Hero & his Heroine-t-shot by ufaaq (Part 2)

shr takes suman to the dance floor
they start dancing
intni muhabbat karo naw main doob na jaon kahin……
wapis kin are pe ana main bhol na jaon kahin
sharman start dancing
shr: so u r the daughter of producer
suman: I think my dad just told u that nae???
shr smiles hmmmm

he spins her around
dekha jab she hain chehra tera main to hafton se soya nahe
shr: and what u were doing that day alone???
suman: ammmm I went there for some work BT my car got punchtered so I walked and saw pco
shr; ohhhhk
suman smiles : yup
bol do na Zara dial main Jo h chupa main kisi se kahon ga nahin
bol do na Zara dil main Jo h chupa main kisi se kahaon ga nahinnnn
shr pulls her closer

shr: u really didnt know that I am a movie star
suman: ammm well I know
shr: still u behaved like that r u not my fan????
suman: nope I am only fan of myself
shr smiles: really ??? wow
suman: I m of that worth
shr: hmmm u r
they part away
hamari kami tm ko mehsoos hogi bhega dege jb baarishen

they again come close
suman: do u like rain????
shr: ammm well not really
suman: but y???
shr: I dnt like to get wet
suman: ohhhhh……..
hamari kami tm ko mehsos hoge bhega den ge jab baarishen
main bhar kar ke laya hun ankhon main apni adhoore se khuch khawishen

suman: what’s ur age???
shr: ammmm near about 28 and u???
suman: 25
shr: ohhhh so u r younger
suman: yup I think so y dnt u marry????
shr: I need a girl to get marry
suman: so y can find
shr: I found
suman: oh so who is the lucky one
shr: I think u r becoming frank with me
suman smiles: oh sorry
ek tm hain chahne ke elawa r kuch ham se hoga nahin

suman: I like. the song
shr: y dnt u get marry
suman: I love someone when he will love me I will get marry
shr smile fades away
shr: u love someone???
suman: yup I do
bol do na Zara dil main Jo h chupa main kisi she kahon ga nahinnnn

shr: oh so who???
suman: dnt worry I will tell u soon
shr: hmmmm OK
suman: will u be my friend ????
shr broken but tries to smile: yeah sure friemds
suman smiles
bowl do na Zara dial main Jo h chupa main kisi she kahon ga nahe
song ends and they part away

shr goes to bar and hits the glass hard on the table
shr was first time feeling bad that suman loved someone else
shr: y I m feeling bad y????
heart; because u love her
shr: no didn’t love someone
heart: u do
shr: ohk I do but she don’t now ??? she love someone else ahhhhhhh
he breaks the glass and hurts himself

after some time sound is heard say yes suman say yes
shr: what’s happening
he goes following the voices and sees that a boy in sitting on his knees and saying suman I love u plzzz marry me
shr: what the hell is going on????
everybofpdy is waiting for her reply
two persons r talking: suman and this boy r childhood friends I m sure suman mam will say yes because rumors r they love each other
shr one more time was heart broken

he starts
leaving the party but stops when she hears the voice of suman
: sorry adi not in this life better luck this time I love someone else
adi: u always say u love someone if u dnt love me than who is he????
suman looks towards shr and even points towards him
shr was shocked he sees at his back there was no one
he gestures: me????
suman nods
shr smiles
adi: what he???? but u said u dnt like him even dnt know him when I showed his first movie
suman: yes I did BT from the age of 19 I had loved him
shr was on the cloud nine

adi stands up and leave everybody starts gossips suman also starts leaving
shr: stop
suman stops smiles and turns
shr bends down on his knees and says: I really really love u will u plzzzz marry me???
suman smiles: ammmm
shr: u just said u love me from the age of 19
suman: yes I did
shr: than what r u thinking???
suman: my father told me to take decision after thinking
shr: 6 years were not enough to think
suman smiles BT still doesn’t say yes
shr: yar com on say yes
suman: r u sure u will handle me???
shr: double sure
suman: think again Mr malhotra
shr: ohk I need time he gets up and starts going then turn
shr: I have done thinking I m more than sure
suman smiles and forwards his hand and says yes
shr holds his hand not to leave again and pulls her towards him
song again started
khuda bhi jb tmhein mere pass dekhta hoga …….

