Hidden Hate (episode 10)

Hello ooohoooo , ok I’m back with HIDDEN-HATE …. For the first time I’m determined to complete a story…. Just all credit to Mumpi… Thank you very much mumpi…. By the way I’m very lazy daisy so my mother always keep pushing me what mumpi did the same.. ok my exam is from this 24 so it’s difficult for me to continue this story… But I got sick suddenly so Thought to write this , so now I want to complete this very soon with big parts…. I just hope I get enough response as when I get at start… Ok so let’s jump on the roles coster of emotion
Episode 9

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” Ok so everything is ready ?” Asked Sanskar to a man in call
” Sir , all is on track” replied the man
” Good” Sanskar smirked cutting The call
” My life has become full of mess lucky just cause of you, I don’t want to do this I seriously don’t wanna spoil your life but what you did to me was my worst ever nightmare….. But I don’t want to make a girl’s life hell…. Should I stop this ” he asked to himself not before looking at the Swara Who was sleeping peacefully on bed… Some dim lights were falling on her face to make her look like not less than angle who landed from heaven… His lips curved into smile but all faded away remembering some one’s smiling face
” What the hell Sanskar! How can you think of some stranger , whatever happens to her is her lovers fault not yours…. Swasatika was also innocent but what has happened to her…. & Moreover she is not innocent what she did with that laksh in your absence?” Sanskar looked at mirror to find his reflection
” No Sanskar but you only wanted her to do that, you have separated them when they love each other” he turned to other side of mirror were was his reflection only
” I don’t care who’s ever she is , but I will fulfill my revenge ” he smirked
& Went to graveyard definitely not bothering about Swara but just simply whispered to her ” tomorrow’s party is hell for you Swara”
Next Day

Today Avni bought her some friends in house to play with them
They were playing in garden hide & seek …. But her one friend advay cheated on game…. But he was adamant not to accept Avni got angry on him & took sefty pin from her dress & started to chase him….
Swara was admiring them from back …. Literally she got reminded of some one & she grinned widely until she heard Avni’s shout
” Aaaaahhhhhhhhh papa…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chachi ”
Swara run as fast as she can…. & Found Avni hurt
Sanskar also come out hearing her ” princess what happened, how you got hurt ?” Sanskar asked worriedly cupping her face
” Papa I-i was huhhuh playing with advay but I fall down & it got….” She couldn’t complete as Sanskar interpreted her with loud shout
” How much times I have to tell you be careful Avni…. Why you just always create problems for me ”
” Sanskar ” Swara hugged Avni & did her first aid ” she’s a kid why you are talking with her like this???” Swara asked tightening her grip as Avni weeped more
” Papa you are too bad , I hate you ” she throwed pin far away & ran inside
Swara also ran behind her not before taunting ” you are such a heartless beast

In all this Little did no one noticed what Avni called Sanskar
At night

The was over casted with thicken clouds.. Swara looked out of window…. Today she was not feeling something good… The cold silent wind is just sign for something….
” Ready ”
Her worried face turned into pale .. last time giving a glance at outside she replied
” Yeah”
at venue

Party was moving with its own swing… But all stopped to their place seeing the flash light on the magical couple ” SWASAN”
After a couple minutes of silence Sanskar walked in talking the most gorgeous lady in hand to hand
” Welcome to our chief guest Sanskar kapoor ” announced the host
(Note: his surname is kapoor outside the house)
Sanskar smiled at this announcement…. The atmosphere were something hot as all eyes were definitely not anywhere but in Sanskar….. Swara looked here & there but found all girls eyes on her charming husband who were giving killer smirk….. She looked at him for couple of seconds…. ” Sometimes she also fall in love with this devilish smirk” after all he his hers atleast for now…. But still she couldn’t believe in her eyes the man whom she always used to run behind for asking questions is now beside her…..
But she was feeling a bit uneasy… No doubt it’s her very known place but aga comes fear she was not ever surrendered by some men looking at…. Sanskar covered her arms & literally pulled her near his heart… Giving a assuring smile…. & Went little far from middle attraction excusing them….
For the first time she had seen such Sanskar… But as well as for the first she had felt good in his eyes…. She looks in his dark brown emotionless ocean to get her answers but that were blank.. ” you sit here” he made her sit ” I’m coming” he was about to leave but stopped feeling grip on his hand ” where are you going ”
” to flirt” he replied without turning & went away
She grinned a little hearing first time his not so funny joke
Sanskar’s point of view

