Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 29

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Anika wakes up with her hair strands pointing different directions when she pulled her super soft duvet over her head.

She saw a note hanging down on the table beside her bed, with a Cup of hot milk and two tablets.

“Good morning Sleepy head! If you have finished with all your snugglings, gulp down the hot milk before it turns into ice and gobble the tablets too. Dont you dare throw it away. And hey.. take a spoon of sugar after eating the tablet. I know you hate tablets. I am off to work. Will return back before you count till 100!

Reading this, she chuckles and stretches herself and goes to freshen up.

After brushing she comes back and does exactly how his to-be-boyfriend had asked her to do. Shrinking her face and giving a disgusting look she swallows the tablet.

Now she takes a quick bath and rolling down matching bracelets, she clutches her purse and drives to his office.

She makes a call to him. But shivaay immediately cuts it as he was inside a meeting hall.

With her rising temper, she parks her scooty on the road and keeps calling again. He switches off his Mobile. Now gushing out air like a steam engine, she rushes to the nearby police car and pulls out a loudspeaker. A policeman comes running behind her and tries to take the speaker away from her.

“MR. SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI” She calls out. Shivaay widens his eyes hearing her voice. While his trainees hide a smirk.

“I guess you were sleeping when your mom taught you to count till 100. Idiot!! My counts have already crossed it. Better come out now” she announces amidst the crowded bangalore road.

Shivaay face-palms and shakes his head.

“If you aren’t coming out ill announce these people something awkward you did!” She calls out again.

Shivaay now mentally rewinds his thoughts to all the awkward moments he had had.

Now Anika’s patience was on the verge of breaking. She picks up a medium sixed stone and tieing up a note along with it she throws it straight to shivaay’s cabin window.

Shivaay jerks and rushes to the place and opens the note.

“Last call. Come down or ill start singing!”
It read.

Shivaay immedietly rushes down and pulls her inside the office care park.

“Have you lost it?? It was just a wild guess that ill return back soon. Cant you see im at work. Why are you screaming in the middle of the road. What will others thinkkk…” he trails as he was checking her temperature when she places her finger on his lips.

“I dont care what others think. I just care that you should be with me today” she spills.

Skipping a beat, he looks at her blankly. While Anika gulps down and rummages her eyes around.

“Mera matlab he… It’s Sunday today. Dont turn out to be a sincere singh oberoi. I want to roam around. Join me?” She proposes her desire.

“Mad woman. You were burning in fever today morning and now you wanna roam. Strange!” He gives her a ‘you are weird’ kind of look.

“Fine. If you wont come.. the hell with you. ADVAAY will be free now. Ill go with him” she says and turns around slowly waiting for him to call her back.

With no sound arising from his side, she bends behind and raising her eyebrows..”did you call me?” She asks.

Shivay just shrugs his shoulders and folding his arms waits for her to leave.

“Shivaay i said im leaving with Advaay” she says again stressing on ‘Advaay’.

Shivaay just smiles back and pats on her shoulders. “Have a great time” he says and walks back to the meeting hall.

“Ajeeb aadmi ye. He isnt even reacting hearing Advaay’s name. Something serious” she again self-talks.

She goes inside to the room and holding her hips, she gives him a angry glare.

“Kaanji aakhon wala” she calls out.
Shivaay rolls his eyes and turns back to see her approaching.

Anger was clearly seen on her face. But Shivaay just smiled and stood there waiting for her to come closer. She then raised her finger and was about say something when suddenly Shivaay grabs her pointed hand and encircling it around her waist, he pulls her close.

His trainees Rohan and kashyap was witnessing the scene with a chuckle.
Shivaay signals them to go out. They both nod with a smile and waved a goodbye to their boss.

Gently Rubbing his cheeks with hers, he nuzzles inside her hair. With the So called Anger with which she was Approaching turned upside down and now she was feeling weak on her knees.

“Shivaay” she whispers.
“Shhhhh” he hushes back.

Tip toeing herself she grabs shivaay’s collars still shivering from his hot breath that was fanning her collar bone. Her eyes were tight shut.

“Shivaay” she whispers again.
“Hmm??” He asks.

“Why do i have a Deja Vu feeling??” She whispers back stammering with her words.

Shivaay just smirks and withdrawing himself he makes her stand and bends down to pick up something.

Anika just waits with her eyes closed anticipating. She just hears, someone opening a metal cage.

*Bow* she hears a squeaking bark.

She opens her eyes to find the most cutest beagle pup with shining eyes standing on Shivaay’s table.

Squealing so high, she starts jumping with her hands on her cheeks. She then gently bends down and picks him up tenderly.

“Tell me she’s mine. SHIVAAY!!!! SHE’S SO CUTE !!!!!!!!” Her happiness knew no bound.

Squinting his eyes.. shivaay closes the dog’s ears. “Shhh.. Dont hurt his ego. It’s a HE” he says with tight smile.

Jawdropping again.. “Eeeeeee he’s so cute!!!! Just tell me he’s mine!” She asks again with pleading eyes.

Shivaay borrows him from her hands and hiding his face behind the dog, “I’m yours. Totally yours” he says.

Anika’s breath stops for a moment seeing him say that. Shivaay adds a *bow wow* after that immitating a dog.

She just smiles witnessing his antics and borrows him back.

“So what are we naming him ??” She asks so excitedly.


He says and Anika’s eyes wells up.

“I know, you must be missing your previous pet. Cuddling with him and running around with him.. i cant promise you that you’ll forget the past, but i can promise you that i’ll give you a perfect future. Will you accept me as your new pet??” shivaay asks her grabbing an eyecontact.

To make it look not so obvious he again brings hiccups before him.
“Boww” hiccups barks making Anika and Shivaay smile. ♡
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I always wanted a puppy.
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