Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 40

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Im immensely happy in claiming that my last update was my 100th article. Starting from “when cupid goes blind we create our destiny” till “Hey roomie” ?? it has always been your efforts my lovely peaple. I am deeply touched by all the love you have given me these months. ❤ infinite love to you guys !!!

Shivaay was sitting all grumpy and irritated.

“Aww♡ kaanji aakhon wala has come already? Such possessiveness uh shivaay? Well seeing you like this is indeed fun. Why dont we enjoy a little more?” She thinks and her inner bulb glows. She decides to speak with Sanjay for a little more with a extra wide smile so that billu’s stomach shall burn.

“Waise Sanjay.. you havent told me anything about you… ” she asks and was cut in middle.

“Are you even serious?? Anika.. I’ve been talking about myself for the past 20mins 37seconds” he gives a statistic data and Anika bites her tongue.

“Sorry.. how about your bakery shop? Is it going good? I heard you guys had a huge loss last year?” She again asks but her attention was totally on Shivaay.

“Anika.. that’s Ranvir. Kala aunty’s son. Im Sanjay! I work in a MNC. I earn a lakh per month. I guess you have totally forgotten me” Sanjay gave a weird look.

“I never remembered you in the first place”she mutters under her breath and fakes out a smile.

“Sorry.. im quite stressed. Too tired actually. I manage two jobs and i monthly earn a 40k approx” she says shrugging her shoulders.

“Just 40k? That’s not even half of mine’s. Well, couldnt expect more from you. You were always an average student and you used to cry seeing me topping my class” he adds with a mocking laugh.

Anika still fakes a smile while she was breaking her knucles below the table.

Seeing Anika smile and laugh all the time, Shivaay clutched his fist and was burning all red.

“Huh.. i can make her smile wider than that” he shruggs his shoulder and turns away. A second later looks at their direction again from the corner of his eyes.

“Where do you buy your outfits Anika??” Sanjay asks with a curious look.

“Err…the bazaar shops. During festive season. On 75% discount mostly” she says with a excited voice.

“Chiii..Those are so cheap arent they..?? You better start buying from the malls” Sanjay again mocks.

“Will your grandpa pay for that?” She slips with a angry face. Shivaay notices this and gives a curious face.
To clear the confusion, Anika quickly grabs Sanjay’s hand and smiles wider.

“I mean..is your grandpa fine. It’s been a while i saw him” Anika just bites her teeth strongly and asks with a fake smile.

“Believe me! It’s been a while since i saw him too. I guess we cant see people who are dead” Sanjay replies rolling his eyes.

“Ohh sorry. I didnt know” Anika replies back with an awkward smile.

Suddenly light music starts to play on the background.
“Anika.. Will you lend me your hand to the dance floor?” He asks forwarding his hand.

“I swear i wont even lend you my leg if shivaay wasn’t here” she murmers under her breath and nodds with a smile before him.

They both enter the dance floor and Sanjay starts making unrhythemic non-sync steps. Stamping Anika’s leg at times.

“Ouch” she again squeals, and Sanjay apologised for the 5th time now.

Shivaay bites his teeth and fumes out smoke through his ears. “Arrgghh… this Sanjay is getting on my nerves. He looks like a Marasmus-hit-monkey. How is she even beginning to think to spend her whole life with him when i cant even bear to look at him for 5 minutes. I better go home. I cant look at this horrible scene” he growls to himself and storms out.

Anika notices Shivaay leaving the place with a smirk. Accidentaly she stamps on Sanjay’s legs.

“Those were my expensive ‘Lacoste Piloter corde’!!!! Handmade exclusively for this date.. you ruined it!” He screams and a few people turn to them.

Now Anika’s temper knew no bounds.
“Mr. Sanjay Kumar. Yeah i stamped on your ‘Lacoste..” whatever bullshit. And it wont take me a second to kick on your nuts.

Yes i earn less.. but im happy with what i earn. I buy my mother her favourite colour sareee with my hard earned money rather than spending thousands on a stupid lacoste shoe”

She bends down and picks up her sandal. “My chameli is long lasting than your ‘yuck’oste. Here you go. You’ll need them. Exclusively bought from Mumbai bazaar at 70% off.  ” she says and gives him her sandals and walks out barefoot.

She takes a cab back home and enters the hall and sees Shivaay sitting with his head dropped down and hands fidgeting a Rubick’s cube.

“So Mr.Oberoi is in deep thoughts!!” She exclaims as she removes one of her long earring.

“Heyyy you’re back.. nothing like that!” He says with a low tone still fidgetting the cube.

“Soo… ”  Anika trails expecting him to ask. “Soo.. what??” He asks with a dead reaction.

“You wont ask me about Sanjay and about my date?” Anika opens up not wanting to drag it anymore longer.

“I could interpret it from your excitement. You liked him didnt you?” He says and turns his head away.

“Yeahh… kind of. He’s well-educated, rich, a green-card holder, he’ll give me a luxurious life..” Anika trails and Shivaay gives a faint smile and was about to go away.

“But he isnt the one my heart wants.” She says and Shivaay’s dead face gets glowed up. He turns back to her locking his eyes to hers.

“You said “nah??” He asks with a about-to-sob voice. Anika just smiles and blinks in assurance.

Shivaay sighs out in relief and appears as if he has gained his lost life.

“Wòhooooo” he screams and hugs Anika bone breakingly tight. Anika stands there all petrified not knowing what just happened.

Shivaay realises what he has done a second later and was still fanning her crook of the neck with his hot breath.

He slowly withdraws himself and looks at his reflection on her hazel eyes. He gives an awkward smile and was about to go when she grabs his wrist.

“I guess my heart has already found what it wants” she says and tightens her hold to his wrist.

Shivaay breaths out sharply and turns back anticipating her to finally say it out.

“Aloo puri!! Im really hungry” she says and rubs her tummy. While shivaay rolls his eyes realising that he has to spend the rest of his life with this crazy foodie.
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To all those who commented on my updates, who privately messaged me and all those silent readers who peeped once in a while.. THANKYOU GUYS!!! it’s been and will be my happiest phase of my life. Writing was never my aspiration. But what i started as a casual thing has now been a beautiful part of my life. TU was my first platform followed by wattpad. But TU is always something special. ??? love you guys!!❤

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