Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 39

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The current comes back. When they were still in the hugging position, Anika gets a call. They both slowly part away and shivaay carasses her hairstrands that were struck to his pointed beard.

”Haa maa. Hmm.. meh teek hoon.. kyaaa?? Maa.. im not intersted.. maa why dont you understand. Lekin ma…
Maa suno na.. maa.. Arrgggrrrr… Fine!!! But im not still not interested.. it’s just gonna be a formality.” She cuts the call and throws the phone on the bed.

“Kya.. kya hua ??” Shivaay asks with a grin on his face, still in his dreamland after hugging her.

“Phail gaya raita..” Anika says facepalming herself and sits on the bed.

“Raita what?? what are you talking about??” Shivaay asks with a confused look.

“Mom has found a new alliance for me. The so called “Green-card-holder”.. A distant relation. I have seen him in one of a family function. He is such a price tag. Values money more than feelings. Yuck.. my fate is so in Voldemort’s hands” She sighs and cups her face.

“Voldemort? Your mom doesnt have nose??” Shivaay pokes his nose.

“Noo.. she is being so cruel to me. Why cant she just let me be.. do i look so week? Cant i stand on my own legs.. so what if if im 25 years old. Does that mean i should leave all my freedom and get caged?? And all she cares is what her neighbours would gossip about. I wish i could punch all my neighbours who gossip about me. Dont they have any job other than Butting in my life” she squeals and grabs her head in frustration.

“Heyy relax. Just a date. Go meet him and just tell him it wont work.” Shivaay shruggs.

“You serious ? You want me to go?” Anika asks quite disheartened to hear him say that.

“You’re just gonna say NO. Why is it gonna bother me ? Only if you say YES.. it’s gonna kill ..” he spits out and stops with a bulged pair of eyes.

Anika jawdrops and gives him a “is that for serious?” Kind of look. When shivaay realises what he had blurted and “I mean.. look at hiccups.. what will he do if you go away.. he’ll feel alone. He’s gonna have a tough time without you…He isnt gonna move on anymore. He has seen a lot of pain in his life. Just dont give him another heart breaking pain…just look at hiccups.. ” Shivaay says and looks at Hiccups.

While Anika kept looking at this 5.8 tall Hiccup standing before her. She knew all those that he was mentioning was to himself.

“Areyy dont worry.. i aint leaving hiccups. Ever. It’s just gonna be a formality. Ill meet him.. just make things clear and return back to my hiccup” she says and picks up hiccup from the carpet.

Holding Shivaay’s wrist, “I know he has a pretty bad past.. but Ive decided to give him a beautiful future. And im never ever leaving him” She says first grabbing an eyelock with him and then signals to Hiccup.

They both share a smile and shivaay informs her that he’ll cook today.
When suddenly Anika shows him a Double Margarita pizza box on the kitchen slab.

He gives her a eye and refuses to have it. “Believe me i bought it! I didnt use any of my late delivery tricks this time” She says and Shivaay chuckles.

After dinner, They both return to their respective rooms and Anika continues smiling remembering his incident with the lady. While shivaay starts to rummage through her list again.

“Sing a senseless song amidst a crowd of people” well that’s weird!” He thinks and chuckles.

“Get totally high you could ever imagine”, weird again” he smiles.

They both eventually doze of.

Next morning, Anika gets up with anxiety yet with a smile knowing how she’ll end up with Shivaay no matter what.

Anika walks up to the kitchen to see him Hastily making americano. He wasnt normal. Totally nervous and jerking.

She smiled and “shivaay” she calls.
He turns around to her with a fake smile and eyes going about in random direction.

“You fine??” She asks with a concerned voice.

“Haann.. Totally. Btw… what’s his name? Your date’s..?” He stammers.

“He’s Sanjay!” Anika says.
“Oh” and that’s the only world that came out from his mouth.

Totally feeling pity for him, yet she had to show some tadi.. cause he went on a date with someone else before. So she starts with her drama.

“Waise… mom told me that he’s changed and not like before. So if he is not that price tag that he was years ago, i might think about it” she says hiding a smirk.

“Thi.. thin.. think about it matlab?? Shivaay huffs out of fear.

“I mean.. what if if he’s ‘The guy’?? I dont wanna ruin the date like that… I’ll practise those dance steps that i taught you, and go exactly by the same way i instructed you on your date, and finally if still i dont like him.. ill finish it off” she says noticing him getting pissed off.

“What about all those stuff you told me, about losing freedom and getting caged.. about not wanting to marry a random guy..”he speaks with a desperate hopeless voice.

“Welll… i just wanna give it a shot” Anika shruggs her shoulder and examines his raging expressions.

“But but.. but.. but.. but..” he gets stuck and finally sighs out in disbelief.
“Im leaving! He growls and rushes out .

Anika smiles and squeals.
“Hayeee My to-be-boyfriend is getting Angry. Dont worry Mr.Gandhi. Just three more days. And im Officially your girlfriend.” She speaks out loud.

She returns back home by 5 and starts getting ready. She put on her necessary makeup and an evening gown perfect for a date. Rolling down matching bracelets and stroking up mascara perfectly she sets to go to the spot.

As she enters, her gourmand Caramel scent attracted a few gentlemen. She walked past them like a queen bee, elegently and gracefully.

There she saw Sanjay, looking all nerdy and smiling sheepishly. She fakes a smile and makes it all formal.

“Haiiiiiiii Anika. It’s been such a long time. You’ve grown all beautiful and lovely. It’s such a pleasure meeting you today” he speaks all geek.

“Mummy… save me for the next 1 hour” she mentally prays still faking a smile.

She tried hard not to make it look obviois that she is completely not intersted. But she couldnt help..

She rolls her eyes, laughs at unwanted situations and giggles all the time.

She casually looks around and catches him. “Ayeee meri Jalkukda” she squeals in mind.

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