Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 45

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Hiccups comes running to the door and kept scratching the door with his petite liliputian paws.

He now runs back to Anika and starts woofing at her to come back and open the door for his Master.

“You are on my side or his’s?” She asks hiccups and he just whines back.

She rolls her eyes. “Pfffft. Fine!!! Ill open it.” She says surrendering to hiccups.

She comes back and opens the door. He stood there holding on of his ear and had a cute little pout.

Anika couldnt help but smile.

“Haiyappaa.. you smiled!” Shivaay breaths out in happiness.

“Hey, no one smiled here. I was just.. just.. remembering one of a comedy sequence in a movie” she steps back.

“Acha?? So you didn’t smile?” He asks as he was taking stepd towards her.

For every forward step he took, she kept taking a step back. Finally her head glued to the wall and he fixed his palm to the wall and caged her again.

”Shivaay” she loses her voice.

“Accept it. You smiled” he huskily whispers.

“No” Anika whispers holding her head high.

Shivaay twists her hand behind and pulls her closer. Anika’s cheeks turned all pink and she was literally out of breath.

“Breath out Anika. Are you getting breathless when im around?” He asks with his deep voice. Anika now breaths unevenly but loudly, posing as if she was never affected by his act.

“In your dreams!” She says sternly and pushing him away she fastens to her room escaping from dying out there any moment from the hotness that was building up.

Shivaay smiles and hops back to his room. He casually opens her Instagram account and finds a dozen of new pics. He slowly starts to rummage through it.

“When all your butterflies hop to a new stage of crush” was the caption tagging along to a pic in which she was blushing all red and was hugging a pillow.

“When your man hates cockroaches, You kill them all like a boss” was the caption tagging to another post where she was wearing a mask and had a ‘Hit’ spray in her hand.

“She did that? My goodness.. now i know why the house was suffocating me with the chemical smell last friday.” He chuckles.

“He knew that i would look good in red. He always knew the best” was the next. She had wore the dress that he bought he in the exhibition. He chuckles and gives a flying kiss to the phone screen.

Suddenly, “you awake?” He gets the message from Anika. He smiles and prepares himself to chat.

He rubs his hands and makes himself comfortable covering himself with the duvet.

“Yup!” He replies back.

“Yeah… I smiled” she types and quickly erases it off.
“I didnt smile” she typed.

He laughs and “Fine. You needn’t keep saying that” he replies. Follwed by, “You are sure a great liar” he sends.

“? Im not” she replies grumpily.
“Yeah you are. Well, why dont we play a game on that” he asks pretty interestingly.

Getting into thinking, “And what is that?” She asks.

“We’ll say.. that you should speak the opposite of what you actually wanted to say” he sends and she quickly replies an “okay”.

“NOTE: The WHOLE day” he replies back.

“Anika: Always wins” she replies pulling her imaginary collars up.

“Haha let’s see” he replies.

“Ok then, BAD NIGHT” she messages.
“BAD NIGHT to you too” he replies and the both snuggle to their duvets with a smile.

Next morning, Anika comes yawning out.

“It’s sunday morning and i should face this guy the whole day. Haiyappaa.. please let me win this game. And Anika try controlling your mouth atleast today.” She talks to herself and sees Shivaay coming out yawning as well.

“Good morning!” He calls up.
“I hope you remember our game” she says trying to clear up the confusion as to why he said ‘good’ morning.

“I do remember. That’s why i said ‘Good morning'” he mocks and she rolls her eyes.

“I dont want french omlette, and sphegetti” she smiles to Shivaay.

Shivaay chuckles and goes inside kitchen to prepare it.

Anika gets a call and she attends it.
It was her mom.

“Anika!!! What did you tell Sanjay??? He says that he doesnt want the rishta?” Anika’s mom was panicking.

“Maa.. that guy…. didnt insult me. He was so sweet. He didnt point out my status. So i did not gift him my chameli” she talks biting her teeth.

“What are you blabbering??” Anika’s mom was confused.

“Will not talk to you later” She speaks and cuts the call.

Shivaay comes running out with a hysteric laughter. (??)

Anika points her finger and throws a angry glare.

“The deal is between us.. why did you confuse your poor mother” he asks controlling his laugh.

“Deal is a deal. I’ll manage. You dont worry” she stammers and rushes to freshen up.

She comes wearing a black tee and camouflage track pant.

“You…dont look hot”  he comments with a smirk after drooling over.

“Hope you know.. that you are NOT literally flirting” she says after a jawdrops.

“This game is totally NOT interesting” he sighs out loud and falls on the couch.

She hides a smile and settles herself comfortably on the bean bag. And starts munching the ombellete.

She again gets a call but her phone no was a little away from her.

“Waannnn…. Only when I am NOT comfortably settled, i get calls. Shivaay please could you NOT put on the call in speaker” she asks as the phone was near him.

Shivaay leans and sees the name advaay on it. He smirks and turns on the load speaker.

“Hey gorgeous!” Advaay starts and anika’s eyeballs come out.

“Since Mallika and I are tying knots in two months…” he starts and Anika comes running and cuts the call.

“Tying knots?” Shivaay asks faking a innocent face.

“Errr… Mallika and Advaay.. are… you know.. ” she stammers.

“I know” he says genuinely and she jawdrops.

“Does he really know or this ‘I know’ is a part of this game. Haiyapppa… ” Anika worries.

Hehe.. i love the opposite game actually. My brother and I used to play ?
Now… did you like it?? ?

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