Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 37

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“Ka.. karo na.. matlab??” Anika stammers locking her eyes with his’s.

“I mean.. if you keep thinking about Advaay.. you better marry Advaay…. karo na shaadi Advaay ki sath” Shivaay says with care-free attitude.

“So what about that 5.8 short, handsome, charming, unique eyed, businessman??” She asks with a smirk.

“I know no man like that. Even if i do, im asking him not to marry you” He spits back and turns around with folded hands.

Anika chuckles. “Tk. I’ll find my Man in my way.. you.. he need not come. chalo!!!! you wanna see the wedding scrapbook or not?? Im terribly hungry btw.. if you make it late.. i wont mind eating you” she growls by the end.

With one leg folded abd the other hanging, he places his head on his knuckles and looks at Anika who sits beside him with a set of over-excited eyes. She opens her collection, a book full of what was actually not luxurious but was actually what she liked the Most. Every minute single detail in her wedding.

Starting from the flowers, the curtain colours, the themes, the invite designs, the wedding attires, till the tiniest of all the requirements.

She kept explaining Shivaay how she loved these the most. Why she loved the Orchids. Why she had a fascination for starts and moon hanging in the wedding hall. Why the rustling tree sound wins her heart than a music band.

Shivaay kept adoring her as she kept explaining her desires.

Just when Hiccups comes and snuggles to Shivaay’s leg. He whines along with it.

“See.. you’re breed has come” Shivaay signals Anika.

“You’re calling me a dog?” Anika gives him an eye.

“Hehe.. he’s hungry.. that’s why he snuggling around my leg. Even you were feeling hungry a while ago, remember?”  Shivaay teases.

“Shit. I forgot i was hungry” Anika jawdrops a second.

“How can you forget you’re hungry?? Like.. how can a foodie like you forget that?” Shivaay asks with a curious face.

“Satisfying a heart is like mentally eating Biriyani, than satisfying a tummy by actually eating” She quotes with a smile.

“Wah! kya bath he.. Waise.. Seeing this wedding scrapbook was satisfying your heart??” Shivaay asks.

“Hmm. This is my dream wedding. But it wont happen, that’s why… just looking at it gives me happiness” She says with her smile half disappearing.

“The Wedding wont happen? Turning into a saint or what??” Shivaay starts laughing hysterically.

While Anika just pushes his chest quite hardly and stomps up with a irritated look.

Shivaay holds her wrist right in time and jerks her back. She falls on his lap and wasnt hesitant at all now. She neither stood up nor she said anything.

To his shock, she just hugs him tight and rests her head on his shoulder. She starts silently sobbing.

“Heyy Anika.. what’s wrong??” Shivaay was pretty concerned. She still kept crying.

“I hate my life. I just hate it when i cant live the life i wanted.// I never believed in love. Gauri did. She kept telling me how beautiful love is and how shayaris kept flowing out her mouth just by thinking about love.// But somehow even i wanted someone to be there for me. As a support system, i could lean on, i could actually rely upon. I wanted to love.// But mom never liked love. So this dream wedding will remain a ‘Dream’ wedding.// I just hope im worthy enough for a guy who will make me his world. // i dont wanna end up my life with a random guy my mom shows me” She speaks an out of the blue topic.

“Hey.. you are worth more than that. You’ll get a guy who will make you feel special. You’ll never feel any pain, and he’ll never let any pain near you. I promise” Shivaay replies with a assuring voice, with his hand on her neck crook.

She just snuggles and hugs him more.
And Hiccups snuggles to his legs.
Suddenly Anika’s tummy rumbles. Shivaay chuckles and Anika slowly chuckles too rubbing her tears away.

“Chalo baba.. ill make breakfast for you” he says and pats her back gently. She gets up all pink and puffy. Shivaay smiles and cups her face.

“How boldly you came alone to a huge city to live your dreams independently, how surprisingly you got two jobs, how bravely you kicked on a guy’s nuts…. you are a total pataka. And who wouldnt want you? I should say… ‘The guy’ is lucky!” He says with a smirk.

Anika blushes and goes away to freshen up for job. While he goes in to make pasta and a french toast. Giving Hiccup his food, Shivaay sits down and takes out his mobile.

He opens his gallery and looks at the pic that he took a while ago. Her “Things do to before 30” list.

It was longer than the last time he saw it. She had kept Adding the points to the list.Now she had struck some more.

“I wish i could make you strike every single wish of yours” Shivaay thinks and runs his finger through the list for unstruck points.

“A back hug from my guy?” Shivaay smirks, and keeps reading when Anika comes out all ready for office in her palazzo kurti with matching antique jhumkas.

