Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 59

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Since Gauri’s stretching herself out on my bed.. im taking the couch outside i guess” Anika sighed and breaths out sharply.

Shivaay is disheartened with this statement. “Heyyy.. maybe ill take the couch. And you take my room” Shivaay suggests strongly.

You dont take the stress shivaay. I’ll manage it today. It’s okay” Anika shrugs with a faint smile.

He opens and closes his mouth trying to explain. Finally he puts on a angry face and points his finger.

Dont argue! Im saying it nah.. you take my room!! and i take the couch!!” He screams and stomps out before crouching himself in it.

Anika freezes for a second. “Now who argued?” She scratches her head and pouts an innocent one and slowly walks to his room.

Shivaay keeps turning positions. “Hmmp.. hmppp..hmmpp.. Arggg, why is this couch not comfortable even in a single position?” He mummbles and continues rolling.

A little while later someone pulls his sweater. Before he could react, the open mouthed sleepy creature fell thud on him.

I told you not to take stress. Now shut that idiotic mouth and cuddle with me” she sleep blabbers and hugs him tight.

Shivaay just smiles and brushes her hair before hitting a deep sleep.

Anika wakes up in the middle of the night and finds shivaay sleeping with his mouth half open.

Anika slightly chuckles not waking him up and once confirming that shivaay is totally asleep she leaves the couch.

She tries joining his parted jaws.
You never know how and when to close you mouth, do you?” She whispers and shakes her head.

Finally after a couple of tries, his mouth closes. Anika smiles and combs his hair once. She then slowly tip toes back to her room.

You spend all the money and happily snore here uh?? Revenge time baby!” She silently hisses and slips beside her and kicks Gauri out of bed.

Gauri rolls over and falls down.
Oops! Im not sorry” Anika whispers with her eyes closed.

Gauri gets up yawning and falls back to the bed. She was too into her dreams right now.

Anika smiles an evil smirk and turns to the other side, satisfied.

Next morning, Anika scrambled up and kept scratching her fizzy hair. She didnt find gauri nearby. She shrugs as she was least interested to know where Gauri was.

She gets down to the floor and stands like a half drunk person, not willing to open her eyes. She stumbles her way straight to the kitchen.

There he was making his Americano. She just smiles and back hugs him. And yawning, she snuggles to his back.

Shivaay chuckles. “Good morning kumbkaran” he says and she hits him on his back.

Still sleepy?” He asks stirring the sugar . She sleepily hums.

He asks her to hold him tight and picks her up for a piggyback sleep.

He prepares americano between this scene. Suddenly Anika raises her head. “Where’s Gauri?” She enquires still maintaining her sisterly ego.

Ha ha.. someone’s worried?” He asks.

Anika just rolls her eyes. “Nothing like that. I am responsible for whatever that happens to her here in banglore. And i should be talking to my nother about it. So just a precaution” she shrugs.

He chuckles. “Fine. I saw her rushing to the terrace. And coincidentally i called Om and found his call busy. So you know na..” he says and smiles tightly.

Little sister’s in love!” Anika sighs and hops down.

Hey.. what happened?” Shivaay asks concerned.

Anika sharply breaths out. “Just that.. It’s amusing that we are the daughters of the mother who is so against love. She’ll kill us if she gets to know” Anika looks worried.

Hmm.. tell me. Whick hero does your mother like?” Shivaay asks out of nowhere.

Anika squinches her eyes and gives a confused look. “Shah rukh khan! She has watched his films a 100 times” Anika breaks shrugging her shoulders.

So do i look like shah rukh khan” Shivaay asks and acts dramatically running his fingers through his hair.

You do… look like his touch-up guy!” Anika sighs. Shivaay growls and Anika takes her hands up to surrender.

Ok ok. You look like Shah. Rukh. Khan” she stresses her words.

Just wait and watch how i sweep you off your ground infront of your mom and kiss you with her persmission” He says and does his imaginary collars up. While Anika just raises her eyebrows and shakes her head.

Gauri comes running down. She looks happy. She suddenly notices Shivaay and Anika standing and hides the smile and pretends normal.

Hey.. potato..Where have you been?” Anika asks smirking.

Err.. nothing. Just seeing the sunrise!” She stammers.

Sunrise? Seriously? Well i didnt know that Mr.Sun started rising up at 9 in the morning” Anika taunts.

Gauri randomly looks and tries voicing out before things turn awkward.

Errim there up in the terrace since morning. I was.. i was.. watching the sun rise. What is your problem yaar?” She yells.

Kuch nahi.. lekin.. to whom where you talking up there. I heard voices?” She nags again.

Umm.. it was.. it was.. i was you know.. there was a monkey that was hopping nearby.. i.. was shooing it away..” she tries not to spill the beans.

“Ohh yeah!!!! I’ve seen the monkey. Probably the only male monkey with a long hair i guess” Shivaay joins in and makes it even hard for gauri.

Gauri gulps down a lump and slowly turns to shivaay who was trying hard to control the laughter.

Im going to my room, ill.. just go” she stammers and runs in holding her breathe.

Once she’s in both Anika and Shivaay starts laughing hysterically.

Hahah… did you see her face?! My goodness, she was blushing the hell out” Anika giggles continuously.

Shivay just shakes his head and continues drinking his americano.

What is so special with your Sairabanu.. you prepare it everyday and have it, tasting every bit of it. Is it that good?” Anika asks pretty curious biting her lower lip.

Number 1, It’s Americano. Not saira.. whatever you named it. And Number 2, It’s heaven. You should try it. It’s indeed relaxing. Go on.. try it!” Shivaay offers with a smile.

Anika takes the cup hesitantly and looks at shivaay. While he gave her an assuring look.

She inhales a deep breathe and takes a sip.

She has this most disgusting face.

She just realises that this is the most kaduvi coffee that she had ever tasted. She could never send this liquid down her oesophagus (or) anything that connects both her mouth and stomach.

Ewwww” she squeals and spits it straight on him.

Yeh kyaaaa hai Anika?!?!!??!” He screams as he jumps back and saw his Americano rowing down his shirt.

Yeh.. Sairabanu nahi hai.. yeh yeh.. kaduvi coffeeee hai…kaali.. kaali coffee hai” Anika justifies and looks away.

Shivaay justs stands rolling his eyes.


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