Hey HEART!? Ff chapter – 4 (by Trisha)

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“Hey HEART ♥️!?”


“Before anyone of them could think further , a shocking expression made its way to kabeer’s face…

“Saanchi…”he shouted at the top of his voice.

and in no seconds he pulled her … landing in his arms…where he hugged her tightly at once…she couldn’t help except closing her eyes for Mini seconds , followed by a loud sound of falling of big steel rack …that might have engulfed her by now …if he wouldn’t have been there.

Their eyes were closed …it clearly depicted his relaxation on his face ….that satisfaction…. he saved “his girl” from something really fatal.

In next few minutes , the door opened … he left the room first , followed by dr saanchi …. who had a shocking as well as a mixed expression on her face.

“What was that ?” She thought. “


So here goes the next part..!!

Few days passed normally …. and in no time one month !! During this period kanchi rarely got time to think about each other , yet there were inestimable Number of moments when both were behaving a lot weird in each other’s presence…now this is the time when saanchi’s second exam got over !!

It was morning
“In class”

Dr kabeer- so results of the exam are in my hands … as you all know the top scorer got the head intern position last time …. anyways…. so the results are …

(“Dr Riya is obsessed for kabeer …. but till now just got suspected of saanchi nothing much”)

“Dr riya got 88.7% and with this …she’s made the head intern” he said.

Riya was in seventh heaventh… stood on her seat while some others faces turned oval ….veer , Isha …. the whole gang and the largest was of “dr saanchi”. Without any second thought she stood up ready with her long explanation …
She spoke while kabeer just listened to her with smirking in the middle…

“Dr kabeer this isn’t really fair…. last time I had to prove my honesty and this time …. I know I did my best …. how dare you to do this …” She was interrupted by a furious kabeer …”watch your words dr saanchi….you are the daughter of dr Sunil … that doesn’t mean we will forget whatever you do …”

She was indeed ready with another blast…”don’t you worry dr kabeer and secondly I want my answer sheets to be rechecked …”

“Would you pls stop your nonsense dr saanchi…. you are my assistant from today “ he said quickly to which Riya tighted her fists …

“Are you serious …. you wanted to give me punishment …. and you did that right ? I am NOT going to be your assistant , and that’s final …” she protested taking his decision as final …

Without wasting any further time … he left the room …. when Isha pragya and veer tried to make saanchi understand and at last after looking through the test results placed on the front table they got to know that she got the highest marks that’s why ….(you know )!!

Now , the next challenge was “how to talk to dr kabeer “ she thought …when taking her out of her thoughts veer spoke …. (all are in the corridor and whole gang is there) “not only kabeer , furious dr kabeer “ he added salt to the burned…

“Kasam se yr…. at least take some knife with you , who know we will be able to see you again or not “ Pragya made saanchi sigh out of fear …but she had to do that somehow …

Few silent steps to his cabin , unknowingly his motion slowed …the door opened …

“May I come in dr kabeer …” she spoke … he was standing turning his face to other side …. pretending to be reading some file.

“Yes… dr saanchi”

Shaking and continuously murmuring “yes you can do it saanchi , just say Nd leave ok !!”

“Say fast” he said with his typical serious tone turning his face towards her …. making her pause for a bit and getting lost in his dark black eyes …!

“Dr saanchi ?…” he said.

“Oh yes yes I was …. i mean …. I mean I want to … that …” she said uttering.

“I repeat , fast dr saanchi “ he said with a Frown.

Her fists tightened reflecting her irritation towards his Khadijah behaviors …she took a deep breath and said in one go ….”I didn’t knew that you were …I mean I was ….I mean that you said …. I … I am … I am sorry and thanku” she turned to go with large steps…

But before she reached the door … he pulled her backwards making her fall straight into her arms…
Slowly and slowly he took mini steps towards her with a lot of passion for something unsaid in his eyes ….with his left hand he locked the door …making her shocked a more …

She finally reached the wall …his both hands rested on the wall beside her not letting her go anywhere.

“Dr ka…kabeer what… what was … I mean what you did ?” She tried to explain ….

(She wore a thin strip top with a little part of waist exposed …)

His hand rubbed her waist , making her more astonished, and closing her eyes feeling his manly touch for the first time …. this was the first time he did something like this … threatening her at the same instant ….pulled her closer to him …leaving not even a gap of few inches between them…!

He turned to her ears …”so what did you said …”

“What … I mean …”she tried to ask from him , herself stammering.

“You said being my assistant is a punishment , is it ?” His Voice sounded husky and heavy at the same time.
She didn’t uttered anything this time , indirectly allowing him to speak…

“I didn’t say that you didn’t got the good marks ! I never said that I liked to give you punishments ! NOR I said I don’t LIKE you !”he said.

His last line made her eyes widen in shock…

“I mean… I don’t like you being a good student …” he corrected (incorrected) the sentence.

He realized what he was doing and quickly moved backwards….making her a bit uncomfortable ….

“Umm… I mean that’s ok … u may Join from tomorrow “ he said … she agreed and quickly left the cabin , stealing his few glances…!

“Oh good kabeer !! You have literally gone mad …. than what she makes me crazy ….with her nonsense talks …she isn’t that bad too ! Uff! Work kabeer :..Work !! Thinking he again tried to divert his mind to the work.

