Being the Hero…. OS (part 2)


Hi guys I m continuing this os to make laksh understand rags pov.prevoius link:

Part 1

this is specially for varsha,I hope u all lyk it.

Rags reached home and kept the bags on the sofa nearby.she reached to take water wen she realized sum1 was there.she turned around and saw that her hubby,mr. laksh maheshwari was standing there with his hands crossed before his chest and giving a sweet smile to ragini as if nothing happened.rags completely ignored him.he came and sat beside her on sofa and jst stared her.
Now rags was irritated completely so she jst bursted on him “wats ur problem?”
Laksh stood up and saw a furious rags in front of him so he knew he has to act calmly to handle her.

Wat happened ragini”asked laksh in a calm voice.
“wat happened?u r asking me??u r irritating me from long tym by jst staring me lyk I m a prisoner in ur jail”
“oh cumon,I was jst trying to see if u r still angry on me?for wat happened in morning”he replied casually.
“laksh ………….u r wrong in ur opinion ,girls r also strong not only boys,how cud u think lyk this??u atleast shud have sum modern thoughts, u r educated,y u think that boys r the 1 only to handle everything”rags replied in a broken voice.

Laksh-but rags that’s wat the truth is naaa……..if also I accept it,wat change will it make,the society wont change by jst my opinion of women,u also know girls r weak in physical strength,they always need a man beside them to support them,a women is only respected till she has a husband or a father or son,her identity is recognized as this only,its not my perpectives but the society’s.

Rags(wid tears)-that’s the thing ,if I form an opinion how will it affect the society?y lksh?only 1 man can also make change.sum1 has to start naaa then y not u??y don’t u change urself ,y to care about society?i don’t want to change the society’s thinking.they r no one to me but u,u r my husband,so atleast u shud respect them equally not consider them inferior and man as superior.
And now laksh no woman needs a man to support her,even women can go out and earn on their own wid out any help.and about society ,they wont care if u have food,and money ,u r having a problem,they r jst the critisers of our conditions,they don’t care about any1.jst they get a new topic they will switch to it and that’s it…………I hope that the society doesn’t mould ur view but u will urself see things wid ur own conscience and rationality.

Laksh(letting out a sigh)-ok ragini I understand wid development evrything’s changing.i will also try to change my view but I know that women r stringer than man ,they r mentally that strong that even I cant imagine.i will try to change my view but yaa I will never ever say that woman r weak .(and smiles)

Rags too complies and he hugs her.

The story’s not complete guys…………….scroll down..

Everything came back to normal and they started living there lives happily but in all this rags didn’t told him about her heroic stunt b’coz she didn’t wanted to flaunt it.laksh was now more careful to not say anything which may lead to a fight but still he hadn’t completely known the potential of women.

Laksh in office receives a call from ragini.


Ragini-laksh I m going to Kolkata for 2 days


Ragini-laksh maa is not well so jst to see her.
Laksh-oh so ok…….is there sumthing serious??
Ragini-no nothing I will take care of everything

And they hang up.laksh comes home completely tired by the 2 hrs meeting and shouts for his food forgetting that rags is not there.
He is sitting on sofa wen he reminisces that she is not there and moves to kitchen all drowsy to prepare food which will be his 1st try.
He steps into kitchen and founds a completely different world around.he hasn’t even seen the face of kitchen ,he moves towards platform to figure out wat cud be done where he decides he don’t have energy to cook and not even skills to do so.jst then he receives rags call and picks it up immediately.

Laksh(excitedly)-hello ragini
Ragini-laksh open the fridge,I have kept the food in it,heat it and eat,ok?
Laksh-oh my savior!!!thank u .i thought I will have to sleep empty stomach only but u saved me.
Rags –its fyn,ok bye!!

Laksh cuts the call and heats the food and gets to eating .while eating he thinks-
Oh this fud is so tasty.rags is such a lovely wife.she went to take care of her mother but still remembered about me,my requirements,wow she is really caring.

He then doses off to sleep and gets late the nxt morning.
Laksh(sleeply)-oh wat tym is it?(closed eyes)

He sees the tym and jumps on bed wen finds that he is late.he rushes everything and doesn’t even find a socks.he opens the cupboard and gets confused wid everything.he sight then catches a note where there is written the location of everything.he smiles that his work is made easy by rags.he gets ready and rushes to office widout preparing bf and having it.
In office his stomach growls all the tym while he waits for recess to eat sumthing.
In recess in gets a call from rags.

