Hidden Hate (episode 12) ( Stay A little close by me)

(A/N: last part was A written mistake. Note that was part 11)
” A little close by me ”

The Shine of sun shines And come through the curtains. She marches to Balcony To get The proper view of Laksh. As he was getting in to Car. She tried her level best to Feel any emotion in her. But still she was motionless. Well Some days before She used to hate Her for loving him As He did something unexpected. It was her Mistake To kiss him Being Someone else Wife but her mind was jammed with him and the other reason was she hated Sanskar to the core. Hated? Really? Yeah She Used to hate him. Until the Day Laksh exposed That they both Has done That thing. She somehow Did this so That ,This Family never Except Her But it was really surprising that This unknown people has some kind of care for this New traitor Girl of their Family. But the biggest surprise Is Sanskar took stand for her. Why? Didn’t he hated her? Or his condition is same Used to? But whatever this stranger man is better than her long related love.
Better. But before one emotion still worked. Her Hate for love but now she doesn’t feel right now that also.

When love means feeling for someone But when that feels don’t work does That means love has Died? But she heard True love never ends. Then was it Attraction of Teen Age?
“Then what’s the Definition of love ?” She asked to herself
small giggles some from her back. She turned And found The small girl laughing at her.
” Uff, chachi you don’t know definition of love.” Avni giggled
Swara smiled through tears and said ” Then you know?”
Avni said ” yes” with proud and started giving demonstrate ” Our teacher Said, love is A beautiful bond of trust, Care, Support with Someone We create slowly with. It is sum of beautiful memories with the person, the memories put emotion in our hearts. With the passing of time it makes it grow more stronger and unbreakable. The appearance of the person make us happy And going apart makes us cry. Like A Relationship of A child with A family. Their love for the baby increase with the passing of time and when they goes Away it makes them sad”

Well the definition of small girl was well said but it carries The Actual truth.
” What we care for the person and support them and their bond for each other is strong still they don’t trust each other?” Swara asked to little Avni , who has become her teacher now
” Then it isn’t love simple” Avni
Swara smiled at her innocent reply. Then Again Asked ” like?”
” You , Me and Chachu ” Avni again replied Innocently
Unaware of the presence of The Man. Avni Almost split Something to her. ” You know Swasatika ch…” Her words went incomplete when A manly voice reached there ears ” Avni, I’ve brought Ice cream” As soon as she heard she asked” where ?”
He give quick reply ” Down”

And Avni Ran away to fetch her love.
Sanskar sighed in relief As Swara didn’t caught her words.
” What?” She asked
” What? What??” He asked with double question look

” Huhh ” she got confuse at his ‘what? what??’
” What ” He again asked
” Uff, what are doing now?” Finally she asked him
” Then what should I do in office on my first day I self” Sanskar
” It’s not ” Swara
” Basically it’s not my first day but technically I’ve went After years so my first day ” he said and she huffed at his stupid reply
” I never knew my favourite hero would so dump” she said
Suddenly A smirk Appears on his ” I’m your favourite?”
” No no I’m mean..” she left incomplete As he completed his words
” Your hero” his smirk went more wide
” Lemme comple… ” Swara again got interpreted

” That too yours ” he said winking at her
She rolled her eyes mouthing ” whatever”
he giggled and again started ” well what’s the Definition of love ? ”
Swara’s jaw fall down hearing him and she again tried to defend herself But as soon as she opens her mouth he made her shut by his reply ” Someone is in love ”

God! He is teasing her now. She turned her mouth from him
And After sometime ” yes, I love my mother and I’m miss…… ( She got stop in her dead tacks seeing him so close to her) …. Ing her ” she some how completed. Her breath got hitch in her neck. Hr was barely one inch away from her
“W-What are doing?” Swara
” Shhh” His hot breath falls in her neck
She takes her Step back And he steps Ahead. Her knees become weak And she it was getting harder for her to stand in her place.