Those blo*dy men were looking at my wife like they will eat…. Bl**Dy son of bit** ( sorry ) … How dare they ???
” There’s alot of people staring your wife , how much you can stop” I looked aside to feel my friend sushant
” So what, I’m feeling like cutting blo*dy each eyes” I said gluping my drink in one go
” You hate her Na ” sushant’s words bought me back to reality
How can forget this ” I hate her ” I said looking at sushant blankly
” Admit it you love her”
” What the hell”
I never take that like this …. It’s impossible I hate her … I can never love her….
” Why,? You care for her & behave like the every ideal husband …. & I have love for her in your eyes not hate”
” Shut up sushant , I hate her that’s the truth & everything will end up soon” I said getting up from my sit
” Sanskar don’t do some day you’ll regret”
I ignored him…& Went away not caring for his words
” May I get permission to dance with the most gorgeous lady of party” Swara looked at the direction of voice & found A man in his mid forties… Actually was he was Her ex boss… She was first denied him but that man was literally forcing her
” Mr. Rathore , she is already booked…. So shall we baby ”
He forwarded his hand to , she looked into his eyes & then slowly put her hand on his …. He murmured ” Excuse me” & walked away
The lights got dim
( Note: listen the song pehele dafa )
Dill kahe kahaniya pehli dafa
Armane ne ravaniya pehli dafa
Ho Gaya hai begana
Main hosh sei pehli dafa
Pyaar ko pehchana
Ehsas hai yeh naya

….. He slowly moved with beat hugging her from back…. Moving his hands from
Her wrist to nude arms then hugged her tightly…. He put his lips on her nude shoulder & pulled it shoulder to neck … Swara felt goosebumps….
Suna hai suna hai
Yeh rashme wafa hai
Jo dill pe nasha hai
Woh pehele data hai
….. He Made her turn towards him & held her wrist… Then pushing a lil he rounded her…
Suna hai suna hai
Yeh rashme wafa hai
Jo dill pe nasha hai
Woh pehele data hai
….. Sanskar pulled her to his chest near his heart… Her hands moved to his chest … Moving slowly with the beat of music… He pushed her little as she fall on his arms …. Staring his deep brown orbs along with the soft music her eyes become watery …. Sanskar simply admired her looking into her eyes not wanting to break the eye lock….
Kabhi dard se, kabhi zard se
Zindagi beinaam thi
Kahi chahate hui meherbaan
Hath bhar ke thamti
…. He turned her again.. her back landed on his chest… He entangled his fingers with her….

Ban Gaya afsana
Ek bat se pehli dafaaaaa
Paa liya hai thikana
Baboon ki hai panah

Suna hai suna hai
Yeh rashme wafa hai
Jo dill pe nasha hai
Woh pehele data hai

Their both beautiful silent eye lock got broke by sounds of claps
They smiled & moved from stage…

after dinner
Swara was searching for Sanskar when
Mr. Rathore come to swara & asked for drink
.” Thank you very much but sorry” she said looking here .& There
” Aree, Mrs. Kapoor it’s soft drink” he somehow forced her to drink
She felt the taste different but ignored it …
.” Swara, let’s go to lawn it’s gonna rain” Mr. Rathore asked
” No sir, Sanskar would s-search me” Swara said weirdly
He smirked seeing the effect ” no he’ll get you” he caressed her arms & then shoulder
But back off suddenly hearing a voice from back
” Who” he looked back & found Sanskar standing
” N-no one Mr. Kapoor… Ummm good night” Mr. Rathore literally ran away seeing Sanskar
” Ummm Sk ” Swara shout seeing Sanskar
Sanskar’s all concentration comes on her
” Damn!!! He spiked her drink ”
Swara without caring anything hugged him ” Sk , you know I love you very very very very very very very much”
Sanskar sighed long & said ” Swara you are drunk , let’s go to home”
Swara broke his the hug & asked ” yours ” Sanskar nodded
” Yahhhoooooo I’m going SK house ” He said jumping on the spot , Sanskar checked here & there if anyone noticing them
” No” suddenly Swara jerked him ” I want your autograph”
“Ok I’ll give after going ho…” She didn’t let him complete & started to cry
” No I want now now ”
” Swara done silly ” Sanskar said helplessly
” Nooooooooi now means now” saying this she ran out
” Swaraaaaa” Sanskar also ran behind her….
Precape: hum ek kamre Mai band hai
Jiske chabi gum jai

So how was the part… So next part is full of emotional plus comedy also…. & One thing the story has no happy ending so Jo maza hai abhi karu…. Next part after my exam… Tata
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