Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 43

Back with chap 43 ??
This chap deals with bringing out shivaay’s hidden talent out yet again. ? so enjoy !! And please keep supporting like you always do. Infinite love to you lovely people. Haii silent readersss !! ??

“Ahhhhh.. my head is paining like hell” Anika shouts as she comes out holding her head tightly.

Shivaay comes with a heavenly smile and hugs her from behind.
“Morning beautiful!” He says and plants a kiss on her fizzy hair.

“Kya.. kya kar rahe ho tu?? She wiggles his hands away from her shoulder and walks down to take her green tea.

“Waise.. beautiful?? Finally you accept that im beautiful? Kya bath hai.. why such a sudden change ?”  Anika asks with a curious face as she dips the tea bud in the water.

Shivaay couldnt interpret what was happpening. “And Shivaay?? What happened after i had my 1st glass of beer. I dont remember anything. Today morning i found myself sleeping on my bed in my dirty date outfit with only one earring.. ajeeeb hain na..?” She says and Shivaay sighs in disbelief.

“What… you dont remember anything from yesterday??” His face shrunk so low.

“What..? You wanted to have a talk.. but i passed out after my first glass of beer.”  She shrugs her shoulders and continues gulping down her green tea.

“Not even a small incident after that?” He asks with a desperate voice.

“You are asking as if i drank so much and kissed a guy?” Anika rolls her eyes annoyed and walks away to freshen up.

“How do i tell her that, that’s what exactly happened ??” He facepalms and shakes his head.

Although he now knows that she totally loves him. So a cute smile escaped his lips. They both had their first kiss last night and She has no idea about it.

He didnt try to make her recollect the moment. Because he wanted the moment to be his’s. Her beautiful confession belonged only to him.

If she gets to know that she had a drunken first kiss, it might annoy her. So that’s when he finally decided to hide it from her.

Anika came back wearing a stunning casual wear.

“Dont make plans Day after tomorrow. We have New Year Celebration remember? Invite Vicky home. Clear?” She orders and waits for a reply while Shivaay kept looking at her with a smile.

“Oi hello.. from whichever planet you are in right now, please jump back to Earth. You got me right???” She snaps her finger.

“Yeah. I got you” he smiles wider and Anika gives a weird look.

“Im going for work. And you Go back to your office and work like a good kid. Alright?” She points her finger and walks out tiptoeing on her heels.

Shivaay falls on his bed facing the ceiling and smile like an idiot.

He was happy the whole day. Gave all his trainees a pizza treat, day-dreamed all day, hugged his files and sent his employees back home early.

He Bought her favourite orchids and arranged them neatly on the dining.

“Not a day more, after new year, Anika. No more delays. Day after Tomorrow is New year and i cant wait to start it with you” he speaks out and starts preparing an evening snack.

Anika walks in all tired and her drooping eyes clear show it.
“Haiiii..” she whines in the most saddest voice possible.

“Kya hua ???” Shivaay enquires as he forwards a plate of french fries.

Anika’s face brightens up seeing them. “Kuch nahi.. i was so hungry. Good thing, you made french friesssss!” She squeals and starts munching while shivaay just chuckles seeing her antics.

“And.. Shivaay.. Advaay called me today. A video call. He said i was looking khidkithod beautiful. So what do you think?” She asks with a excited smile.

“Is he blind or what? You? Beautiful? Tu Moti..” he starts and Anika jaw drops in shock.

“Moti? Kaun meh??.. Now who’s blind? You are !!!!! Advaay would never say that to me” Anika screams and turns away Angrily placing the plate on the slab.

“Ohh.. So what more will your Advaay do?” Shivaay asks with a smirk.

“He would have hugged me and consoled me” Anika mummbles.

Shivaay quickly pulls her wrist and she falls to his chest. Wrapping his arms around her, “like this?” He asks and Anika remains freezed. “You ain’t fat. Just adorably chubby” he adds turning her cheeks all pink.

“What more will he do?” Shivaay whispers to her ears.

“He would have kissed my forehead and pacified me” she speaks up.

With one hand snaking around her waist and another brushing her hair, he places a warm kiss on her forehead. Now he moves aside and starts nuzzling in her ears.

“What more?” He whispers and accidently they both trip and fall on the bed.

Shivaay looks into her eyes. And they both drowned in each others orbs. He tucks her hairstrands behing her ears.

“He would have kissed me and assured me that he’ll be there throughout my life”  Anika says indirectly asking him to kiss her.

“Are you sure?” He whispers back.
She hums back gathering all her courage.