He brought his face more close. She closed her eyes in the fear what might be the next?
Her eyes got open when she felt his rough hands against her smooth skin. She didn’t notice when tears brim out from her eyes taking about her mother. But He noticed it in the corner of her eyes.
He stepped back After wiping them off.
” Ummm, sorry for me you are suffering ” He Apologised to her

” It’s ok ” She went off from there
” It’s my promise I’ll make sure that You get your mother back ”
He promised to himself. It was all his fault . He made A pure Soul suffer. What was her fault in it? Just she loved someone he Hated. yes he Hated Laksh and how can A brother Hate another brother ? He wouldn’t have known if hadn’t tell him that night.

Flash Back

That night Swara ran Away from the venue being effected by Alcohol. He searched her Around Everywhere. His heart skipped Feeling That she might be in some trouble. How matter he was trying to act He hated her but with the Every passing of seconds his heart started to betray His mind. Whatever it is but he can’t lose Her. Maybe he was feeling hoe much he care for her. Where his brain was again and again saying leave her. you hate her. It’s best time to take up your revenge but again his heart were against him and made him continuing in search of her.

After Awhile he heard barking of A dog. He tried to ignore it and ran towards other direction. But the barking was increasing And it was so level high that Made his heart again doubtful. ” Maybe she’s there”

He followed his heart again as he was in no mood for listening his brain.
His heart skipped seeing her in a corner of A building. The man he knew Mr. Rathore Father of Swasatika probably he was trying to force him on her. Her dress was torn by Arm. She was trying to save herself still in the drunk condition. His Heart skipped seeing her in this state. That man was enough close to her lips to make them dirty while pinning her hands in wall. She kept saying ” please pl-please le-ave me ” in while not being condition of understanding she kept fighting for her dignity. No sooner A tear escaped from her eyes He got A tight punch from Sanskar. As soon As he punched Mr. Rathore. All his bodyguards surrendered Sanskar.

After sometime Mr Rathore was lying down with pool of bloods and his changu pangu bodyguards ran away As they couldn’t able to bear Sanskar.

Sanskar held Swara tightly As soon as she landed on his Arms. She started to sob hard in his Arms. ” I-I do-n’t want t-o lose it A-again”
Her words made him realise it was same thing happening with her again. As he did Her same thing. Last time he wouldn’t Able to see Any emotion in her maybe she hadn’t shown him. But right now he got to know how broken she is. This is what putting still sense in her in this condition. Was it wrong did he did wrong?
” Yo-u kno-w m-my Maa H-Hat-es me for whi-c-h I ha-ven’t done. Laksh Ha-tes me F-or S-a-m-e” she sobbed hard

And again continued “.All Hates me for same reason ” this word was clear and she sobbed again
” Yo-u wanted Re-venge it’s ok b-ut why? Yo-u kno-w what your revenge h-has d-o-n-e to m-y life?”
” It’s Laksh who..” she didn’t care to listen him and continued in her this state ” it-s o-ok if you have tak-en but how can A brother Hate another?”
Her statement made him numb for some time. After sometime he found her peacefully sleeping on his shoulder.
Flash Back Ends

His chain of trance got broken by the phone call. He looked at his screen ” bade Papa ” calling
He picked up the call
” Sanskar beta We have fixed the Marriage” Dp
” What??” He got shocked by his sudden news of his brother’s marriage
” Yes, we have fixed the engagement today” Dp exclaimed his happiness
Sanskar felt An unknown sadness for Swara ” but who’s it and all?” He asked
” Sanskar, you know shekhar ji right. It’s his only daughter Ragini gadodia. It will be better for business also as we are business partners and if our companies gets Merged then it will grow more ”
Sanskar got Surprised again he was trying to make a business deal with relations. Once he did to him also. After all he married Swastika against this family
” But bade Papa it’s becoming business deal. Maybe this relation won’t ran long.” Sanskar clamly tried to make his point of view understand him but no wonder it’s Hard to change someone’s point of view and he doesn’t wanna end up with another fight.

