Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 42

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“I..” she starts and Shivaay bulges his eyes.

Immedietly he closes her mouth.
“You dont have to! Not at this condition atleast. Our ‘first’ step isnt gonna be at a drunk state. I know you would have something planned fot it. A special one. I dont wanna ruin it just because i made you drunk” he retaliates but she kept mummbling something under his hold.

“Arey mere bath suno, what i wanted to say is that.. I.. ” was what heard from her squeals behind his palm.

“Shh.. You’re totally high.. you should probably go to sleep” he says and drags her to her room.

“I should probably undo my zip now. It’s getting out of control.” Anika casually says shocking the hell out of Shivaay.

“Ayee chii.. Anika.. You’re comepletely out of your senses.. now please go and sleep” he says pretty startled and panicked.

“But but.. I have to pee” She whines atlast hitting shivaay right on his head.

“You want to.. what??” Shivaay was finally breathing out in relief.

“How long i have been controling myself ?!? Just let me to the loo” she gives away some crocodile tears and pushing him away she staggers to the restroom.

Minutes later, she comes out and sheepishly smiles to Shivaay, Who himself was adoring the cutest kid infront of him. He bites his tongue as to how he thought the situation would be and how it turned out to be.

She walks to him and pulls his cheeks.

”Chalo.. now your turn” she says.
“I dont wanna use the restroom now” he says and she rolls her eyes.

“Duffer.. about the ‘Us’ Talk. Now it’s your turn” she says and drags him to the couch.

He sits and she takes her fav spot.
His lap.

Swinging by his neck, she looks at him with a smile. While he begins to speak.

“Myself Shivaay. And that’s how i like to be addressed. My Name is what i earned for myself and not my surname.

Om and Ru are my lifelines. My constants. They know me, inside out and are with me through thick and thin. Priyanka, the pehelwaan, (chuckles) our choti angel. We all made sand castles in our private beach, drew moustaches on each other’s face, stole mom’s gulab jamun and ate them the day before celebrations.

Mom and dad wanted me to handle one of their companies. While I wanted to stand on my own legs. They protested. Yet i was stubborn. They decided to let me go only after I promised to stay here in our own house. And eventually i met you. The daring, chirpy Monkey. How easily you turned all my sorrows into happiness.

My life’s biggest weakness was Sheryl. But you know what ?? She isnt my weakness anymore. (After a pause)  ‘You are'” he says and chins her up and looks into her hazels.

Anika looked dumbstruck. He continues speaking.

“I never had this talk even with my brothers nor with Vicky. But i wanted you to know this.

I loved Sheryl. Yes. But the moment i found out that she betrayed me, (a teardrop rolls down his cheeks) i just wanted to shout out loud, scream, and run on the street like a maniac. But all I did was… I remained silent. Have you ever felt so sad , that it it hurts you physically inside?? I Dumped all my tears inside me. I never cried.

Can i cry now ?” He asked and Anika was crying herself. She nods and hugs Shivaay tighter now. Shivaay cries out loud on her shoulders.

The tears that he had been hiding inside him, the unshared pain, his infamous broken side of his, the side which he hid, to be revealed only when he found peace. He now found peace inside her arms, inside her warm embrace.

After a prolonged period of crying and cuddling, he withdrew himself and Anika wiped away his tears.  And hugged him again. She gently kissed his chest.

”You deserve all the love in this world. You may look Angry and grumpy from outside. But i know that there is this innocent child inside you craving for love. You may portray to be a great wall. But all you need is a tight hug everyday and a person to assure you that ‘Everything is alright’. A person to look behind your fake smile, and wipe your tears away. A person to love you .” She says and cups his face now.

“I wanna be the person Shivaay” she says and Shivaay’s heart skips a beat. She did it. Confessed it without the actual three words. He sat there all numb and melted.

Still with her hands cupping his face, she nears him and places her forhead on his’s. With closed eyes, and Gently fanning him with her breath she herself inhales his cologne. Creating their own territory, and both breathing in the same air, they blushed so hard turning their cheeks all crimson.

She opens her eyes and her eyelashes brushes his forehead. She slowly withdrew herself and looks into his oceanic eyes.

She lowered herself and without prior notice, her lips met his’s. He was utterly stunned, there were wild tremors inside his nerves.

It was wrong. She was not in her sense. But it felt so right. Her pink soft lips brushing his nervous lips.

He slowly started responding and she let her hands travel through his messy hair. His hands were gently encircled around her waist. 

Only a minute later he realised that she wasnt responding. He broke the kiss and withdrew himself to see her sleeping peacefully. A smile escaped his lips.

Her head fell behind and her hair was swaying down perfectly. He was holding her just like a child. Pampering her, he slowly picked her up in bridal style and took her to her bed and placed her flat even before covering her with the soft duvet.