In the cafeteria … saanchi is sitting having a cup of coffee all alone…reminiscing what happened a little time ago…. and that weird nature when he suddenly left her.

On the other hand Riya was too furious and decided to talk to saanchi directly ….

“Riya was upto record something from saanchi’s mouth , something bad about dr kabeer”

She joined her in the cafeteria….
“Hey saanchi”

“Hey Riya , you here ?”she asked.

“Um… yes …by the way r u ok na ? I am what happened in the morning , after that !”-Riya

“Ya ofcourse Riya !! Just a title bit stressed ! “- Saanchi

“Good ! Even I was thinking about that what dr kabeer did wasn’t right , I mean how can someone be so rude …” Riya tried making her involve in the situation.

“It was my fault Riya !” – saanchi.

(Saanchi is smart here . Yet soft to everyone except kabeer ?)

So this was the time to say her bomb line …

“You know saanchi…. I can’t really see you being stressed … if you want I can surely be his assistant , I … I mean just for you!” Riya said.

Till than saanchi almost understood what Riya was upto…she has seen her starring kabeer for long .

“Don’t worry Riya. Even you are one of my friends right ? I can’t put you in such a situation, I will manage ….INFACT I would LOVE ❤️ to be his assistant …. “ saanchi said making Riya boil in deep anger.

Riya excused herself and immediately left the table.

A broad smile ? appeared on someone else’s face…. who was listening to their talk … hiding somewhere.

(Ofcourse dr kabeer)

AFTER 10-15 days …

It was late evening Isha pragya had already left for hostel , when saanchi was few hours late .

“In the parking !”

“Oh my god !” She almost yelled , which didn’t went unnoticed by dr kabeer, who was also moving to his car.

“It had to puncture just now ??!!” She said cursing his new car.

“Everything fine dr saanchi ? “ Kabeer said being concerned.

“No ! Nothing is fine ! Satyanash “ She said almost complaining him abt her “not working” car.

“Ok ! Wait , I would call an engineer for you!” He spoke, taking out his phone.

“Wow ! Amazing dr kabeer ! Are you serious , instead of saying ‘come dr saanchi I will drop you’ you are ….just ….just IMPOSSIBLE!!” She said whole pulling down a long face.

“Uff… notanki ?”! He muttered to himself.

“Ok fine come in …will drop you” -Kabeer .

She at once jumped with joy…”that’s like a good docto…no !! A good driver”

“Shut up ! I am not a driver …” he said putting his belongings in the backseat of the car.

“Who drives , is a driver … so without any further questions pls let me drive…” she said in one go.

“No way dr saanchi and come in !” He ordered.

“First of all it’s saanchi here …. secondly ….ok as you say DRIVER !” She said putting emphasis on the last word.

He gave a long glare to “dr saanchi” and the drive started..!

(It was high time when both felt something really different for each other.)

The drive was silent ….till saanchi popped a random question.

“So you love Riya ?” – saanchi.

With her question , unknowingly he immediately applied brakes to the car … gasping he asked “what ?”
“When ?”
“I mean how ?” He spoke.

She just had a hard laugh in the answer making her understood that she was just kidding . The car started.

“I mean she isn’t that bad , be the way ?” Saanchi said.

“Really ? Can we now pls stop her topic …!” He frustratingly ordered.

“ Umm… ok ! So …” – saanchi.

“Why are you so desperate to talk to me ?” He said in one go with a frown and a teasing smile on his face.

“What ?” His random question made her shocked at first.

“I mean ofcourse not … why would I be … and why should I…. anyways what about your gf ?” She tried imposing the things on him.

“Are you proposing me … or just making fun of me ?” He said .

“Ok fine …. just here … I will go inside …” she said .

It was late night when the car stopped in front of the gate of her hostel…everything was as normal as it was …. until something naughty entered her mind.

“Oh god this seat belt … you seriously need to repair you car kabeer …!” She said fighting with the seat belt, who wasn’t ready to open.

He didn’t took much time to help her …. for what… he was really close to her … infact there was a distance of just few mm between them…. he was trying to be busy opening the belt still couldn’t resist being lost in the fragrance of her hairs , her perfume, “her fragrance “.

“Kabeer ? Say it again !” He said …

Instead , she gave a teasing smile.

She was constantly looking at his face, the innocent one that tries to be arrogant… the one that have the capability of destructing her from everything … for a second only he looked upto her face where he got still… they never knew when the emotions took the form of words …she quickly gave him a peck on his cheeks …. making him stunned… “what’s happening saanchi , isn’t this weird !” He softly whispered to her…
“Even I don’t know” she replied softly in a low tone … her eyes reflected unending passion for him , which she had been carrying from past many days… his eyes sparkled looking deeper into hers…. UNKNOWINGLY, she forwarded and kissed him softly on the corner of his lips , making both of them close their eyes for next few seconds . Both realized their position , and immediately backed off … she left to her hostel and he drove back his home carrying the sweet memories of each other.

Precap- Riya and kusum a face off , again , for marriage.

So this was it guys . Oops, I really don’t know how was this , I would just say share your views guys . Take care.

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