” You don’t worry beta, just tell this to Swara. we are coming back. ” Dp said
Sanskar said “ok” and about to cut call when he again took his name
*” Sanskar beta can you do me a favour please?” Dp Asked him unsure of his son will behave like son?
” Yes, bade Papa?” He asked
” Can you check a little bit about the girl ” finally he was behaving like father. Sanskar laughed and agreed . He cuts the call not before saying ” say it without any doubt. I’m your son ”

” Umm hmm” he cleared his throat
Swara cleaning the living room And some workers were Also running here and there. Feeling him behind her she questioned reason “what?”
” Laksh is getting Engaged”

She stopped for A while and Again started working ” that’s good News”
Words were not coming out from his mouth. He was feeling Ashamed of Himself.
She felt his calmness so and continued” That’s why so hustle bustle”
” Hmmmmm”
He then again Asked ” what about you?”

” What me ?”
He felt awkward to ask her again ” you love him no?”
She laughed A bit and said ” Me ? Really? When Did you feel that?”
He turned her suddenly in the expectations to read her emotions. After all he has spent almost six months with Her. But to his surprise Her eyes were supporting her words
” What?” She asked being surprise of his Acts

” But today morning I saw you crying?”
She laughed at his statement ” hahaha, that one it was tears of happiness that finally he can move off ”
He left her hearing her reply. ” But I thought you will go with laksh after our divorce ” he finally said that words. The reality of his life . There are only few days left of six months and after that they will get Apart by Divorce. Yeah court has given them time for six months.
” Are you kidding me?” She laughed at him and said ” I am gonna ge back to village”
Saying this she went from there

His heart screamed seeing her disappearing figure ” Stay A little close by me”
” Arre Swara kaha reh gayi tu ?(Where are you, Swara?)” Sujata screamed Sending Sanskar behind Laksh in his room
” Yes Mom” she replied running to her

” Have you checked the Dishes and other preparations” she Asked
” Yes Maa . All is done” Swara
” So then do one work, select ring with Jiji” Sujata pushed her to living room And made sure Any particular guest name wasn’t missing from list

After some time
Sujata come to Swara again when the ring selection was done. She was discussing something with Annapurna
” Aree chori( hey girl) what About your Family. Shouldn’t we Call Them?”
Sujata’s statement made Swara numb And A lane Tear escaped down from her eyes

” Yeah we haven’t even meet them Ever After your Marriage” Annapurna also joined
” Woh, Mom badi Maa” words wasn’t coming out from her mouth . She was getting what to say
Feeling her restlessness Annapurna tapped her shoulder.
” She is angry with me” suddenly she uttered
” Who ” Sujata asked roughly
” My Mother. She is the only person I have in this world” Swara
“Why she is Angry?” Annapurna asked clamly
” For marrying Sanskar like this” she said

Sujata chuckled at her suddenly ” Anyone will get if daughter is so characterless” Swara got shocked he her ” when she can roll over on both son of Family”
Swara sobbed hard hearing her
” Sujata” Annapurna made Sujata shut
” Clam down beta. You were under pressure of Circumstances. I know there are some reasons behind you both marrying and your mother will also get it.” Annapurna’s words made her relief. She whipped all Swara’s tears ” And don’t worry your mother will come here if not in engagement then surely in marriage”
” No badi Maa don’t call her in Laksh’s Marriage”

Annapurna got confused at her. But Swara some how covered. Because if her mother comes here then she’ll get another truth and may hate her. ” Badi Maa, I can’t tell you now Anything But what’s the need of this when I’m here for some days. After divorce I’ll go from this house”
Annapurna laughed at her words ” whatever is gonna happen but how can a bond of Mother and daughter can end?” Annapurna said ” beta maybe you’re going but your relation with me never end”
Swara smiled at her ” Now go and get ready ” Annapurna send her away
But definitely she’s gonna call Swara’s mother.
An Hour Back

Sanskar knocked in Laksh’s Room. Getting No Response He Entered into his room. No sooner he entered His eyes got Shut with sudden force. He looked and found Laksh hugging him.
” Huhh” he made a confuse whisper
” You won Bhai. You totally won. Today you have Totally able to Snatch my Love. See I’m getting Engaged today” Laksh made him numb today. He felt his clothes getting wet. He pushed Laksh back and saw water in his eyes

