Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 28

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“Romantic? You?” Anika asks and starts laughing.

Shivaay’s leg was pulled down now. With a huge curiousness creeping to his face..”why.. why are you laughing?? I .. i can be romantic you know..!” He says with an assuring voice.

“In your dreams! Look whose talking?!? You were the one who squeezed ketchup on a girl’s head for calling you cute. And you are romantic itseems.” She says and mocks at him.

He quickly grabbing his Icecream, starts biting it irritatedly. She chuckles seeing him do that.

“Chale??” He asks with a pug face.
“Hmm” she humms back smiling.

Once after reaching the house, Anika happily starts to hop towards the main door, When in the nick of the time Shivaay holds Anika’s elbow and pulls her to him.

Slowly twisting her arm, he rubs his cheeks with hers.
“Shivaay..” she whispers amidst the generating heat on the cold lawn.

“Shh..” He shushes back and kisses her collar bone. Anika clutches her hand and pulls herself down not letting her feelings out.

She still with her eyes closed and clutched fingers she breathes heavily.

“Kya kar rahi ho tum?” Shivaay asks.

Anika opens her eyes to find shivaay standing a small distant apart with his shrugging shoulders and raised eyebrows.

“Was it a dream?? Anika.. how cheapde you have become. Imagining michmichi stuffs” she silent-yells under her breath.

“Wo meh…. meh.. i’ll go” she says and turns to go when Shivaay holds her hand from behind.

Facing the other side, “leaving your heart here, where are you going??” He asks with a sincere voice.

She gulps down and turns around to see him already looking at her.

Slowly nearing her he whispers “Close your eyes” with his husky voice.

With Shivering lips, she does as he says. Suddenly,


Shivaay splashes water on Anika with the water spray gun and starts water-attacking her.

Anika literally jaw drops and starts chasing him.

“Shivaay you dog!! Im gonna kill you noww” she shouts and runs behind to grab the spray gun. She finally grabs it after a lot of difficulty and and it was her turn now.

With a evil smirk, she attacks him now.

Spending a quality time laughing, dodging, and taking turns to attack, they both finally came together inside panting and laughing.

Then they shared a eyelock followed by a tight smile. “I should probably be heading to my room now” shivaay says and moves away without a heart.

“Shivaay” She calls out with a over-weighing heart. He turns back and looks at her expecting something.

“I had a great time today” she says tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Duhh.. Advaay would have entertained you more than me” shivaay says faking a Not-so-happy voice.

Anika silently chuckles and goes to her room. She just cant stop smiling.
“Aww billuji is jealous!!!!” She squeals.

“I was. But I will never be. Because people feel jealous for something that is not even their’s. But you are already mine Anika. I just cant imagine my life without you. The moment you stomped out of the house.. i cant relate to the feeling. But believe me Anika.. There was this unusual feeling like myself losing the reason to live. “Tu he mere jeene ki wajah Anika” i cant squeeze my feelings into words. But i just know that this is gonna give me happiness. I wanna be happy again. And i wanna be happy with you” he speaks out and sighing in relief he goes to his room.

Next morning was a lovely Sunday morning for Shivaay as he saw Anika’s Friend request on Instagram while Casually scrolling to it. He accepts it the next second.  Now he gets to see her profile.

She had shared 106 posts. Shivaay’s jaw drops. He keeps scrolling down and goes through all her pics and statuses.

Her social life was far more brief than her practical one. He got to know more about her.

She loves bubbles. Gauri is always her partner in crime. She hates curd. Allergic to wool. Loves cuddling with her Late-beagle pet ‘Hiccups’. Blah blah…

But this.. caught his attention. A post, a picture of her diary, saying,

{“Things to do before 30”

She had already struck,
• Screwing up a date in a worst way. (Shivaay chuckles)
• Prank a stranger.
• Eat Pizzas after claiming it to be a late delivery. (Shivaay rolls his eyes)
• kicking on a guy’s nuts.
• Break a street lamp in the midnight.
• Put behind bars. (Shivaay gasps)
(And finally)
• Finding the right guy. }

Shivaay was just speechless seeing the last one striken. A small smile creeped on his face guessing it was him.

The post was followed by a set of heartbroken comments.

Sanjay- Found the right guy?? My heart just broke Anika.??

Kezia- Hey dude. Guess who was accompanying you when you were behind the bars. Haha… such badass memories babe. Return back to mumbai soon. The bars are waiting for us. ??

Pramod- hehe.. Breaking bandra’s street light was damn freaking fuuunnn. Let’s try breaking Malwani’s one day. What say..??

Seeing all these crazy posts and comments he knew how happy Anika was back then.

Knowing quite a few About Anika, Shivaay just saves the rest of the posts for later reference and rushes to her room.

He saw her crouching on the bed snuggling inside her duvet. He smiles and bends down to wake her up. But seeing her pale face he gets concerned and touches her head.

“My goodness Anika! You’re burning” he says and keepa touching her forehead to analyse her temperature.

Anika just holds his hand and snuggles it to her neck and continues sleeping with her hot shiverings.

Shivaay just sighs out and settles himself beside her. She pulls him closer unconsciously and hugs his hand. He hesistanly slips himself beside her and tries to take his hand away.

But seeing her in such a state, he couldnt leave her alone. He just puts his other arm around her and hugs her from behind. And was literally cuddling with her.

Suddenly Anika gets conscious and.. “shivaay.. tum yahaan” she stammers.

“I know.. If Advaay would have been here.. he would have hugged you and would have been there beside you all the time and would take care of you. I know i cant be Advaay.. but i can be the best of shivaay!” He says and cuddles more hugging her tightly from behind and giving her all the comfortable position.

She just smiles and sleeps inside his locked hands around her which she mentally claims it to be her ‘favourite place’.

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