Gently placing a kiss on her forehead, “Im sure, there isnt a beautiful Confession than this. When the first time i met you, i honestly didnt know that you were gonna be this important to me. I love you Anika” he whispers and caresses her hair.
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    Mind blowin episode yaar !! All the episodes tht i didn’t comment these days were just amazing. First of all…. kaan pakad ke sry for not commenting on the past few episodes ?… i was really very busy with collg work tht i didn’t get time only. To compensate for tht… a long comment is coming ur way ?. U can give me a virtual hug for tht if u want ?.
    Anika frustrated with her mom’s constant nagging of going out with the guy she chose. She was shocked to see shivay being so casual and carefree abt her goin out with some random guy… thn she decided for payback and praised tht guy and now shivay was shocked to see her having second thoughts abt tht guy. Anika got ready to go for her date… mainly for her billu who would follow her there in jealousy. She met tht guy with a forced smile… her eyes were searching for her shivay the whole time… when she found him… she strted talkin all sweet to tht guy. I don’t remember tht guy’s name… but he was such a pain the ass man… just by reading i got irritated by him… i wonder how anika tolerated him for so long… bechara shivay got so fed up of him and left the venue dishearted. Tht guy was taunting anika for each and every thing and was boasting abt himself the whole time… if shivay wasn’t there she would have beaten him black and blue with her chameli ?. He even stamped anika’s foot so many times but anika didn’t bother as she was busy lookin at her shivay’s jealous side… she just stamped his leg once by mistake and he got so mad tht his branded shoes got spoilt. Tht was it for her… luckily shivay left and she poured out all her anger on him and even gave him her chameli as it’s more useful thn his branded shoes ??… itne insult ke baad khali haath thodi bhej sakti thi usse. Society ki wajah se maa baap bachon pe pressure daalte hai… iss society ko koi maar do yaar… khul ke saans bhi nahi le sakti hum log… 12th khatam toh shaadi karwado iski.
    Anika gettin home excited to see shivay’s reaction. Poor shivay was soo dull and almost lifeless aftr seein anika happy on tht date. His face got lit up and he was sooo damn happy when anika said tht she doesn’t like tht guy… he hugged her as tight as he could ???… awww how cute can this guy get man… the way he hugs her and looks at her and adores her and cooks for her ?… haii main marjawan.
    Anika came to knw tht shivay wasn’t fascinated by her waist instead he was distracting her frm the beer bottles… tht came as a surprise to all of us i guess… shuvay rocked anika shocked. I am actually wondering if shivay was actually attracted towards her or he was just hidin his beer bottles. Anthr shock for anika when he told abt the places his beer bottles are kept… ladkon ke ghar main kya kya rehta hai yaar. Shivay wanting to get anika drunk to fulfill her wish… tht day i was actually thinkin of anika gettin drunk aftr her date or smthn and u fulfilled my wish ?…. telepathy ?.
    Shivay remained sober and got anika drunk ?… nice trick shivay… uski saari secrets jaan sakta tha. Anika telling her first impression of shivay ?. She sat in her favourite place and told her sad past ?…. she lost her main support and her mother became a victim of the society… wht can her mother do aftr all the society puts soo much pressure on her. Shivay consoled her wounds which got fresh. She really loves gauri a lot ❤.
    Shivay thought she was gonna say those 3 words in the drunken state and he didn’t want their proposal to be like tht ?. He shut her mouth and stopped her frm sayin it and thn she was like i wanna unzip my dress ????…. he must have thought isko sharab pilana sabsr badi galti hai, yeh toh out of control ho rahi hai. And thn he relaxed when she said tht she has to pee ?. Anika’s favourite spot has become the viewer’s favourite as well ?… i love it when she falls in his lap and doesn’t get up ??. And today she went and sat by herself only… hai. Shivay strted telling abt himself… why he stays alone and his siblings are his life line. He told her the stuff he never shared with his brothers or vicky. He cried his heart out to her… all the pain and tears he had hidden within himself came out today infrnt of her. She cried before him only hearing his pain… they both cried in each other’s arms feeling their warmth and getting peace. Anika’s words ??…. this was the highlight of the episode… her words were actually more precious thn i love u… i feel this was way better thn sayin i love u. She said she wants to console him… be with him forever and lessen his pain. Shivay was pleasantly shocked with her words… he was at a loss of words at the moment. Anika came close to him and they sat in tht position blushing hard until anika kissed him ??… anthr pleasant shock for shivay and he reciprocated soon. Anika slept off in his arms… he adored her lovingly and carefully laid her on her bed and said i love u ?.
    I thought tht shivay would be the one to kiss her first caz he’s always so turned on by her and looses his senses sometimes ?. He’s such a gentleman ?… he was having his first kiss with her but he didn’t wanna do it with her being out of her senses.
    I loved loved loved today’s episode a lot. With so much of study pressure and other stuff… i read this and am like ??… the frowning face automatically changes to a happy face. They are such a relief and stress buster. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤. I am still busy … but I’ll try to comment whenever i can.

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