Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 30

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“Shivaay, are you not allergic to dogs?” Anika asks as she borrows hiccups from Shivaay with a curious face.

“Tell me you wont tell Vicky” Shivaay asks with a pout.

Anika gets thinking and nods out of curiousity holding Hiccups on her shoulders.

“I dont.. really like…Oscar. That’s why i lied to him that i am allergic to dogs” Shivaay replies closing his eyes.

Anika just narrows her eyes and slaps him not so hard.

“Ouch” Shivaay whines.
“You deserve that” Anika says and walks back with hiccups.

Shivaay calls her from behind but she gives him no shit. Later by noon Shivaay returns back home.

Tip toeing himself.. he looks around for Anika. Not finding her anywhere he doubts her to be roaming around like she told him.

“Ufff… Escaped!!” He breaths out just when he hears a sound. He peeps to the varandah to see Anika standing looking so angry.

She unlocks Oscar’s belt. With hanging tongue and sparkling eyes Oscar looks at Shivaay and starts running towards him.

Shivaay widens his eyes so wide and runs like as if he running to save his life.

“Anika!!! Heyy Monkey save me !!!” He screams as he runs. While she just sits on the couch and turns on the Tv not giving him a heed.

Finally Oscar manages to catch Shivaay. It hovers over him and starts licking all over his face.

“Oscar!!! Oscar!!!.. hehehe.. that’s tickling.. stop it!!” He start laughing.
Anika smiles turning to their side and adores the scenes.

Finally taking all of Oscar’s saliva on his face. Shivaay stands up sighing out in satisfaction.

“See.. Oscar always loved you. And it’s not right to hate the ones who show you so much love. Somethings aren’t the way you actually imagine it to be. You just need to give it some time” Anika says and shivaay nods knowing she was true.

“Now if you and Oscar are done with your love story, get me some lunch. Im hungry” Anika says rubbing her stomach.

Shivaay chuckles and enters the kitchen. He again peeps out “btw.. where is Hiccups??” He asks.

“Guess who is having their love story with hiccups??” Anika says with a peppy voice.

Shivaay raises his eyebrows signalling “whom?” Anika replies “Vicky!!”. Shivaay laughs and goes for cooking.

He makes a hot soup and a spicy dish just to pacify her fever.

“Soup?? That too after sprinkling so much of pepper. I am not having this” Anika squeals with a shrunk face. While Shivaay rolls his eyes from the sofa.

Shivaay gently placing the soup bowl down on the table, pulls Anika to him. She falls on his laps. Making a pout and a clueless reaction she looks at him.

“You are soo hot..” He starts..
“Kyaaaa” Anika now asks with a sinking stammering voice.

Shivaay jerks realising what he said and what meaning she took.

“I mean.. hot mablab…you are burning with fever…. so you cant refuse to drink this. Just have it!” He warns and taking the soup bowl again he gives it to her.

“Fine.. im having it. But what’s the necessity for me to sit on your lap to have it?” She asks with a questionable face.

Shivaay’s eyes randomly moves now.. “If.. if you get up, im sure you’ll pour this in the sink. So its better i cage you” he says and tightens his hold around her.

Anika smirks, and takes the spoon.
Shivaay now gently taking his hand up, holds her hand and helps her in having it.

“Your hands are shivering. You’ll drop the soup bowl doen any minute. It’s better i feed you. Or else my hardwork in making the soup will get ruined” he lies and starts feeding the childishly angry faced Anika.

Anika shrinks her face everytime, she gulps the soup. Shivaay took chances to adore that cute antic of hers.

“Now dont tell me, you are feeding me the main dish too” Anika says still anticipating him to do so.

“Advaay would have done that to you so why not me. I am going to feed you, no matter what” Shivaay fakes a annoyed tone and starts feeding her.

Both hid a smile and continued relishing the wonderful chance her fever, Advaay had given them.

After having a hefty meal, Anika passes out on the sofa and sleeps. Shivaay smiles seeing her and wipes her lips with the tissue and goes to wash the plates.

2 hours passes by. Shivaay was bored now. With Anika sleeping and hiccups in Vicky’s house..it was indeed too boring for him.

He sits beside Anika on the sofa with his head on his knucle. He turns to anika and starts witnessing her utter divine beauty. Noticing her hairstrands disturbing her face.. he tucks them behind her ear for which she moans and smiles. Shivaay just couldnt get enough of her cuteness.

He quickly rememebers the last week episode of Kaisi yeh yaariyaan. Pretty eagerly he turns on the television and
Casts the next episode on it.

“I love you Manik” Nandhini says.

Shivaay looks at it with a blush and keeps watching it.

“Romantic isnt it?” He hears a voice.
He turns around to find Anika watching the same with a jaw drop and with a popping out eyes.

“When did you get up??” Shivaay silent yells.

“When your mindvoice asked you to watch my favourite serial without my concern” she says and narrows her eyes.

“Fine!! I was eager to watch the next episode” he whines.

She smiles and slowly snaking her hands to his waist, she gently places her head on his chest.

“We’ll watch it together!” She says not looking at him.

He smiles and they both continue to watch it. A little later, Little did they know that they had two more eyes fixed on them from behind.

“Awww… Nandhini is so romantic” Anika says.

“Hey.. It’s Manik who is romantic” Shivaay rebukes.

They fight for like a minute when suddenly.. “i guess Shivaay’s right. Manik is indeed romantic” comes a voice from behind.

“See even Vicky supports me…” Shivaay says the first second, and the next moment he facepalms as he is now caught red-handed watching serials.

Shivaay and Anika turn simultaneously with a sheepish smile.

“So when did Shivaay singh Oberoi turn into Serial-obsessed singh oberoi??” Vicky asks with a raised eyebrows.

“He he he..” Shivaay awkwardly laughs.

“It is rightly said. Love can make a man crazy” vicky spills seeing both anika and shivaay.

They both gasp and share an awkward silence.

Vicky chuckles and gently leaving hiccups down. “I had a wonderful time with this hairy buddy. I guess you guys did too. Well.. how did Shivaay manage with Oscar in the same house?” He asks with a curious face.

“Oscar” Anika calls and oscar comes running not to Anika nor to Vicky but to his favourite Shivaay.

Shivaay and Oscar starts playing, making Vicky drop down on the sofa in total confusion.

“When did this happen?” He asks with a shocked face.

Shivaay just shruggs his shoulder and continues playing with Oscar.
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