Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 33

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“I cant do this Anika. I dont have the strength for this. Please let me go” he says with a sinking voice.

Turning all serious “Do you still love her?” She asks.

With a “what are you talking about” kind of look, “Noooo! Why dont you understand. I am over her. But i just cant see this wedding” he whines.

Taking in a deep breath, “If you have the right to go away half through her wedding, then she has the right to know why..” Anika speaks up.

“You pulled me to such a situation. If i had knew that this is her wedding i wouldnt have come” Shivaay rebukes.

“I dont care about that. But if you ain’t gonna finish all the knots and ties of your previous relationship, how are you gonna move on in life, huh?? I dont know how…but i need the 4-years-back happy and fun loving Shivaay” Anika says with a concerned stern voice.

Just when a bride’s friend comes by.
“Shivaay?? You are shivaay right?? Sheryl wants to talk to you” She says and walks away.

Shivaay hesitates but Anika holds his hand giving him a assuring look.

When he was about to go, “careful” she says and gives a stronger hold to his wrist. Shivaay moves away to Sheryl’s Room.

Both Shivaay and Sheryl look to different directions.

“How are you Shivaay?” Sheryl asks with a low voice.

“Way better than the old fool ” he says and Sherl drops her head down.

“Sorry!” Sheryl says with guilt clearly striking her voice.

After a pause..”So Ashish uh?” Shivaay asks seeing the names on the nearby invitation.

Sheryl pulls out a faint smile.
” Finally found the guy who could tolerate all my tantrums” She says.

Shivaay chuckles. “Yeah right. As if your tantrums are easy to tolerate. You were such a drama queen” Shivaay comments.

They both sadly chuckle and finally sheryl gives a satisfied smile “You love Anika dont you?” She asks.

Shivaay having a half smile turns to her and shrugs his shoulders.

“I can see that in your eyes. Please dont make her wait. Cause i see the same in her eyes too” Sheryl says and pats on Shivaay’s shoulder.

Shivaay gives her a formal smile and nods.

It was getting late outside. Everyone starts to clamour about bride taking so long. And naturally Anika’s heartbeat rises for not seeing shivaay for a long time too.

Finally she hears people gasping and and gossiping more. She looks up to the stage to find Shivaay bringing sheryl to the mandap with a smile.

She sighs out in relief and signals shivaay to come down.

Shivaay hops down and sits beside her with a ‘thud’ and a smile on his face.

“You fine?” She asks pretty concerned.
“Dont miss the scene” Shivaay says seeing the mandap excitedly ,all ready to witness the grand wedding.

Ashish ties knot to Sheryl. Shivaay does his aashirvadh by throwing the flowers on her. Anika looks at Shivaay with a growing smile and holds his hands.

After marriage, and being a foodie, she rushes to the dining hall and munches till her stomach aches. They find people from the groom’s side to be discussing about something serious.

Anika eavesdrop as she passes by. Later comes and sits beside Shivaay.
“Shivaay you need to go. People from the groom’s side is searching for you” she alerts.

With a questioning look, “why would they want me? It’s that spiky head Ashish getting married to my ex not me” he rebukes.

“Arey.. just do as i say.. im going out and starting the scooty. Just rush out and join me” she says and gets up.

They follow the plan and once when shivaay is finally out, Anika starts to laugh hysterically.

“You are supposed to give me a reason whenever you laugh like this” he says and rolls his eyes.

She points down to his dhoti and starts lauhing again. Shivaay feels awkward. “What’s so funny to laugh at my dhoti?”he silent yells.

“Your dhoti? That was supposed to be groom’s. I just remembered that i gave you THE DHOTI which the groom is supposed to wear” she says and continues laughing. While shivaay looks down and widens his eyes.

Later They both head back home, without a word.

Anika watches as Shivaay goes to his room. Anika sighs and was quite a little put down seeing him go without a word.

She drinks a glass of water and gently places it on the table nearby. Suddenly she feels two arms pulling her to a warm embrace.

Shivaay had back-hugged her. He starts sobbing out of the blue. And they maintain the position for a while. He keeps sobbing, when finally anika drags him to the front and chinning him up, she looks straight at his welled-up eyes.

She wipes out the rowing tears and cups his face. She slowly tiptoes herself and places a warm kiss on his forehead.

“Chalo. You need rest. You’ve been through a very heavy day” she says and was about to leave him behind.

She gets tugged behind in his hold. Breathing in gently, she stands facing the other side. He comes closer and placing his head on her shoulder, he locks his hand around her waist.

“Thankyou!” He says and hugs her tighter.

Withdrawing from the embrace with a heavy heart, they both turn to go to their rooms.

Not looking back they both take baby steps and reach their rooms. Leaning themselves on the respective room doors they both smile.

Making a call to Vicky, “Your Shivaay is back as i promised Vicky” she tells him and after a second of pause, “just one more thing. Love. He will soon get that too” She blushes and cuts the call.

Consequently, Shivaay makes a call to Vicky. Biting his lower lip, “I’ve decided to tell Anika! My heart..i want it to feel the love again. There’s no going back. I wanna.. wanna love. Love Anika. Vicky Im telling her soon” he says and cuts his call as well.

They both simultaneously smile and shivaay slips to his peaceful sleep after a whole of 4 years. ❤
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