Heva os

Heyy guys i know you all are waiting for Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani but im a little busy so here is My first one shot on heva ( helly varun)
“Cut! Good job varun! “ “thank you sir varun said and was about to leave home when he heard a girl screaming “ AAH! Oh my god! You’re the saraswatichandra boy.. What was his name…… yes yes Danny! You’re that guy right? Hello can I have a selfie with you please actually I’m a very big fan of yours!” Varun just nodded in response and they clicked a selfie together. “By the way what’s your name? “ varun asked. “Hi I’m helly” she replied. They bid goodbye to each other and varun went home unknown to the fact that helly came to give an audition. ( I forgot to mention varun is unmarried and helly is not an actor)
After a few hours varun and helly got a call confirming that they were selected for the role of Swara and Sanskaar respectively. Varun had a habit of tv shows so he did not care but helly was so excited she told her parents and brother about it and she was talking to her mother when she said “pata hai mummy, aaj main wo saraswatichandra wale larke se mili thi” “arre wo to bohat cute hai” her mother commented. The day went on like this.
The next day varun and helly went to the set and were shocked seeing each other “TUM” they both said in unison. Helly told him that she was selected for Swaragini and varun told her the same. They both congratulated each other and helly said “varun I don’t know anyone here so would you be my friend?”
“Yeah sure why not” varun replied and they shook hands an unknown feeling arising in their hearts

As days passed varun and helly’s friendship grew stronger and stronger and they were close to the whole team of swaragini too but the main group was helly, varun , tejasswi and namish. Tejasswi and varun were best friends and one day on varun’s birthday tejasswi hugged varun tightly due to which an unknown feeling of jealousy arised in helly’s heart and she left from there at night when she reached home she thought to herself that why did she care if someone went close to varun? What was this feeling? Was it jealousy as a friend? Or something else? She brushed away her thoughts and went to sleep.
The next day varun came to the set and sat in his room. He just closed his eyes to relax when he saw helly in his mind her laugh her expressions her masti her pranks and an unknown smile plastered on his face. The next moment he jerked his thoughts and asked himself why are u thinking about her? Does a SMILE come on your face when you think about her? he brushed his thoughts and went to prepare for his next scene

One day it was a holiday and helly and tejasswi were shopping while namish and varun were at home having a party After a while they both were watching tv when a news came that a mall had been hijacked and that’s when they realized that helly and tejasswi also went to the same mall. An unknown fear overcame varun’s heart and he told namish “chal nami we have to save them!” “na bhai dekh haalat kitne kharaab hain” namish replied. “waise why are u so tensed wo dono bache thori hain aajayen ge” namish said. “what do you means aajayenge! Helly ko kuch hogaya to?” “bhai why are u so tensed relax” “because I LOVE HER!” varun said and then realized “I love her nami I love her” and he started dancing . realization hit him and before he went out two girls came inside “helly tejasswi” varun and namish said in unision. Before anything happened varun took helly into a bone crushing hug and started crying helly was confused but hugged him back varun broke the hug held a rose and sat on his knees:
“mujhe kuchh cheesy lines to nahi aati lekin he gulab tumhare samne bohat pheeka hai lekin tumhare naak pe jo gussa hai wo mirchi se bhi theeka hai jo ruthe tu to tujhe manana chahta hoon teri har muskurahat pe muskurana chahta hoon tumhara music school ka sapna poora karna chahta hoon main apni vitamin tablets sirf tumhare hathon se loonga finally I LOVE YOU HELLY WILL YOU MARRY ME?”
Helly was shocked with the sudden confession but thought about varun his SMILE his doings his pranks and realised that she loved him too… “YES I LOVE YOU TOO AND I WILL MARRY YOU” she sat in her knees and hugged him tightly raglak hugged each other too
After a few days swasan were married and went to Australia for their honeymoon

After 5 months:
“Varun yaar wake up na!” “kya hai helly! Yeh tum mujhe 5 baar utha chuki ho” “main nahi tumhara baby utha raha hai!” yes helly was 6 months pregnant “mujhe icecream khaani hai” “achha chalo meri maa” and they went. 2 months later:
Varun came back from work and helly was sleeping when varun realized that helly never slept without him. He went and slid beside her and heard some sobbing sounds to find helly crying “helly kya hua? “varun delivery ke time bohat dard hota hai na?” He immediately hugged her “arre mera bachha aise nahi rote tum to mera brave bachha ho na?” helly nodded. “to bas phir apne aansoo pocho aur main hon ga na tumhare saath tumhein darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai hmm.” They slept in each others embrace.

The last month:
“Aah varun!!!” “bas mera bachha thora sa… nami jaldi gari chala..” “haan bhai” namish replied soon they reached the hospital and helly was taken inside with Varun. “C’mon jaan you can do it!” “nahi ho raha varun bohat pain horaha hai! Aah!” “ try jaan” after a lot of trying she gave birth to 2 beautiful princesses and varun named them sanskriti and swathi respectively.
“thank you jaan you completed my family you’re the REASON OF MY SMILE” varun told helly while helly said “thank you varun without u my SMILE is incomplete I love you” “ I love you too” and a family photo was taken with varun holding sanskriti while helly holding swathi and varun hugging helly A PERFECT FAMILY ❤❤❤



  1. Anu


    |Registered Member

    Wowwwwwww wowwwwwww wowwwww so cute lovely story of heva but in between uh mention swasan by mistake but no problem…plzzz plzzzzz plzzz one more heva or swasan os i want from uhhhhhh plzzzz

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Amazing.. It’s so cute and sweet love story.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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