shr: so u love me from the age of 19
suman: yup when ur first movie got released
shr: really???
suman: hmm,
khuda bhi jb tm hain mere pass dekhta hoga
inti anmol cheez de di kese sochta hoga ……
shr: then at that day on pco y u behaved rudely with me????
suman: because I dnt want u to know that I love u
shr : y?????
tu be missal h tere kia misal dun
asmaan se aae h yehe keh ke taal dn

suman: because I want u to say that u love me
shr: but I didn’t
suman: but I then came to know that u love me
shr: I dint say????
suman: ammm I told u that I can read lips move,ent
shr: hmmm BT I didn’t say Seth also
suman smiles: I can read the person’s mind through facial expressions
shr: really????
Phr b koi Jo poche kia h tu kese h???
hathon main rang le ke hawa main uchal dun
suman: yup
shr: acha u said u r not my fan mtlb u dnt love me what was DAT??
suman=0: ammmm I dnt love u as the fan loves his ideal I love u as the women loves a man
shr: impressive
suman: thanks
shr: and y u behaved like u dnt know me
suman: because I really don’t know u as an actor
I know u as my love
shr: and I know u as the heroine of this hero
khuda bhi job tjhe mere pass dekhta hoga

kit I anmool cheez de de kese sochta hogaaaa…….
shr: anyway u did a great job for making me fall for u and u succeeded
suman smiles: oh thank u
shr: I love u
suman: I love u too
shr: so when will u marry me???
suman: such lo????
shr smiles: oh acha
suman smiles: soon
shr: I wish so
song ends
both hug each other
and scene freezes on sharman happy face

The End

so guys unexpected turn of the story
hahaah well sorry for that
I hope u guys r gonna like it
plzzzzz tell me through comments
love u guys
take care

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  1. WeirdSister

    Its like every time u come up wid…
    ‘ surprise surprise surprise’??
    It was lovely…
    Sumo is smart huh…
    Loved it
    Love u..
    Take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooooo much WS
      Hahaha thanks
      Yup she is smart like me u know
      Love u tooo
      Take care

  2. pretty preeti

    Uffi great twist and turns.
    I loved it.
    U r just darling meri behna.
    Ur puni loved it.
    It was superb.
    Kaha se socha yeh idea.
    Loved it.
    Post like this only.
    Love u

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooo much puni
      Thanks for calling me darling yar
      I m glad u loved it
      Ammmmm dimagh se shayad
      Ohk I will try
      Love u too

  3. Hey
    I love d way suman confessed her love
    i love. Ur each and every ff???

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much sami
      Take care

  4. Haye….
    So cute yr….
    The proposal took my heart
    This was so romantic
    M still smiling…..
    Lived it to the core….
    U rock uffu :p

    1. Ufaaq

      Hey ana di
      Thank u soooooooo much
      Be krdo yar mat Hans
      Thank u
      Love u
      Take care

  5. Really…
    It was an unexpected thing….
    And lovely..???

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooooo much sona di
      Thank u
      Love u
      Take care

  6. Angel20

    Hi ufaaq,
    This part was awesome! Loved their confession!
    Take care☺

    1. Ufaaq

      Hey mario
      Thank u sooooooo much
      U too take care

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ahhhhhh !!!! Awesomeness overloaded ?????????????????????????
    Great job ????

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much fati
      Thanks love u

  8. Ariana

    oh dear sorry soooooooo much for a late comment. Don’t wanna waste time explaining y I’m late coz I got thousands of words to praise u. This was sooooooo sweet. Oho Sumo actually loved him. Damn soooooo good. When she kinda denied him to dance I thought there won’t b chances of her liking him but then u just fliped the coin. Fabulous… Lovely… Pls pls pls pls write more shots.
    Love u
    stay blessed
    take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Its ohk no worries yar koi nae
      Thank u sooooooooo much yar
      I will try if I will get some time
      Love u too
      Keeep smiling
      Take care

  9. Sooo much fabulous

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much yar
      Take care

  10. I’m so late ? Pardon me.
    Did you just end it? I wanted to read more. Your writings are so amazing so please come up with more of them.
    I loved this soooooo much. It was so cute. Your storyline, your explanations, those dialogues!!!! Everything was SUPERB, BRILLIANT & WONDERFUL. ?
    Much love ?

    1. Ufaaq

      Its ohk no worries znb
      Yup it ended
      Hahaha sorry story ends yar
      Thank u sooooooo much yar
      Awwwwww thank u yar
      Love u yar
      Take care

  11. Sorry fr being late ufad di
    Loved it
    As usual mind blowing
    Post ASAP

    1. Ufaaq

      Its ohk my dear
      Thank u sooooo much
      Post asap????
      Did u see the line “the end”
      Take care

  12. wow..wow..wow
    it was soooooooooooooo…beautiful
    love it

  13. Affaa

    Chul bulliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    What was this haa…. Awesome, amazing , mind blowing, fantastic, fabulous, I’m speechless yaar superb.. I just loved it…
    I’m sorry for being late… I’m really sorry… I was bzy… How are you my doll… I’m fine Allhamdullilla… Allah may bless u… Lots of love ur Api…

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