Rags-laksh don’t eat fast food I had ordered home made fud for u from dabba service it may be cuming eat that only.or u will get sick.
Laksh-thanks ragini,but plssssss cum back soon,I think that a precious part of me has gone away wid u.
Rags doesn’t speak anything ,seems she’s blushing.

Rags-laksh I will cum by tomorrow.
Laksh(happily)-really thank u sooo much,cum soon.

He cuts the call and soons eats the lunch his wife ordered.
He gets home and gets the fud from the neighbor which was told to them by rags.
He slept thinking of recent incidents.
Laksh’s monologue-ragini s such amulti tasker,she knows everything,where r my things,wen to wake me up for office,my health,she cares for me a lot,don’t know if she even had ate food or not?she inquired about me but I didn’t even asked her how she is?such a husband I m……….i m really sorry rags but I will give u surprise tomorrow.
He gets up from bed and sees sumthing in his laptop.

In morning
Door bell rings and laksh opens the door happily knowing that rags has cum.
Laksh hugs her tightly and says “missed u a lot”
Rags broke the hug and luks at him amazingly.
Rags-wat happened to u?y behaving lyk this
Laksh(pouting cutely)-cum on u r my wife,I missed u ,cant i?
Rags(chuckling)-yes y not…let me freshen up and prepare the bf.
She turns to go but laksh holds her hand and pulls her towards him resulting in her front hitting his chest.
Rags widens her eyes in astonishment while laksh looks at her lovingly.
Rags-lash wat is……(laksh puts finger on her mouth)

Laksh-ragini I never ever thanked u for whatever u did but today I have realized ur worth,a women worth,her role in handling the household ,if she wudnt have handled home then men wont be able to freely go on jobs ,widout any tension.u r really the real heroes !!!!!!!!! TUMHARA WAJOOD HAMSE NAHI HAMARA WAJOOD TUMSE HAI !!!u r the real power and stranght behing our success.i really luv u a lot and more than that respect u more.
Rags eyes wll up seeing the genuine concern in his eyes and his evry word which came out from his heart.before a tear cud drop laksh took it into his finger and scolded the tear cutely”don’t ever dare to cum in my wife’s eyes” to which he heard a chuckle from rags.

Rags-laksh I m really glad u realized it leave I have to freshen up.
Laksh leaves her and she goes into her room and cumes down where she sees laksh is standing there wid a plate in his hand wid seems to have ‘kheer’.rags was yet shocked again.
Rags-laksh wat’s this,kheer ,my fav.u made it………but u don’t know how to cook?
Laksh-yes I don’t but I saw it on net last nyt and made it ,for u,a little way of my expressing gratitude.cum have it.

Rags ate the whole kheer in one go while laksh was pouting to let him taste it but she didn’t .
The doors bell rings and rags giving a victorious luk to rags moves to open the door.
Laksh standing there only-she praised me for this,I shud eat it,wat if she ate the whole bowl but I have kept little for me too.he goes in kitchen to taste the kheer but vomits it at 1st instance only realizing that it had salt not sugar.

Laksh-yuck how cud any1 eat this,its so bad,……….wait how did rags ate it?god she mst be feeling really bad.yuck!!!ragini how cud u?u tolerated this kheer jst to see a smile on my face while wenever u made jst a little not gud fud I complained and u took it
Tears appeared in his eyes but soon rags came to him running.he was starled to see her ly k that.
Laksh-wat happened??

Rags(panting)-wo the neighbor she broke her water,she is in labour pain,they r asking for help,cum lets go!!!(holding his hand)
Laksh(moving)-but rags how cud we??we rnt doc.if sumthin happens?
Rags-laksh there’s no tym to tthink ,if we don’t do anything then might sumthing happen.

They went to their neighbour’s house and saw the lady screaming in pain.ragini courageously moved towards her and shouted for hot water and towels to the men (laksh and neigbour) standing there baffled.

Rags helped her in the delivery and heard a baby’s cry and the relief she had cud not be expressed in words.laksh was really proud of his wife and really blessed to have a ‘sherni’.the man besides him thanked him for their help and asked them to name the baby boy.
Rags smiled and named the boy-laksh.
Laksh was really feeling blessed that she named a boy on his name while rags smiled at him.
They came out and laksh hugged her saying-“u r the real hero”.my wife is the best.
Raglak smiles and screen freezes on their tired yet smiling faces.

**************the end*************

I know I wrote sumthing off topics where there was not much romance ,nothing but jst sum thoughts of mine which I poured on it.TO REMEMBER GIRLS ARE THE REAL POWERS AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Guys I hope u liked it and not found it boring.i hope I wasn’t wrong in any aspect.
Thanks for reading.

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