Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 55

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I’ll name this chap “Snuggle buddies” ?

“Shivaay! Talk to Anika” Om says and Shivaay breaths deeply. He then sharply breaths out and nods affirmative.

As he passes by, “tum teek ho na?” He asks Gauri. She pulls a smile. “Meh teek hoon jiju” she states.

“Om! Take care of her” Shivaay informs and leaves in no second.

He looks for her out in the varandah.. and peeps around his house. She was nowhere to be found. He pulls out his mobile to call her.

“The subscriber is not reachable at the moment”

This kept ringing in his ears for the 15th time. He started to become restless.

“It was a just a day after our love confession and here, I have already hurted you so bad” Shivaay whimpers to himself.

He comes back to the hall and drops down on his knees.

“Jiju?” Gauri calls.
He doesnt respond.

“Her room is locked. She must be inside?!” She suggests.

“Room?” He lifts his head up upon hearing a ray of hope and he walks up to it. He just stands before it. He places his palm on the door.

“Anika.. i dont know if you are really in there. But if you are.. please open the door. You cant just let me die here with your silence. Talk to me Anika. Slap me. Hit me hard. Please, please just let me see you” he speaks.

Still with no response from the other side, shivaay drops a tear down. Has she Hated him so much that she would not utter a word to him? Shivaay feared.

Then something strikes. He walks out and goes to her room’s window.

He finally saw her, Anika, there on the bed, crouching herself and snuggling in the bed.

His raising heartbeat subsides, his randomly moving eyes are now fixed on her. His breathing gets even. His tears stop.

He jumps in and walks to her. Looks at her for a second.

He quickly crawls on the bed and hugs her from behind. He literally cuddles.

“Shi.. shiv.. shivaay kya kar rahe ho tum??” Anika asks with her eyes all teary, nose all pink and cheeks all puffy.

“Healing myself! You have no idea what a maniac i was few minutes ago. I was totatlly unstable until i saw you. Please let me hug you before you start to hate me.” He says and hugs her tighter.

“Hate you?? Tum Kya bakwaas baath kar rahe hain?!?” She asks wiping her tears.

“You obviously would hate me. My mom scolded you so much and i just couldnt do anything about it.. she wasnt ready to hear me out. Sorry ani..” he keeps speaking when she suddenly turns to his side.

“Shivaay.. It wasnt your fault. Not even Madam.. i mean.. Pinky Aunty’s. It was me. I couldnt do a simple pulao properly. I should have remembered it when you told me.. No ajinomoto.. no ajinomoto!!” She starts crying again.

“Shhhh!!” He says and cups her face wiping her tears.

“You mom hates me” she mutters.
“Hehe.. she hates the fake cook who was recording rapsong with Dhinchak pooja.. not my Anika ” he says and pulls her closer.

She finally giggles and then pouts.
“Pinky promise?” She asks as she forwards her little finger.

Shivaay blinks in assurance and intertwines his pinky finger with her’s.

Quickly she embraces him throwing her petite soft hand on him. He wraps his hand around her and keeps brushing her hair. He also places a soft kiss on her head.

A little while later, Shivaay Gently consoles her by rubbing her back and tries getting up. Anika pulls him back.

“I dont know why, but this feels good. Stay another 2more mintes please shivaay!” She hugs him and snuggles to his chest.

“Shivaay?” She whispers
“Hmm?? He responds.
“Can we be Cuddle buddies??” She asks with a pinch of uncertainty clinging in her voice.

“Do you even need to ask me ?? My stomach.. yours. My hands.. yours. My chest… yours. Personalised to Anika.” He says and hugs her tighter.

Later, Shivaay pulled the reluctant anika out from bed for dinner cause her stomach had been starving since lunch.

They both saw Rudra busy pulling Om’s hair. Om’s eyes were still fixed on Gauri who was trying hard to sleep on the couch.

Shivaay clears his throat and all three slowly stand up from their respective seats and looks at Anika.

Anika slowly raises her head up and looks at the three. Gauri looks hurt. She rushes to Anika and hugs her tight.

”Tum teek hoon na” she asks Anika.

“Hmm. Aur tum?” She asks. Gauri nods.

“You should have added ‘little’ ajinomoto actually” Gauri mutters.

Anika drops her jaw and walks a step away. She narrows her eyes. “If you care so much, you should have helped me in making it” she rebukes.

“If you wanted my help, you could have called me?” Gauri shrugs.

“No one wanted you. No wonder mom adopted you”  Anika shoots back.

“Dont get me there for the millionth time. Im not Adopted. You are !” Gauri screams back.

“Hey!.. I cant expect you to help me after all. Who am i to ask an adopted child for a help” Anika heats up.

“Cant you see im limping??” Gauri yells back.

“I really wish you suffer something more than just a sprain. You should have fallen down. With all your broken tooth, you should probably plaster your mouth for life” Anika yells back.

Shivaay, Om and Rudra stood there all perplexed.

Anika and Gauri looked at each other.. kept panting..

