Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 38

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Anika wasnt so busy that day. So she returned back home early and jumped into her casuals.

She made a call to gauri. On the parallel world, Gauri was busy dreaming.

Hearing the ringing sound she wakes up reluctantly.

“Kaun he??” Gauri asks irritatedly with sleep still pulling her down.
“Anika!” She replies.

“Vanitha?? Didi.. please Write my assignments again. And dont tell mom..” Gauri blabbers thinking it to be their maid.

“Hey idiot.. you still haven’t learned to write your assisgnments on your own huh? I pity Vanitha didi.. and im Anika here btw” Anika snaps.

“Gadhe.. you always call when i sleep” Gauri whines.

“Correction!! You Always sleep!” Anika cuts her in middle.

“Acha listen !! What do you think about the then 2007 Dhoni??” Gauri asks with a sheepish smile.

“Young, handsome, talented” Anika replies with a pout.

“Hey.. he still is young, handsome and talented” Gauri rebukes harshly and Anika rolls her eyes.

“Fine.. what about Hrithik roshan in Krish 1, Shah rukh khan in Don 2??” Gauri kept bombarding questions.

“Kya hai tumare problem?? You wanna become an Actress or what?? Started to go for any acting classes?? Well you drama queen dont need one” Anika was pissed off.

“Areyyy It’s not about their acting you idiot .. it’s about their similarity… Long hair!! I am always getting dreams about a blurred face Long haired guy. I get to romance with him. So is there any chance hrithik roshan is visiting me??” Gauri asks with all the widest of smiles.

“Bewakoof!! Grow up Gowri.. dreams are dreams.  They aren’t happening” Anika speaks out.

“Fine.. I just hope My hrithik roshan visits me soon” Gauri again dreamily talks.

“Whatever floats your boat. Now tell me.. how can i propose Shivaay?? I havent come up with an idea. And you have always been everyone’s love guru. Please help your didi no..” Anika pleads.

“Then promise to courrier a pack of chocolates???” Gauri screams in excitement.

“I wish i could send you cockroaches” Anika murmurs silently. “With pleasure!!” She speaks out and fakes a smile.

“Fine. Will think of some khidkithod ideas and call you back.” Gauri informs and cuts the call.

Later, Anika kick starts her scooty and goes out to deliver pizzas. Simultaneously Shivaay reached home and was relaxing after a hectic day.

He gets a call suddenly.
“I dont know how.. but meet me in Parsons colony no: 12 in 10 mins” She screams and cuts the call.

Shivaay gives a weird face and shrugging his shoulders he jumps up to follow her orders. He reaches there and sees her all red in anger.

“Shivaay.. dont ask me anything. Ill show you someone. Give her a tight slap!” Anika yells in frustration.

“Kya..  pagal hai kya??.. slapping someone for no reason. And slapping a girl?? It’s not in my principles” Shivaay turns away.

“So you can slap me.. and that is in your principles??” Anika speaks spontaneously making him bend in guilt.

“Shivaay i didnt mean to say that” she immedietely regrets saying that.

“Shivaay that ladki called me a.. a.. will tell you later. But please slap her.. fine.. atleast scold her for me” she nearly cried.

“Fine.. where is she?” Shivaay says fed up with her tantrums. While Anika drags him to the door and ding dongs the calling bell.

A girl in her 20s comes out with a bottle of ketchup in one hand and a pizza in another. “Tum?? Phir se??? Go send back some male employee.. chicks like you, will smile wider to the men in the house for extra money” she says again for whick Anika clutches her knucles and was about to punch her. When Shivaay consoled her and turned to the girl with a angry look.

“Excuse me miss.. have some manners please. She’s a delivery girl. And that doesnt mean she’s so cheap. Mind your words” Shivaay keeps talking making Anika fume again.

“Areyy.. why are you just talking? Slap her you fool.” Anika silent yells to Shivaay. Shivaay just wiggles her hand off and continues to talk. Irritating anika more.

“Hey.. cheapde.. speak whatever you want but i dont think you even have the guts to touch my boyfriend’s hair.” Anika says with a smirk.

“Boyfriend?” Shivaay gulps.

“Huh.. just the hair” The girl says and ruffles Shivaay hair not knowing the consequence. 

Shivaay pulled the ketchup bottle from the girl’s hand and squeased it on her hair in a blink.

“Play with anything but not this! And better learn some good manners soon kiddo” Anika comments and quickly rushes away from the spot pulling Shivaay along leaving the girl squealing behind.

They both reach home and Anika starts laughing hysterically. Only after a while she notices Shivaay pretty put down.

“Hey… sorry she ruffled your hair. Ill pay for your salon next time.. please dont be sad..” she childishly consoles and carasses his cheeks.

“It hurts you even now, doesnt it?” Shivaay speaks with a broken voice.

With a confused look, “what are you talking about..shivaay… What is hurting me..” she asks with a decreasing smile.

“My slap!. It hurts you even now. You told me a while ago. It means you still arent over it.” Shivaay starts to drop a tear bowing his head down.

“Shivaay.. i told you i didnt mean it. I really did not. It was just a slip of the tongue” she nears him and wiggles his shoulder.

“I shouldnt have slapped you. I am such an idiot. How easy i raised my hand on a woman…” he trails and just when the current goes puffff.

“Ahhhh” Anika screams and hugs him tighter.

“Anika.. im here. Im here for you. Dont worry  Ill never let anything happen to you” he says as he hugs her more.

“Meh Samjhata hoon shivaay. Even that slap was because you were too afraid to lose me. I know you care for me.. and i am not scared anymore. You’ll be there beside me” she whispers in a audible tone.

After a long pause, “Anika.. meh tumse kuch bataana chaahatha hoon” Shivaay says as he pulls her out of the hug.

Still afraid of the dark, she clutches his collar tightly and stands with her eyes closed. “Hmm” she hums.

He prepares himself, gulps dowm some saliva and slowly reaches upto her ear.

She slowly overcoming her fear, slides her hand down to his chest. “Boldo na..” she asks with a anticipating voice.

“So… about you paying for my next salon.. can you make that twice?” He asks and she hits him on his chest and they both laugh.

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