Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 44

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“Itni Thadi uh?!?!” She screams and grumpily sits gushing out air through her ears.

Shivaay hasn’t returned back home for like two hours now. It was 8 at night and Anika had to worry no matter what.

“This guy is unbelievable!! Just because he’s Angry he cant just storm out without letting me know where he went” she rants and keeps hitting the dining table.

Suddenly she gets a call.
“Hey MK… Just a casual leave, sorry. Ahaaan.. ahaaan.. My goodness!! A 100 pizza order?  Ill come right away” she says and rushes out grabbing the hanging Scooty key.

She picks up the huge load from the pizza spot and drives round the U turn and finally reaches the place.

“Mary’s home for Homeless kids” It read.

She unloads the delivery box and carries the lot to the main building.
“I am so glad this is happening. How kind hearted he must be to feed these lovely children. May god bless him with all the happiness of the world” she hears a staff speak as she was passing by.

Anika smiles and shrugs her shoulders. “I am happy that i am the one delivering these. It really feels good to be a part of something like this” she self pats and enters the hall.

She saw a hundred little souls jumping up and down, laughing and finally having a satisfied look on their face seeing her arriving with the pizza boxes.

“God bless you my child” she hears the Mother of the home saying to her drawing a cross on her forehead.

“It’s just my duty to deliver this. All praises are to the wondeful soul who arranged this idea” she speaks up with a cute smile.

She then starts distributing it to the children. Half way through, she hears a strike of guitar strings.

She turns around and stands there in awe. There he was. Shivaay.  Seated in the Centre of all the children on a chair, holding a Hazel Acoustic Guitar.

His eyes was fixed on her’s. He winks at her. And here she hides a blush.
He starts playing on it with his eyes unmoved from her’s.

“Main tenu Samjhawaan ki” he starts and crowd goes woohoooo.

He continues singing after a chuckle and everyone sang along with him. Anika sat amidst the children and enjoyed seeing him perform.

“I need a lead singer to accompany me. So can i request that.. red hat. You girl??… Hey delivery girl.. join me!” He says and forwards his hand.

Anika slightly jawdrops and shakes her head for a No. While he licks his lower lip and signals her to come.

She sighs giving a ‘Whatever floats your boat’ kind of look and goes to his side.

“Main toh tera rang me..
rang chuka hoon..
Bas tera.. ban chuka hoon..
Mera mujh main..kuch nahi..
Sab tera..” she sings and he continues with her.

They both enjoy and at the end of the song, “can we now sing some senseless song? Let the kids enjoy!?” He whispers hiding the mike and she gets all hyper excited.

“Im ready” she whispers back.

They both start singing and children starts enjoying.

“Yeh dono.. unbelievable!!” The staffs chuckle and laugh and let them be.

“Now that’s count 3 of you Striking your wish off the list” he thinks looking at her with a smile.

After a hearty session of songs and supper.. Anika was busy talking with the caretaker there, while still her eyes kept searching for him.

“Ek minute..” she excuses herself and starts searching for him. But couldnt find him anywhere.

She breaths out and walks by the corridor when suddenly a hand snakes to her waist and pulls her behind a huge piller. With both his hands on her parallel side, he caged her and stared right into her eyes. And she did the same.

A minute later she slaps him not so hard.

“Ouch! That hurts” he says rubbing his cheek.

“Well that’s how it hurted when you slammed the door on my face” she rebukes.

She folds her hands faking a angry look. He pouts and pokes her hand. But she jerks it away and he kept nagging her.

He then gently nears her and wraps his arms around her. “Music always gave me her memories. I literally never touched my Guitar after that. Only because you insisted.. only because of that i had the nerve to play once again after 4 long years. Sorry. I was harsh earlier. You alright now ?” He asks and Anika stood frozen under his hug.

She pushed him away and walked out without a word.

“Anika! heyy.. I am sorry yaar” he pleads as he follows her behind.

Biding goodbye to everyone, she walks out to the road and starts her scooty.

“Shit!” She kicks her scooty finding that there was no more petrol left.

She immedietly makes a call.
“Sunil! Ek kaam karo.. Im near Mary’s orphanage.. and my Scooty isn’t  starting yaar. Please can you check on that?” She talks and Shivaay starts nagging.

“Who is Sunil??.. You never talked about Sunil to me. Is he in Bangalore. Just a random guy or is he a friend?..” he shoots a million questions and she just throws an Angry glare.

“Fine.. No problem.” He partly raises his hands in air and surrenders.

She hands over her scooty to Sunil as soon as he comes and Shivaay kept giving him deadly glares.

Anika starts walking on the road and Shivaay follows her with his hands in his pockets.

Suddenly, “Hey Rahul!!” She calls out a guy driving his bike and he responded too. “Oii Express train. Need lift?” He asks with a smile. “Haan yaar… My scooty got punctured.. please drop me in my house na pleasee…” she pleads and grabs her ears and Rahul just chuckles. Shivaay kept shuttling his eyes to both of them, cracking his knucles.

“Sure hop in” he says and winks.

Before she could sit, Shivaay jumps to the seat.
“Hello hello.. tum kaun..?” Rahul wiggles his bike.

“Meh.. Anika ki friend. By ‘Drop me home’ .. she meant ‘drop us home’.. Im with her” he retaliates and sits in between. While Anika just rolls her eyes and sits behind him.

Rahul drops them home and Smiles to Anika. While shivaay hops inbetween and shakes Rahul’s hands. “Thankyou so much!!!!! We really needed your help and you helped us out. Really.. appreciate your help. Now.. jao.. your wife will be waiting for you.. bubbye.. bye bye..” he speaks non-stop and literally pushes him out of the scene.

“What was that??” Anika asks furiously.

Shivaay just opens and closes his mouth and finally turns his head away.

Not getting a response from his side, she storms inside the house and he tries to follow as usual when she closes the door straight on his face.

“Yes.. That hurts!” He exclaims and knocks the door with his forehead.
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    She was pleasantly shocked to see shivay sitting in the centre with his guitar and singing… she was amazed with his melodious voice ?. He asked her to join him… they sang a romantic song at first and thn sang some random senseless songs for the kids… while shivay sang it to fulfill her wish ?. The staff enjoyed their cute banter and were happy to see the kids enjoyin.
    Anika’s eyes strted searchin for her shivay seein him nowhere… she head out to look for him. Shivay pulls her towards himself and rested on a pillar… they both were so close to each other ?. Suddenly anika slaps him and reprimanded him for his behaviour… he explained her his situation and tried to pacify her but no use.
    To add to her anger her scooty also didn’t strt and she had to call sunil there. Hearing a guys name… shivay gets alert and shoots a thousand questions towards her but shut his mouth seeing her angry. He was spitting fire through his eyes seeing sunil and was happy tht he finally left. If one guy wasn’t enough tht he had to meet anthr one ??. He was shocked to see her happily chatting with him and goin off on his bike… he intervened and sat behind rahul. He sent him off aftr he dropped them and didn’t even let him say bye to anika prprly… ur wife must be waiting for u ??. How possessive our sso is ?… he gets so jealous when some guy talks to anika. He didn’t have any answr when anika questioned him and he tried to go behind her but she slammed the door on his face and he realised how much it must have hurt her.
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