Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 32

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“Shivaay promise me that you’ll be with me the whole day in the event” she pleads.

“It’s Monday, monkey!! I have a hell a lot of work to do. I cant..” he trails.

“Please please please please…” she nags. Shivaay shakes his head and finally surrenders.

They both reached the spot. It was so grandly and beautifully decorated. Aptly decorated as per the theme.. the south indian type. The traditional and majestic way.

”What am i gonna do, when you are gonna roam here and there arranging stuff. It’s gonna be boring for me” he whines. 

Just when Anika’s Boss comes by the way.. “Hey Ani. I think the work is going as planned?”she asks with a stern voice.

“Yes! Big B. Things as far is going super good. And hey.. i’ve a guest with me. Is that a problem?” Anika asks with a puppy face.

Looking Shivaay from top to bottom lowering her sunglsses, “yeah.. why not. But no changes in the dress code Ani. Just give him a silk dhoti.” She says with a tight smile and moves out picking out her ringing cellphone.

Aniks turns to Shivaay with a pleading face.

”Pleaseeee!” She keeps trailing and finally shivaay drops his head down.

“Fine. Fine. But i dont know how to wear a dhoti”  shivaay pouts.

“Kamaal he.. you know to wrap a saree but you dont know to wear a dhoti” Anika jokes and chuckles.

Giving her an eye, “Now you stop teasing. Or ill leave.” He says and acts to turn away.

“Teek he, teek he..” Anika surrenders and pulls him to a nearby room.

She grabs a Dhoti from the self and makes shivaay to stand before the mirror.

“You know how to wear a dhoti?” Shivaay asks with a doubtful face.

She shruggs her shoulder and shows him the mobile phone. ” Idea 4G pe Dekho India hua hook. LookLook… LookLook!” She sings the Advertisement song.

He chuckles and waits for her to browse the video. Layer she starts going round and round around him to wrap the long dhoti above his pants.

Finally tucking and adjusting the dhoti, she stands with her hands on the hips.

“Uff.. Traditional singh Oberoi ban gaye.” She says.

“What about my pant?” Shivaay asks looking below.

“Remove your pants duffer” Anika yells. Just when a passing by aunty gives them a “chii” kind of look and runs away.

Shivaay and Anika understand the situation and share a awdward smile.

“Chale?” Anika calls.
“Waannn… it’s gonna be boring!” He whines

She smiles and pinches his cheeks.

“Sirf ek din. Please mujhe maaf kardo. Will try my best to be with you” she says and quickly giving him a side hug  she rushes to the mandap to get things right.

He sits rolling his eyes on the golden printed diwaan. Eating all the passing by sweets and drinking the juice be fills his tummy.

Anika rushes this side and shivaay pulls her by her pallu end.

She swirls and falls on his laps.
“Shivaay tum kya kar rahe he? Im busy right now. Dont pester me” she complains and was about to go when he pulls her again.

“Im bored. Even on my wedding im not gonna wait this much longer. If i have to wait.. jeez.. im not gonna marry at all” he says and rolls his eyes.

Anika chuckles and gently tapping on his shoulders “I feel pity for your bride. She’s gonna marry a hippie”

“Dont test me. Im literaly exhausted here waiting for you. Atleast i would have gone for my work..” he trails when she quickly places her finger on his lips.

“Have you seen the bride and groom?” She asks and he shakes for a ‘NO’.

Quickly jumping down from his laps, she pulls him up. “Chalo, we’ll go meet them and then ill pass on my work to someone else and join you” she promises with a assuring smile and waits for a reply. He pouts and nods in positive.

“Shivaay.. just go with the flow.. Just follow me” she instructs and holding his arm tightly with both her hands, she enters the room.

“Ahem ahem..” Anika coughs gaining the bride’s attention.

“Aww.. Anika.. you’re here. Finally i get to see you amidst such frenzy. Uff… you are such a wonderful planner. I couldnt have asked for a better wedding. It looks magical” the bride compliments.

Pulling out a fake smile.. “it’s just my duty. And hey.. i want you to meet someone special” Anika says and pulls Shivaay to the front.

The bride and Shivaay look at each other.

“So, he’s my super hot handsome Boyfriend i was talking about. You were so eager to meet him werent you.” Anika says and tightens her hold onto shivaay’s arm.

Shivaay’s face turns sullen and pale. He was just facing the most anticipated reality. Meeting Sheryl. It was Sheryl. The bride was Sheryl.  Sherly was out of words too. Meeting him after 4 long years. Reminding him of the betrayal she made, the painful memories that he wanted to forget.

“Tum..” Sheryl trails. When Anika quickly snakes her hand around his neck and looking into his magical orbs.

“Shivaay. My boyfriend” she says and gently drops a peck on his cheek. Shivaay looks at her all dumbstruck.

“So sheryl, meet Shivaay. Shivaay, meet sheryl” she casually introduces them and pulling out a wide smile,

Shivaay flipped his face and with a Angry look stared somewhere else. Sheryl was gasping seeing him, While our drama queen, starts with her rantings.

“You have no idea how romantic My Shivaay is. He gives me piggy rides. He paints my nails. He even bought me a puppy. And you know ? This saree.. it was him who made me wear it. And this mehendi.. he drew it on my hands. How cute na.. i know you were too eager to know about my romeo. So here you go” She speaks in a single breath and smiles.

Without giving her a second to talk,
“Fine.. Now get ready Sheryl for your Magical Wedding!” Anika says and tugging shivaay’s arm she walks out of the room.

Anika pulls Shivaay to a seat facing the mandap clearly.

“Anika im leaving. I cant look at this shit” he silent yells and tries to stand up when Anika pulls him down again.

“Who is so fortune to watch his own Ex’s wedding. You are. Now sit down and let her know that you are far happier after the breakup” she says looking into his eyes.

Shivaay gives her a hopeless reaction.
“But why??” He asks with a sinking voice.

“Why should girls have all the fun? This isnt a revenge. You are just gonna show her that you are happy without her. This is not a wish. But an order” she says grabbing his hand tighter looking at the mandap.

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