Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 33

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By 9:00 at night, Shivaay comes out to the kitchen for dinner.

He sees Anika with her show off Chef hat and apron. He chuckles and looks at the burnt pan.

He speaks no word and walking to the stove, he picks up the pan. He pulls out vegetables and starts cutting them.

She sits on the slab in excitement and swings her legs. In the process, she even kicks shivaay once.

“Sorry” she says and grabs her ears.
Shivaay instead stuffs a carrot in Anika’s mouth and continues cutting onions. She now enjoys munching it as she was hungry.

“As promised, I’ve bought Gauri’s foreign chocolates. And even couriered it.” Shivaay says without turning to her direction.

“She likes Vanilla doesn’t she? I have bought em all.” He says for which Anika smiles.

“Err.. the shop keeper had extra chocolate flavours itseems.. so he gave them to me for free. I couldnt say NO. So if you want you can have em..” Shivaay adds cutely.

Anika bites her lower lip and taking baby steps she hugs Shivaay from behind.

”Is the shopkeeper’s name Shivaay?.. she asks and smiles.

Shivaay blushes and shakes his head for a NO.

“Fine. Thank the Shopkeeper on Gauri’s behalf and mine too. Waise.. tell the shopkeeper to prepare the food as soon as possible. My stomach is grumbling” she says trying to part from the back hug.

“Ek minute.. i just remembered the shopkeeper telling me that he’ll prepare it soon only if you keep hugging him, pagal aadmi hein na?” Shivaay stammers.

Anika hugs him more now with a plastered smile on her face.
“Okay.. only because the shopkeeper wants..” Anika says and they both remain that way till he completes cooking.

They both retire to their sleep, after a hefty dinner. Anika slips to a deep sleep for she had a satisfied day. While Shivaay plans an idea for the next day.

Next morning, Vicky and shivaay waits for Anika to come out. They both hear her yawning.

“Kumbhkaran has got up. She’ll be out in 7 seconds. Ill go hide” shivaay whispers and hides himself behind the curtain.

Vicky doubts and starts counting.. “7,6,5,4,3,2,1,zero..” Her door creak opens and anika came out stretching her hands. Vicky jaw drops and looks to shivaay’s hideout direction.

Shivaay signals him to look away. Vicky looks to Anika and “Good morning!!” He wishes with a smile.

“Good morning” she shrugs her shoulders and falls on the couch facing the Television. Turning it on she keeps changing the channels with hiccups snuggling on her legs.

“Anika..are you free today… Mera matlab he… i have two passes for a exhibition..” Vicky trails.

“Then go.. take shivaay with you. You both ‘Straight’ people will have a good time together” she says and controls a laughter.

Vicky rolls his eyes. So does shivaay.

“Teek he.. so what do you want me to do.. do they take tickets for dogs too? Can i take hiccups with me?” She asks with a excited voice.

“Err.. dogs are allowed.. but the tickets are for people. Why dont you take Shivaay with you… i have a client to meet today” he spills and pulls out a fake smile.

“So this exhibition thing, was your plan or shivaay’s ?” She asks as she gets up from the couch.

“Mine. Totally mine” vicky says and shrugs his shoulders faking a innocent look.

She goes near the pillar and pulls shivaay out.

“So why is billu hiding behind the curtains??” Anika asks raising her eyebrows.

“Ek minute.. kya bola tumne? Billu??” Shivaay gushes out hot air through his ears.

Vicky starts laughing hysterically. Anika bites her lower lip and controls her laughter.

“Kyun itni gussa? Billu ek acha name hein na?” Anika continues making shivaay jump in embarrassment.

“Waise Anika.. How did you know that he was behind the curtain?” Vicky asks scratching his head.

“Shivaay’s Park Avenue is stronger than his mind” she says with a wink.

“You know what? Let’s cancel the Exhibition plan cancel.. I have a lot of work in office and i wanted to go out with you na.. my fault. Tk.. you wanted to irritate me, so hey you won.. cause im totally irritated now…. billu itseems.. is billu even a word. Billu is a terrible word..” he keeps ranting.

Anika just rolls her eyes. She nears him all of a sudden.

Shivaay keeps ranting with a decreasing voice and when Anika starts to Cup his face, his voice totally dies and he breaths unevenly with his eyes oscillating to both her eyes.

“How much will you speak?” She whispers.

Vicky leaves them behind with a smirk and goes out holding oscar’s collar.

“So.. exhibition uh?? You wanna go alone with me?” She whisper talks.

He hums out of the proximity.
“What’s your name again?” She asks drawing her finger from his cheeks to his neck.

“Billu” he loses his voice.
She smirks and pats his shoulder all of a sudden.

“Billu.. right! Alright. We shall go to the exhibition”” she says and walks away flipping her hair.

“Shit” he facepalms for losing so easily.

They both get ready and Anika pulled down a cold shoulder top and a denim jean.

Picking up hiccups in her hands she sits behind shivaay on the scooty. Shivaay had his shades on.

“Hicccup! Tell your papa to withdraw some cash soon cause mama likes shopping !!!!! Better he prepare himself to return back home empty handed” Anika tries spilling beans.

And and usual Shivaay’s selective hearing ability makes his dumb again.

“Spending all the money ? Are you gonna buy the whole exhibition?? You are buying not more than 5000” Shivaay murmurs.

“5000? For what?? Hiccups’s dog feed??’ Anika rebukes.

In mind.. “i made him papa and myself mama for hiccups.. but all Billuji can hear is spending money… haiyappa.. what creature am i loving?” She whines.

“Chale?” Shivaay asks and Anika humms annoyed.

“Tk.. final.. 8000” Shivaay tries to compromise.

“Why dont you buy your ex girlfriend a honeymoon pack with that 8000” Anika yells.

Shivaay chuckles and raising his hands up surrenders.

“Mata Rani.. my debit card is at your service” he says and finally Anika’s face brightens up.

“Exhibition!! Here we come baby!!” Anika screams making shivaay close his ears.

They both drive away to the spot with Anika showing her 32 dentals and shivaay rolling his eyes.

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