” Isn’t your Revenge completed today Sanskar?”
” Look lucky I’m sorry. I know I was at fault but I was bound by Re.. ” Sanskar tried to say but
” Revenge” Laksh completed his words ” but for which I haven’t done Ever ”
” I’m sorry but I wanna rectify” Sanskar couldn’t Able to catch up what Laksh said to him as his mind was concentrating on how to stop this Engagement ” don’t Do this Engagement”
Laksh got Surprised with his sentence. ” But how?”
” Laksh Me and Swara getting Divorced Then you can patch up with her ” Laksh looked Amazed with his confession

” Are you sure what are saying but What about Ragini?”
Sanskar got tensed as Ragini is not of any loser but still he thought to talk to her but before he could bring his words in mouth Laksh said ” I think I should Talk to her ”
“That is good even ” Sanskar said as it will be better . He can make her understand . That’s better not to tell Laksh About Ragini’s doings.

” But first you should Talk to Swara. What have you done that day she is just giving Anything But A expression About you”
” I don’t know what made me furious that day to see you and Swara sleeping together in a side of building”
Sanskar’s brain shifted to the night Swara was drunk. An unknown smile appeared on his face but it went Unnoticed by Laksh. Soon he covered his mouth before Laksh see it and get something wrong.

Suddenly Laksh hugged him ” Thanks Bhai you’ve given my life back”
Sanskar hugged him back.
It has become years to this brotherly hug.
” Sanskar then I should Talk to Swara”

He unbolt the door and found Annapurna Standing at door
” Laksh, Guest has started to come. Why aren’t you ready do fast. Girl’s Side will come Anytime and Sanskar why are standing make him ready Fast ”
Annapurna said and went away as some other work were still pending. Laksh shut the door again with .” Thud”
” I don’t think so I’ll able to talk with Swara any time soon” Laksh said
” Laksh, now just do the engagement later you can talk with Swara” Sanskar said
Laksh nodded Seeing no other option.

3 hours later

Sanskar got down along with Laksh. Laksh was busy Staring Stairs As he was Waiting for him. No wonder Sanskar was doing the Same. After sometime Dp called them both off.
” Sanskar meet Shekhar ji Ragini’s Father” Dp said
Sanskar greeted him Warmly.
” Where’s Ragini? Uncle?” Suddenly Laksh Asked Shekhar

Shekhar got Surprised hearing Laksh
Sanskar rolled his eyes at his Brother And stamped his foot on laksh’s
Dp Smiled Awkwardly Throwing Draggers at Laksh
” He is your Father in law man” Sanskar whispered

And Laksh got it what he said with sudden
After a second Shekhar chuckled Followed by Dp and Sanskar.
” This much love before marriage” Shekhar said
Laksh smiled Awkwardly

One off Sudden Sanskar’s eyes falls in Stairs and his eyes got stuck to it seeing Swara. Knowing she won’t be his but the man right beside him now He pushed Laksh
Laksh was about to groan when his Eyes also got shifted on his stairs but spotted different person.
” Yaar red one Na” Laksh Asked looking ahead
” No orange one” Sanskar got confused and after awhile hits him
” I’m talking about Swara ”
Soon Laksh noticed Swara and murmured ” oh, even she’s looking beautiful ” but suddenly his head caught up something
” Damn , Swaragini”

Ok now Hidden Hate is Turning in Hidden Love. Last part was A mistake that was part 12. And I’ll try to end up the mystery Of Swasatika Matter And Ragini’s truth until part 15. Then 10 parts will contain fully of Swasan. And guys if there are some suggestions or request for any scene then please say it and I’m feeling no idea About any scene So waiting for Nothing but Suggestions.
Thank You

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      With the Walking of Time He started realising his mistake and guessed The the truth on Flow. As Swasatika Maheshwari his wife had Another Sister who looked Exactly like her where Sanjana Rathore Swasatika’s twin Sister had Always had Eyes on him. Where laksh liked Sanjana but Definitely not Sanjana because she was Traditional that Anyone can identify them. This made Clashes between them.
      One day on Alcohol affect Laksh found himself on bed with Sanjana. But the shock her ever got hearing she was Swastika. Well she was not but she pretended to be.
      For circumstances Sanskar Married Swastika Thinking she was been rapped And her family also didn’t expected her nor did his family. But before one day their marriage Anniversary he found her Soul less lying in front of him. That’s it the birth of HIDDEN-HATE

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