Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 27

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Anika in her usual night wears, yawns and enters the hall with her hands stretching above.

She sees shivaay on the couch sleeping peacefully. A small smile escapes from her lips. Gently walking towards him, she kneels down and carasses his hair.

“I promised myself that i would make you forget your past. We still have two weeks, Shivaay. Just two weeks. And then we’ll be together; forever. Sorry in Advance. Ill have to give you some sweet revenges in this two weeks” she silently tells him without disturbing him from his sleep.

Suddenly She sees the sofa to have moved a few degrees away. She smirks now.

She pulls the sofa with a jerk. Shivaay stumbles and was about to fall on Anika while she stops him with her right hand on his chest and balancing herself with her left hand on the floor.

Hitching his eyes with hers, fanning her with his breath and raising heartbeats they shared an eyelock exactly like the last sofa incident.

“Good morning?” Shivaay whispers.

Anika breaks from the trance and gets up adjusting her dress.

“Anik…” he begins to speak but Anika swiftly moves to the bathroom without giving him her attention.

“That explains !” Shivaay sighs and sits back on the couch dropping his head down.

Anika quickly putting on minimal makeup and rolling down few bracelets she swings her sling bag across and comes to the hall where shivaay was sipping his americano.

“Im going out. Vicky isnt picking up my call. I need someone to come along” she says with a stern voice.

Shivaay turns his face away in a childish manner.

“Fine. Advaay would be free now. Maybe he’ll come along” she says hiding a smirk and takes a step forward.

Without a second to spare, shivaay springs up from the couch and dropping down his cup of Americano, “im going out too. Maybe.. i can accompany you on the way” he says looking everywhere but Anika.

Anika hides the smile and nodds sternly. Just when Vicky enters.
“You called me Anika?” He asks as he enters.

“Yeah Vicky! She wanted you to clean this mess” shivaay says pointing to the spilt Americano on the floor. Vicky gives an eye to Anika. While Anika holds her ear and signals him that she is going out with Shivaay. Vicky smiles and nods.

Shivaay rushes out to start the scooty. Before Anika could step out “Thanks Anika!” Vicky says. Anika turns to him and “You’ll get back your Shivaay. I promise” Anika assures with a smile.

Shivaay honks from outside. Both Vicky and Anika chuckle and Vicky bids a Goodbye.

Anika sits behind Shivaay and keeps her hand on the handle behind instead of placing them on his shoulders. Shivaay clears his throat while she gives him no responce.

“Where do you wanna go?” He asks.
“Beach” she says. And Shivaay drives her to it. They keep roaming here and there for a while.

“Im tired. Let’s sit somewhere” Anika suggests. Shivaay nods and sits down facing the waves. Anika sits beside him, hugging her legs she admires the waves for the while.

“Chalo.. i wanna see some movie” Anika says and Shivaay shrugging his shoulders, stands up.

“Advaay would have picked me up, if he was here now” Anika sighs.

Rolling his eyes, shivaay forwards his hand. Anika grabs his hand and stands up.

Shivaay rolls his eyes and keeping his head on his knucles was utterly totally not interested in that dubbed horror movie. Frankly, even Anika was not interested. But she wanted to irritate him. They both were resting on the theatre bed close by.

“Advaay is such a romantic guy. If he was here today, he would have held my hand now. Hand in hand we would have watched the movie” She says seeing Anika from the corner of her eyes.

Shivaay growls and grabs Anika’s hand. Anika smiles. Shivaay buys popcorn and drinks for the interval and sits beside her with a angry face.

Anika takes her share of the snacks and starts munching. As soon a ghosts enters the scene, Anika quickly grabs shivaay’s hand and hides behind it.

Shivaay gives the ghost a look and swifts his gaze to the crouching Anika. “Are you afraid of this ugly old white nun? Doesnt that look funny?” Shivaay asks controlling a laughter.

Anika gives him an irritated look. And leaving his hand immedietly she turns to the other side and hides herself behind the popcorn box.

“If Advaay would have been here, he would have given me a hand to make myself comfortable” She murmers from the other side.

Shivaay’s temper keeps raising. So he quickly pushes the hand-rest up, and pulls Anika from the next seat to his’s.

And coincidentally a scary scene comes by. So Anika wasnt ready to react to his act.. rather she clutched his shirt and hid her face on his chest seeing the scene.

Finally the movie gets over and they both reach the parking lot without a word. Anika sees two cockroach going down. She remembers Shivaay gettinng scared about it.

“Shivaay.. your friends!” She says and Shivaay turns to her signalling ‘where?’. She points down and he looks at them with a terrified look.

“Oh my mata save me !!!!”he screams and starts jumping up and down.

“You are getting afraid of small innocent creatures and you are teasing me that i am getting scared of ghosts. Wah.. you and your logics” Anika sighs and pulls her imaginary collars up.

Shivaay avoids an eyecontact and starts the scooty. On their way back home, Anika stops him opposite to an icecream parlour and giving him her purse and cellphone she runs to the shop.

Suddenly Anika’s mobile rings. Shivaay looks at the caller ID and it was Advaay. Shivaay’s nerves rise up. Noticing her to be far at the shop, he decides to attend the call.

He picks the call, and Advaay starts to talk like an express train.

“Oii idiot.. how is my garam gulabjamun doing?? I know you’ll be fine. Miss you darling!!!! (Shivaay bites his teeth in anger) Im sorry, that Malika found about our plan..and you had to face her Angry avatar. I blabbered to her, sorry!!! You know na.. that i cant hide anything from her. Fine.. coming to the matter. I have a surprise for you.. guess it.. guess it.. come on!!! Okay fine.. ill tell you !!!! The date is fixed!! Mallika and I are getting Married this Feb. And guess the date.. its 14!!!!!! Valentine’s day!! Just like we’ve wanted. Okay sugar bunch.. meet you next week. And heyy… I hope things are going good with shivaay? Anyways All the best idiot!! Im just sad that i cant flirt with you anymore.. or else the Mrs. will kill me. See ya soon Babe!” He says and cuts the call.

Shivaay’s jaw just drops and he was literally too happy that he started squealing. Just when Anika comes back and gives him a weird look.

“Tum teek ho na?” She asks raising her eyebrows.

“Completely” he replies with a wide smile.

“Hmmm… if only Advaay was here he would have hugged me at any point of his happiness” she says and looks away.

Shivaay hides a chuckle and hugs her bone breakingly tight. And kisses her cheek.

Anika just blinks and rubbing her cheeks “kya kar rahi ho tum??” Yeh road hai..” she stammers.

“Im more romantic than Advaay and you should know it” he says sternly and turns away hiding a smile.
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