Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 36

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“And why are your cheeks all tinted??.. holi hai kya?” Mallika asks still with her angry tone.

Anika blushes reminiscing her moment with Shivaay adding extra colours to the tint.

Shivaay just butts in now to further not to let Anika spill the beans

“Apka naam?” He asks forwarding his hand.

Mallika just rolls her eyes to Anika and giving away her anger, forwards her hand to Shivaay.

“Mallika sharma” she says with a small smile. He smiles back.

And a pause, Mallika turns to Anika and slaps her again.
“Kuthe.. Im getting married on Feb 14.  Valentines day. I can see that you are least interested in my wedding… fine.. Tania will be my bridesmaid then..” Mallika says controlling a smirk.

“Wo tuchi luchi Tania?? Are you kidding?? Excuse me.. im your bridesmaid and that’s settled. Dont you dare break our 7th standard pinky promise” Anika rebukes and Mallika finally gives up with a smile.

“Fine.. so you bring that Wedding diary with you tomorrow?? We will make out the best from it?” Mallika asks all excited and Anika nodds spontaneously and gets all hyper excited while Shivaay just witnessed them Silently.

“Fine.. now how is Shivaay here again??” She begins again.

“I was just asking him to come by and drop in some ideas for your wedding. I have a secret for you. Well that’s why i was taking time to talk to you about it.” Anika manages the situation so well that even Mallika is impressed.

“Secret?? Surprise??? Yayyy.. so i wont disturb you anytime sooner. I know that you know that i like surprises” Mallika literally jumps.

Anika pulls a clumsy smile while Shivaay controls a laugh. Mallika waves to them and flies away.

“Thank God, Mallika didnt mention about Advaay.. i still have time to tease shivaay..” Anika mentally smirks.

“Thank God Mallika didnt mention about Advaay… i still have time to tease Anika..” Shivaay mentally smirks too.

“So what’s with this… wedding Diary thing” Shivaay trails.

Anika just gives him a blunt stare and shaking her head for a ‘Nothing’, was about to walk away. She stands still after a step forward, taps her feet and finally breathing out sharply, “Fine.. let me show you” she says and makes a move front.

She gets tugged back. She turns to see him looking at her with a smirk.

He comes closer and gently cups her face. While her eyes was popped out and kept shuttling to both his oceanic eyes.

“Kya..kar rahe ho.. tum? ” she stammers as she whispers. He says no word and rubs her cheeks slowly.

“You look like a clown. Wipe it off” he says and gives a smirk seeing his effect on her and walks away.

She frown childishly, pouts and rubs her cheeks with her wrist and follows him back to her room.

“So?” He says with a tight smile and anticipating face.

Anika pushes him a little away and reaches for the cupboard. He peeps in but she pushes him away with a angry glare.

She pulls out a huge pile of diaries. After dropping em to the bed, she pulls out a huge wedding scrapbook which looked as if forgotton for ages.

She has a smile plastered on her face on seeing it. 

“Awww missed you so damn much” she says and hugs the scrapbook.

While Shivaay just chuckles and folds his arm seeing her antics. Just when she gets a call. So she places it down on the bed and flipping her hair..

“Wait until i come. Dont open it without me.. or ill kill you” she warns and hops out to attend the call.

Shivaay just sits down on the bed and starts whistling. His whistle stops gradually when he sees a set of diaries along with the scrapbook.

He opens a personal diary shrugging his shoulders when “You mannerless blo*dy..” a couple of censored words tag by and Shivaay hastily drops the diary to its place.

“Phewww” he sighs with a rolled up eyes. He then finds the book that he had found very interesting.
“Things to do before 30”

He quickly flips through the blank sheets and finally finds the list.
Taking clicks of it, he safely drops it back to the position.

She enters the door with a doubtful face. “Someone tried to peep in is it?” She asks with a raised eyebrows.

Shivaay shrugs his shoulders and acts normal.

“Fine. I’ll let you see this. But promise me.. that you wont laugh or tease when you see through it” she asks with a pout and forwards out her pinky man??.

“Aye aye captain” shivaay replies and grabs it.

Anika opens the scrapbook so slowly with her eyes all sparkling.
“My dream Wedding!!!” she silent squeals happiness.

Shivaay smiles at her. “So what have you got in it? Wedding meal list? I am not attending your wedding if you dont give me biriyani..” shivaay plays.

“If the groom wants.. it shall be given!” Anika plays her part of the game as well.

Shivaay jawdrops and before he could ask her.. “My groom. If he’s gonna be a Muslim, you’ll get delicious Biriyani” she strikes.
[Anika- 1; Shivaay -0]

“Hey.. Even hindus make good biriyani”
[Anika-1; Shivaay- 1]

“Fine.. My groom will be a Vegan. He wont like chicken Biriyani’s.
[Anika-2; Shivaay-1]

“Hey… if you marry a Vegan.. he wont buy you Double Margarita pizza and you chicken noodles”
[Anika- 2; Shivaay- 2]

“Fine.. He may be from abroad. So he might want some continentals than Biriyani.”
[Anika- 3; Shivaay- 2]

“Abroad guys will flirt with many foreign chicks. So you might be wanting to marry some.. indian.. and if it’s a Bangalore guy…you’ll be lucky”
[Anika-3; Shivaay- 3]

“Huh.. maybe.. but I just love Tall guys. I wish he is 6 feet”
[Anika-4; Shivaay-3]

“You’ll need a chair to kiss him.. short guys are cute.. you know that?”
[Anika-4; Shivaay-4]

“If Advaay would have been here.. he would have asked me to go by my thoughts” Strike 5.

“If Advaay would have been here.. he would have asked you too marry a 5.8 short, handsome, charming, unique eyes, businessman. Strike back.

“Huh.. As if Advaay would have asked me to do that.. it means i must be marrying you!!”  Anika trails and stops.

“Karo na.. ” Shivaay spills.

Anika- Clean bowled.
Shivaay- Decision Pending.


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If you missed any prev parts. Do read em below.

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