Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 31

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Vicky starts teasing Shivaay for watching Hindi serials. All the while shivaay keeps rolling his eyes and Anika kept laughing.

Biding a goodbye to shivika, Vicky tries hard to drag away the Oscar lover boy from shivaay.

Later by evening, Shivaay was busy pondering over a file to be discussed on the next day, monday.

He suddenly heard Anika cursing someone. Chuckling, he walks to her room. Slowly peeping inside, he sees her struggling with a book on one hand and a cone in her mouth.

He points his nose in, and looks at what she was trying to do.

She was trying to select a design from the book and draw it down on her hand. He smiles and nears her.

“Monkey makes many things” he says and chucles out loud.

“Dont get me started with your Ready-made proberbs now. Im already frustrated. Grrrrr….” she growls.

“Fine!! Now what’s with the anger? Is your Mehendi cone not obeying your rules??” He asks with a wink.

“Dont trigger me. I have a south indian themed wedding to organize tomorrow. And i have to apply Mehendi on both my hands. My boss’s order” she says and starts cursing her again.

Shivaay laughs a little, “So why is that making you angry?? Hate your Boss? Or hate mehendi??”

“I love mehendi. But i just dont know how to put that on my hand. Gauri knows that well.. now gauri’s not with me. Im screwed. Tomorrow im gonna face my boss devil with empty hands..” she keeps ranting untill shivaay holds her hand and with his eyes locked to her’s, “Shall i?” He asks with his deep voice.

She nods out of the proximity. He pulls her closer and she was just a step down from his laps.

He starts drawing, and then and now shared a cute eyelock with her. He draws a beautiful arabic design on her hands.

“How.. how.. do you know to draw this well??” She asks controlling a blush.

Starting with a chuckle, “You still have a lot more to know about me honey… i have traces of my brother’s Artistic genes. Sheryl used to love it when i draw on her hands..” he slips the word.

The next second, his face dies. He drops her hand and after digesting what has happened he storms to his room without a word.

“Shivaay..” she calls with a concerned voice. But he slams his room door and drops down in tears.

“I still have some broken pieces of your heart to fix” she thinks. She then looks at her mehendi hands and smiles.

She walks to his room door and sits down leaning her head on the door.

“Shivaay” She calls. While on the other side, Shivaay stops sobbing and takes a sharp breath in.

“Shivaay.. it’s alright. It’s over. You need to move on. I know.. it’s pretty hard to forget the past. But crying over and over again about the same incident isnt going to make you better. It only keeps breaking you” Anika says with a suble voice.

She touches this side of the door and coincidentally shivaay joins his hands on the other side.

“Shivaay… just imagine.. when you are crying here…. will she be crying there?? Well no! She isnt gonna give you a damn. It’s over. Then why do you keep killing yourself here??” Anika asks with her tears rowing down. Shivaay cries on the other side as well.

“I cant see you crying shivaay. I know you are crying inside. I just cant see you like that. Please come out.. please??” She calls and the door opens the next minute.

Shivaay with his red eyes and puffy cheeks comes out, trying to pull out a smile.

“Come here” Anika says with a smile and widens her hands.

Shivaay falls on her and hugs her tight. “Thankyou!” He whispers in her ears.

Anika chuckles, “Enough of your thanksgiving. Now please dont ruin my Mehendi” she says still with her hands in the air.

Shivaay chuckles and withdraws out.

Slowly grabbing his cheeks on her fingertips “cute” She says. But some mehendi sticks to his cheeks.

“Ewwww” Shivaay says and shrinks his face. Anika starts laughing.

Spending their night, running around with hiccups and chatting for a while, they both retired to their respective rooms with a smile.

Though shivaay smiled he slided down to his bed remembering Sheryl’s betrayal. Anika on the other hand, decided to do something about this.

Next was a monday morning, Shivaay came out of his room and had his cup of Americano as usual. He saw drops of water outside the bathroom. So he finds out that Anika is up and has had her hair bath.

But there was no sound of her. He was annoyed for not seeing her for a long time. Pouting and tapping his feet he kept waiting for her to come out.

Too irritated, he decided to go check on her. He peeps inside. Now his jaw literally drops down.

Eyes start to blink slowly, and his breath deepened.

Anika was trying struggling to wear a saree. She was unknowingly flaunting her milky white waist.

He baby walks to her. And gently holds her elbow.

“Shivaay” she nearly whispers and looks at his reflection on the mirror infront.

“You need help!” He says.
“How are you saying that?” She asks with a confused look and breathing in heavily.

He pulls out the pallu tucked inside the waist. He laughs while she blushes and bends down.

“This must come here” he says and helps her to wear it.

“I should wear a saree for the event itseems. My devil boss is so cruel!! She silent yells while shivaay smirks and continues adjusting the saree for her.

Finally he waits with the four folds in his hand to be tucked inside her waist. He looks at her. He just gets up and asks her to hold it.

She was confused and raises her eyebrows for a “what”.

“Tuck this inside your waist” he says and hands her the folds looking everywhere but her.

She smiles and holds it. He moves away with a blush.

“My man’s a gentleman” she says and pats herself with a smile.

Later wearing a minimal makeup and necessary accessories, she walks out and stands before shivaay who was busy watching a sports match.

“How am i looking?” She asks as she kept adjusting the saree and turns around.

Totally mesmarised, he looks at her without a word. “Beautiful” he slips.

She blushes and starts munching the bread toast and ombellete. Amidst the flattered state, he managed to chuckle at her antics.

“Chale?” She calls.
“Kahaan” he asks.
“Arey drop me…i cant go out alone like this. I am totally worried.. what if my pallu falls” she says and sighs out sad.

“I have pinned everything right in place. Dont worry” he says and smiles.

“Anyways.. please atleast drop me” She says for which he nods.

He starts the scooty and she tries to sit with her leg on both the sides.

“Kya.. kya kar.. Anika!!! Behave like a girl when you are in a saree. You arent in your trousers” He silent yells.

“Sorry” she says pulling her ears. She sits on one side, Grabbing his shoulders making shivaay smile.
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