Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 41

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“Believe me.. you need no Oxygen to live. Aloo puri.. bas!!!” Shivaay comments and Anika sheepishly smiles back.

Shivaay begins to cook and anika sits on the slab as usual. Her job was just to taste the dish and make sure it is perfect. She was so hungry that she she still was in her date outfit.

Shivaay carefully adds the necessary ingredients and was totally engrossed  in the dish.

He casually turns to her side and gets totally lost. As if casted a immovable spell, as if he forgot what blinking and breathing is.

Her beautifully low curled messy pony tail was breathtaking and her caramel fragrance was making his macho weak.

Totally forgetting about the dish, which he usually doesn’t, moves closer to Anika.

Anika sees him totally lost and waves her hand before him. Shivaay slowly blinks and starts caressing her hair.

“Sh..shivaay.. ” she loses her voice.
He gently lets his hand cup her face.

“Mujhse tumse kuch kehna hai..” he whispers.

“I know.. your Salon package starts tomorrow. So you want me to pay for that.” She says shrugging her shoulders.

“Noo” he says with a husky voice, gently holding her face with both his hands now.

“Then what??” She whispers back fixing her eyes with his’s.

“About us” he says making Anika’s heart skip a beat. The guy who never came out of his zone, who went through an emotional trauma for the past 4years finally managed to talk about something that would finally give him peace.

“Err…errr.. Us???” Anika stammers clutching her gown a little tighter.

He moves a bit closer and hums.

“You know.. that your tenant period ends in two days right?” He says and her face frowns the next second.

Pushing his hands away she jumps down and starts stirring the aloo mix.
“I understand. You are asking me to start packing my stuffs right?” She asks with her voice almost trying to break.

Sighing out in disbelief, “Anika, just hear me out. Dont start assuming things” he talks a bit annoyed.

“I know.. You were the one who asked me to GET OUT that day. I had something to tell you that day but all you did was just leave me alone in a restaurant 45mins from here. I walked back home, you idiot. And now you are reminding me about my tenant period. Need to say more ? You desperately want me out!!” She yells back cracking shivaay’s heart.

“Aisa kuch nayi hai anika. That day.. you know na. What happened. I was stressed out, i was depresssed, i was totally hopeless..” he trails and she gives no heed.

“I dont care. But how can you leave someone behind who came totally believing that you would drop her back safely. Such carelessness. What if someone kidnapped me. What if some guy made me unconscious and took me somewhere and tried to do something to me..” she rebukes but her words died the next second when she felt a pair of hands embracing her.

Snuggling his head in her neck crook and dropping few tears down, he hugged her from behind.

“I’m sorry! I never meant to do that. You know na.. i can never hurt you. Ever” he says with a genuine voice.

“Then why do you do this to me?? Why do you have to remind me that i have to leave from here in 2 days?? Anika whines.

“Can you just let me talk for once without interrupting?” He asks sternly.

She pouts and hums.

“We havent taken time to talk about ‘us’ for a while now. I guess we never did. So can we just spend some time today talking about us and nothing else? No other nerdy date guys, no ex girlfriends, no no anything else?? Fine??” He asks with a desperate voice.

“Okay.. but what if you hide something from me ?” She points her finger.

“Lets get drunk? I speak the truth when i drink. Everyone does. So done ?” He asks still with a hidden motive to make her strike this wish of hers “get totally high you could ever imagine”

She gets thinking and fakes a innocent face.

“Dont act like you’ve never drunk” shivaay demands a truthful answer.

She sticks her tongue out. “Yeah.. i have. In my friend’s Bachelorette party” she says looking elsewhere.

Shivaay smirks and pulls out a beer bottle from nowhere.

“When did this come inside my house ??” She asks all shocked.

“You can expect anything in the nook and corner of a boy’s house. Well there’s lot more. There a wine bottle under your bed, another behind the mirror, a beer bottle above in the kitchen shelf..” he trails and Anika just is dumbstruck hearing a lot of secrets in just 5 secrets.

“You drunkards!!! Now i get the feel like im living in a bar!” She says and gives a disgusting face.

“You never knew all theses?? Then what did you think when i helped you get the sause bottle down from the kitchen shelf ? I just didnt want you know that i had a beer bottle there” shivaay shruggs his shoulders.

“Iska matlab? That day, He wasnt seduced by my waist?? He was distracting me instead?!?” Anika mentally facepalms and follows him to the couch.

“Acha tk. Shall we get drunk??” Shivaay offers a glass to her and she gulps it down the next second.

“Hmm..give me another glass!” She squeals and gulps down another 8 more glasses.

Shivaay just chuckles and adores her getting drunk while he still haven’t had a drop.

She smiles wider and falls straight on him. “Heyy.. heyy .. hey.. heyy” he calls and grabs her shoulder.

“Hellooo Billu! Say hello back!” She demands with a narrowed eyebrows.

“Hai hello!”  Shivaay smiles back.

“You didnt drink??” She asks with a curious face.

“Noo.. i drank two glasses more than you did” he says and acts like he was drunk.

“Ayee..sharaabee” she jokes and starts laughing.

“Sharaabee.?? Me?? Fine. Now tell me… Anika?” He asks.

And she begins to say.

“Meh Anika! Papa ki favourite daughter and the happiest kid. (He smiles) .. until Dad died three years ago.” She adds and the smile died on her face.

“Car accident. He took all my smiles away. Gauri always tried to console me in the best way possible. Mom.. isnt wrong.. but her orthodox behaviour just gets on my nerves. She never believed her daughter, me and always worries what the society might think. Screw you society!!!!(she screams)

I love gauri. And she loves me too. But we never expressed it. I was always a loser and she was always the best.

She got a thousand proposals and a myself a hundred. One threathened me that he’ll fall off the building for me and one had my name as his tattoo. Somehow i never had the feel to love.

Living alone in a huge city independently was my idea. And mom was totally against it. I came here after a huge fight and finally met you.” She says and Shivaay turns pretty anticipating as to what she has to say about him.

“The boy in boxers, they way i have introduced you in my personal Diary. You are such a… a pain in the ass.” She says and Shivaay rolls hos eyes.

She suddenly gets up and sits on his lap. Shivaay jaw drops and oscilates his eyes to both her hazels for an explanation.

“But you know what??” She asks and he gives a curious face.

She draws her finger down his cheeks, and moves forward to his ear.
“I…” she trails and Shivaay bulges his eyes out.
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