Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 34

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“Pick the red one” Shivaay says.
“But I like the black one” Anika whines back.

“You’ll look good in red, believe me” Shivaay says sternly.

“I’ll look good in black too” Anika whines again.

“Im telling you, your 65kg figure isnt gonna go into that slimfit black dress.” Shivaay warns.

Anika’s temper goes up. “I ain’t 65 and i ain’t that fat. Im buying the black one” she silent yells.

“Whatever” Shivaay says and rolls his eyes, folding his hands.

Pouting and giving it a second thought, she smiles..
“Bhaiya.. pack the red one” she says and looks away.

Shivaay smiles and looks at her now. While Anika fakes a angry face and turns away.

Anika walks to the next stall first, and Shivaay follows her.

“New year’s around the corner. We’ll buy some lanterns. What say?” Anika asks and turns to him with a 440 watt lit face.

Shivaay holding all the bags rolls his eyes and felt pity for himself for carrying so much. Luckily they had brought the pet ketnnel and put Hiccups in it.

After buying some lanterns, they both continued to walk on the busy road. When suddenly, “Shivaay.. you keep going, ill join you” she says and enters a shop.

Shivaay decides to stay out and go after she returns. He keeps looking his watch and was leaning on the nearby lamp post.

Losing his patience, he enters the shop. Without noticing the section in which Anika was standing, he moves straight to her, straight to the ‘innerwear’ section.

Anika was busy on a call. The sales lady was waiting for Anika.
Shivaay enquires the lady to why she is waiting.

“Sir, madam wanted to buy some innerwear itseems. I was about to ask her her size…” the saleswoman trails.

“Oh.. that’s 30” Shivaay spills jerking the hell out of Anika. The Saleswoman hides a smirk and goes to bring back size 30.

“What.. what are you doing here?? And Err.. how.. how did you know my size?” Anika asked embarrased.

Opening and closing his mouth to say but words fall out because he cant confront her saying that he eavesdropped when she spoke about that to her mother.

“I.. i.. just guessed it” shivaay blurts again making Anika even more uncomfortable.

“Guess?? Hooww.. howw can you guess  it?? Anika stammers.

Shivaay draws on thr air, trying hard to escape the situation. While Anika just crosses her hands over her and gives a weird look.

The sales lady gives her the necessary items and they finally decide to go.
They both reach home and Anika was about to hop back to her room.

“Shopkeeper gave me this. Buy 1 get 1 itseems” He says looking somewhere else.

Anika opens the brown bag to find the black dress that she wanted.

Anika smiles and taking it from his hands goes back to her room.

Minutes later.. shivay hears a squealing sound.

Waiting just outside the door, “Anika is everything fine?” he asks concerned.

“Absolutely” Anika says after a pause.

“Then why dont i feel that way?” Shivaay asks with a doubtful voice.

“Believe me.. im completely fine” She whines.

After a long pause, “Shivaay are you still near the door” She asks losing hope.

“Ahaan” Shivaay says leaning on the door.

“Please come inside with your closed eyes na.. please!!” She pleads.

Shivaay takes a deep breath in and enters inside as she said.

“You were right. That black dress is not my size. Im stuck! Please help me out of this thing” she says with a low tone.

Shivaay smiles amd walks towards her with his eyes shut.

“Please dont open your eyes” She says. And he follows exactly how she instructs.

He had to pull down the zip. But it was impossible at that moment with his shut eyes.

“I cant do this with my eyes shut. But at the same time i cant look at her” Shivaay mentally is confused as to what to be done.

He sharply breaths out a breath and opens his eyes. She had her camisole and was in her trousers. The black dress had covered her head and stuck with her hands inside it.

“Shivaay help karo yaar.. and.. you have your eyes closed right??” She asks.

After a pause, “yeah.. yeah.. definitely yes” he stammers and moves forward to help her out.

He tries pulling it out and she was on the other hand, squealing.

When the dress was half up, it covered her part of the face above the   mouth and exposed the part below it.

Her lips were plumpy pink. Shivaay just blinks and his heart skips a beat.

She as if ‘pouring oil in the fire’ parts her lips making him feel weak on his knees.

“Shivaay??” She whisper calls making him jump back to reality.

“Yeah.. yeah..” he stammers and while pulling the dress totally out he closes his eyes.

Now she looks at his face below his ruffled hair and those pink earlobes gave her a faint smile.

She looks at his nervous lips and takes a forward step. She nears him the first second and stops half way through.

With a jerk, after realising what she was about to do.. she withdraws herself and stands away.

She puts on her usual tees. “You can open your eyes” she whispers, and thry both share a small eyelock after that.

“I should better go to work” he says and moves out closing the door.

Anika just falls on the bed, facing the ceiling. “You’re making me go crazy even before becoming my boyfriend.. shivaayyyy what are tou doing to me!!!!” She silent screams and rolls over the bed hugging the pillow.

While shivaay on the other side, “my goodness, those lips!!! Those are the death of me” he says hugging his files.
He then gets inside in car and drives to his office.

“It’s been a while..let me inform that couch potato” she talks to herself and calls Gauri.

“Im in my maths class you idiot! Call me later” Gauri silently yells.

“Acha suno.. I Love Shivay singh oberoi and im gonna tell him. Now go continue your maths class” Anika says and controls a laughter.

“Oh Sankarji !!” Gauri screams.

“Get Out!” A voice comes from behind like always. Gauri happily jumps outside.

“You serious???” Gauri screams again.

“Hmm” Anika hums with a blush.

“Dont tell me you are blushing!! Anika you dog.. am happy.. wait i aint interested in your life.. anyways.. just.. all the best!” Gauri lowers her voice and tries being formal.

“Thankyou” Anika replies knowing about Gauri and her sisterly ego.

“Oh so that’s why jija sent me a parcel of chocolates uh?? Now this is not fair.. i want a huge treat!” Gauri whines.

“Oh.. jija already?? Someone is getting much importance than me in my sister’s life?” Anika starts with her crocodile tears.

“Acha drama queen.. when are you gonna tell him?” Gauri asks eagerly.

“At the end of this week. When my tenant period ends” Anika slips the word.

“Tenant period? Is that house not yours??” Gauri being a sharp kid investigates her.

“Err.. i have some work. Call i call you later” Anika stammers and cuts the call in a go.

“Uff in the nick of time” she sighs and sits down with a thud.

Shivaay decices to tell it to his brothers and video calls Om.

“Kaanji Aakhon brother.. what a special surprise” Om exclaims as he strokes his brush on a painting.

“Im in love” Shivaay says with sigh in happiness.

“What??” Om screams in joy and unfortunately squiggles paint on his portrait.

“Shit!” He adds and Shivaay laughs hysterically seeing his new abstract painting.
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