And finally somewhere from the blue, they both suddenly smiled. They both started laughing.

No one knew why they laughed. Not even Anika and Gauri.

Gauri runs to Anika and hugs her again. “I missed you!” Anika whispers.

“Mee too” Gauri finally reveals. Anika hugs her tighter. Shivomru smiles seeing them reunited.

“Ouch! Dont kill me. Or else mom will turn furious and send you back to orphanage” Gauri squeals and Anika rolls her eyes and everyone chuckles.

“Guys.. can we all eat? Or else Anika’s stomach will rumble in another..(he looks at the watch).. 4 seconds” he says and everyone turns to her stomach.

“4..3..2..1..” and her stomach rumbles. Everyone stood frozen with shock.

“My personal stalker” Anika says and folds her arms. And everyone chuckles still not out the shock.

They all enjoyed their meal. Shared it, fed it, and shared a lot of smiles and laughter along with it.

Finally they all settled themselves in the hall.

“Shivaay and Anika!” Om calls out.
They both turn to him.

“Atleast now would you guys explian us your relationship status?” Om asks hopefully raising his eyebrows.

Both look at each other blankly.

“Please dont tell me you are gonna have a ‘live-in’ relationship” om asks a little scared.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and lovely dear… Aniri fight is amazing

  2. Niriha

    Fabulous ??loved it

  3. ?? loved it

  4. Amazing! 😉 Post soon please….Uh…Live in relationship…..I really donno whats gonna happen. Eagerly waiting. Post soon. Bestestestest wishes. Love❤❤
    I hope thT pinky is NOT NEGATIVE in this ff??

    Dear ninaku
    ShivIka scene and conv? AniRi scene? ShiOmRu AniRi scene? it’s interesting chapter??????
    Take care and stay safe ?

  6. Alekhika20

    Lovely update

  7. Awesome cute aniri antics
    Loved the way story goes

  8. Hiiii a silent reader here.Ur writing style is amazing….u created sweet magical moments out of their simple daily life with ur words.Loved each and every bit of ur ff such a sweeeeet story this is that always makes me smile while reading…..
    Thank u sooo much 4 this beautiful piece of writing.
    Take care….

  9. aww such a nice sweet cute and emotional chappy..will be waiting for the next..pls post ASAP..

  10. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing chppy !!! I am loving the cute headings u give in each chp… somethin different…. snuggle buddies.
    Why is pinky so annoying… she sometimes gets on my nerves…. plz don’t make the mothers the villain of their and rikara’s love stry. The way she was annoyed seeing gauri and anika… kinda indicates she already dislikes them a lot and aftr anika’s cooking disaster tho definitely hate her. Anika went off to the kitchen left with no option but to cook for her future mother in law…. shivay wanted to help her but pinky didn’t allow him to move. He messaged her the recipe and seein her clueless reaction he told her each and everything tht needs to be done. Anika comes out with the dish all nervous… she felt like she fought some war and came back. Pinky’s reaction on tasting the food and her outburst on anika for cookin such bad food… and she said some words which hurt her a lot. More than her shivay was hurt seeing his mother’s reaction towards anika and for badmouthing against her…. and seeing anika’s reaction as well. He knws how much effort she put into making the dish…. she went out of her comfort zone to prepare somethin for his family but it backfired. Shivay got angry at his mom for her words to anika. Omru satyed back for some more time… thank god pinky left.
    Shivay strted searching for anika… hell worried abt her. Unintentionally she was hurt by him and his family. I loved the fact tht gauri called shivay as her jiju… she hinted tht anika might be in her room. Without wasting anthr second, he went towards her room and apologised for wht happened outside… gettin no response he climbed up her window into her room. He relaxed seein her there on the bed crying…. he went and cuddled next to her. He feared tht she might hate him for his mom’s behaviour but she relaxed him… he also consoled her tht his mom doesn’t hate her but the fake cook. They stayed in each other’s arms… cuddling together…… the best feeling is to be in the arms of the person u love, all the stress vanishes and there’s just peace. Shivay got anika to the hall as she was hungry.
    Gauri hugged anika as soon as she saw her…. she felt bad seeing the way pinky behaved with her but she couldn’t do anything… they both strted fighting like cats and dogs aftr tht shocking the hell outta the brothers (adopted is like the key to the siblings fight… all fights strt with tht only… all siblings have told each other tht they were adopted) They laughed and hugged each other much to the relief of the obros. Everyone was surprised to see how well shivay knew anika…. her personal stalker…. within these two months he understood her very well. They all ate food aftr tht spending quality time with each other… chit chatting and teasing each other. Om asks the most imp question aftr tht and shivika didn’t knw wht to say. Though i wanted to see shivika havin a live in relationship…. sleeping in each other’s arms aftr a long tiring day, having breakfast in bed……. but seeing pinky barging into the house any time even i am scared.
    I am really loving this series a lot. Take care dear and love u loads.

    1. Maryam_ishq

      And i’m good. Lil busy with college work these days tht’s why not able to comment soon.

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