Anika goes to her room and dries her wet hair infront of the mirror. Suddenly a pair of hands snake around her waist and hugs her from behind.

“Shivaay.. kya kar rahe ho tum??” Anika gasps suddenly seeing shivaay on the mirror.

“Nothing. Just that i wanted a hug” he says and Anika blushes.

“Even i need one. Can i ?” She asks pushing away her shyness.
“Hmm” he replies slowly releasing his hands.

She turns slowly and places her head on his chest and slowly takes her hands to be wound around him.

Suddenly Vicky breaks in.
“Shivaay!!!! Your loverboy has come!!!” he screams pulling Oscar in.

Vicky sees them nearly hugging.
“Sorry. Wrong address” he says and accidentally leaves Oscar’s belt.

Oscar jumps to Shivay and wipes all his saliva on his face.

“See?? Oscar is jealous. That’s why he’s licking Shivaay infront of you. You better make him yours soon. Or else i’d have to find a new planet for a dog-human relationship” Vicky whispers to Anika and she chuckles.

Seeing her smile, “Now there’s one that you can cross out from your list” Shivaay thinks and smiles.

Now Hiccups accompanies Oscar in wiping his part of saliva on Shivaay’s face.

“Now you’ve become one among their breed” Anika comments and Vicky starts laughing. Shivaay rolls his eyes and hops in to wash his face and go back to his original breed.

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  1. Nikita ravichander

    Awesome…I loved it….good going….when will be shivika’s confession…I am waiting for it….do update. ..

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    God you’re tooooooo good and cute writer as well!
    I always had been ..I am ..and will always be in love with your writing .
    Will you ever stop fascinating me girlll??!!
    and just a question from an astonished me..
    “how do you get rather from where do you get these extra amazing ideas ..for every time with a new bang!”
    shivika always had been my fav in IB and reading their ff’s had been a fav work since I started reading your works . truely!
    you played a major role .
    well…yeahh..annika truly is a ‘pataka’ and honeslty i really like the character of Vicky ..the way you portrayed a hypothetical person is just fabbbbb…
    love you so much
    yours admirer

  3. Excellent..!!

  4. shanaya rajput

    u r simply astonishing
    with ur simple plots & bang on ideas u know hw to keep ur reader engrossed in ur story
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    1. Alluallu

      The episode was kidhikitod…I loved it…

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    Awesome update

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    This one is simply awesome. As idea, bring Pinky to visit Anika once. Or make a really hot guy reach their house from Anika’s office. A huge misunderstanding or a love fight. As you wish. But do update soon.

  11. Hey di commenting on your ff after really long
    So I’m sorry
    Really amazing chappy
    N for the idea maybe shivaay mending anika and her moms relationship
    I feel that is extremely cute??

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  13. SatyendraSharma

    It was awesome and mindvlowing as always..Plzz continue anika’s wishes thing..

  14. Fantastic .Ninaku do you are an awesome writer.

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  16. Maryam_ishq

    Superb… mind blowin chp yaar !! I am seriously in awe of ur writing style and ur khidkitod ideas.
    Shivay sayin in a carefree attitude to marry advay… am seriously liking shivay’s jokes and comebacks so much… kaha se laati ho yaar ye saare ideas. Anika showing him the wedding diary and telling him about her dream wedding… she has each and every single detail planned out for her wedding… she forgot all about her hunger in this. Shivay just admiring her and adoring her cute antics… he listened to her words and was staring at her as well… i would love to see this scene on tv… the way he stares at her with love in his eyes ??. Shivay indirectly calling anika similar to hiccups ?… anika got angry at him.
    Shivay pulled her towards himself and she fell in his lap…. shivay was worried seeing her crying and she tells him tht this dream wedding will only be a dream as her mother is against love marriage ?…. shivay consoles her and she snuggles into him more… the emotional moment turns light with anika’s tummy grumbling ?. Shivay tells tht she is worth a lot and she is very strong and she deserves more thn this. He heads off to make breakfast for his hungry girl and she heads off to get ready for office. He goes through the list and finds out one wish he can fulfill now.
    He goes and backhugs anika ????… guess this is something every girl wants… backhugs are just the best. Anika blushing with this action of his and she turns arnd to hug him when vicky suddenly barges in with the new found lover boy of shivay’s ??… aaj toh full on disturbance wala din hai pehle mallika phir vicky… ab pata nahi aur kon aayega ?. Vicky asks anika to propose shivay soon otherwise oscar would leave with shivay ??. Shivay wishing tht the smile is always intact on anika’s face. Now shivay became a breed of theirs ??… he goes to wash all their saliva and go back to his own breed ?.
    The moment i see u have updated a smile automatically comes on my face… ur episodes are always new and lovely and hilarious as well. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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