let it be, let him say whatever he want.. I also want to see how much my son hate me” ram said
Sanskar rolled his eyes where Swara was confused.. laksh tightened grip on his hand looking other side
” Is it done , can I go Mr. Maheshwari I have shooting at next our” sanskar said emotionlessly
” I want to give Maheshwari Industries on name of Sanskar” Ram sentence made laksh & Sanskar both shocked.. Sanskar wanted this company but he didn’t expect to this much soon… But his own self ego stopped him.. he can’t get like this.. first laksh has to suffer
” Why . Mr. Maheshwari do u remember 3 years back what did u said that it was ur fault to trust me.. now dad I’m not that bad I don’t want my father’s company get in wrong hands.. so I’m sorry” sanskar said with same emotionless eyes but sometimes with hatred ” now I take leave”

Swara was once looking in laksh’s & once Sanskar’s eyes trying to search truth..
” Avni come fast.. I’m getting late”Sanskar shout calling
He was moving towards gets but stop beside laksh & put his hand on laksh’s shoulder
” History repeats itself”
Laksh looks at Sanskar with furry eyes … Sanskar comes lil near him
” Time does not support every time” laksh tight his fist more
Sanskar come near his ear ” that time was u & now me”
” Chachi” avni called him & pulled his not from down..
He smiled & take her on lap & leaves but not before whispering ” Swara”
Laksh looks at swara & now also all fear of losing her comes on his mind.. whose wife she may is but he get satisfied seeing her infornt of his yes…
Everyone leaved him … except swara… He was walking towards her..her mind stopped working & she was all lost in his eyes as well as he..
He was now so near to her… Near to her heart but then also her heart was not Liking it.. it was the same heart which also heated when he was near to her
” Love me right swara”
She nodded positively.. actually her mind was not working what she is saying…
” he covered her waist with his hand ” say it urself ”
He moved more closer to her..
” I love you laksh”
The next moment her lip got captured by his lip…( Don’t kill me, this story is all aboutbetrayal, revenge & hate..
They both gets lost in their moment unaware of some one clicking there photos..

Sanskar after dropping Avni comes to studio… His shooting was in next 15 minutes.. he decided to do same practice… When his mobile beeps
He clicked on that MMS… & Comes out his dear wife & brother’s golden moments video… He take some deep breath closing his eyes & then smirked… ” Good Job lucky… Keep doing this…& Trust me that day is not far away ”
He sent back a message ” thanks uttara… Just keep eyes on them”
Uttara sent back msg ” OK , Bhai”
Sanskar was happy showing outside but was he inside happy
” No Swara can’t do this”
He checked the full video … Yeah she didn’t do anything she later pushed him
Sanskar Sanskar Sanskar what are u doing ..why are you getting hurt.. you only wanted this Na.. then now I am getting unless angry… I have to make swara also betrayal me then I can take my revenge… Why the hell I care for her….I couldn’t able to rape her also… No I can’t care for any other girl… I just love swasatika… But why I feel connection with Swara.. like she is some one known to me.. we have an old relation.. I don’t but I don’t love her…_______________________________. ____________________________
At night Sanskar come back to room & found swara talking to herself nonstop…
Sir alsonaidontknowhowiwilltellsanskarbuthesaidurelytobring……..nowwhatilldoimnotgonnatalkwithmrkhadoos

Sanskar disbeliefly tried to under what she said for some time then got it attend
” What u are saying swara” Sanskar asked getting irritated with her nonstop talk
She turn to him & was about to open her mouth but again get shut
” Now why are shut some moments back u were talking like anything now speak” sanskar got more irritated
” Wo…. tomorrow is party at our office & sir specially invited u to come… I said u are busy but they insisted me alot.. then also I tried to say no.. but they said they want to meet you..& it’s big request from sir…that… Plus will u go…

” Is it done” Sanskar said disbeliefly ” why u talk too much”
Swara: ummm
Sanskar: I’ll go OK…
Swara actually got happy
& Kissed his cheek
Swara: thanks very much
Sying to this she leave
” She is just like a kid” he smiled at her antics
She came back again said ” sorry” not looking into his eyes & leaved
He didn’t asked her anything coz he knows what she mean it gutted him as well..
Perhaps: Swasan romance…

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