Shivaay inclines himself down and was about to kiss when..

“Shivaaay!!!!” Vicky shouts from the balcony. Shivaay rolls his eyes up and sigh out in frustration.

“Shivaay where are you??” Vicky asks as he rummages through the house.

“Shit! If he sees me with her, he’ll tease me” shivaay thinks and Signals Anika to tell Vicky that he’s not home.

Anika nods and walks out to the hall while Shivaay just randomly plays
with her stuffs in her room.

“Shivaay hasnt returned back home yet Vicky. Ill let him know that you dropped by” anika smiles.

“Oh. That’s fine. I just wanted to tell you guys that i cannot stay back for New year here. Im visiting my Dadi back in Mumbai.” Vicky smiles back.

Vicky gets thinking and Anika wiggles him out. “Kya hua?” Anika asks concerned.

Vicky just smiles and shakes his head.

“Just that.. i remember the Old Shivaay Playing Guitar for my Dadi and how they both team up to tease me. I really miss him. That guy never touched his guitar after he broke up with Sheryl. I wish i could see him soon singing Senseless songs with my Dadi. ” Vicky sighs and patting on anika’s shoulder leaves the house.

“Turn Stone singh oberoi to Sweet singh Oberoi= Check ✔”

“Turn Sweet singh Obeori to Singer singh Oberoi= On process”

She says and hops back to her room to See shivaay meddling with her makeup kit. She taps on his head and he turns back with a sheepish smile.

“Shivaay… i alway had a fascination for music. Do you like music?” She asks and his smile half dissappers.

“Err… i was fascinated earlier. But now.. nah..” he randomly moves his eyes and avoids an eye contact with her.

“Vicky told me that you play Guitar. Please will you play for me too???” She breaks and grabbs his hands.

“Not interested Anika!” He wiggles away.

“Please please. FOR ME… ” She pleads like a kindergarden child.

“No means No ” he yells and leaves the house Slamming the door. While Anika sits down angryly.
So how was it?
And her proposal will stay closed. Just imagine his satisfaction he had while hiding it from her. If she gets to know that she kissed him in a drunken state.. she definitely will feel bad and will have a corner of heart deprived of feeling their first kiss. So that was indeed a justice. No hard feelings okay ? ? So drop in your thoughts ❤

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    Fabulous chp !! I really like ur style of writing yaar… each episode has smthn totally different in it and this concept is really nice.
    Anika waking up with a headache…. shivay backhugging her ?????? and kissing her hair ? hai how cute. Anika was surprised to see him romance early in the mrng and on top of tht he called her beautiful… seems like the sun came out frm the other direction ?. Shivay was so disappointed tht she didn’t remember anything frm yesterday night… their heartfelt talks where they let out their emotions… their first kiss…. she remembered nthng and he couldn’t even tell her as she would feel bad tht they had their first kiss when she was not in her senses. Both of them have a beautiful memory of each other being drunk. Shivay was mesmerized seeing anika look so heavenly beautiful even in casual wear… he just couldn’t take his eyes off her and was lost in her. He just nodded to her words like an innocent kid and was sooo damn happy the whole day… his employees must be thinkin kaash sir stays like this the whole time ?. He brought anika’s favourite orchids for her and strted to make food for her.
    Anika came home all tired…. the moment she saw food her face lit up… shivay chuckled seeing her antics. She excitedly told him abt advay’s video call and tht he called her beautiful and shivay said tht he’s blind… he isn’t able to see tht she’s fat. Shivay pulled her closer to him and said tht she’s just adorably chubby ?? and kissed her forehead and nuzzled in her ear ?? and asked wht next. They both fell on the bed and get lost in each other’s eyes… anika indirectly asks shivay to kiss her and he wanted her complete assurance before he kissed her… as he moves closer to kiss her vicky comes to disturb their moment ?. Vicky ur supposed to play the role of a cupid not a villain ?.
    Anika goes to vicky… he tells her tht he won’t be there on new years and tells her how much he misses shivay’s singing along with his grandmom and bids her bye. Anika decides to work on this mission now… she heads back to shivay who was happily playin with her makeup and slowly brings up the topic of music… the moment he heard music the smile vanished frm his face and sadness prevailed. He had completely forgotten abt music since sheryl’s betrayal and he didn’t think abt it ever since. Anika tried to plead to him to do it for her but he wasn’t in a state of mind to understand her and went away angrily slamming the door. Anika was hurt and angry with his behaviour.
    It’s good anika doesn’t knw abt last night otherwise she would be hurt. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

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